Monza-Juventus 1-0 | Monza get their first win in Serie A!: Goal & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

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The Brianzoli were yet to win a game in their maiden top-flight season and they couldn’t have chosen a better game to get off the mark | Serie A 2022/23

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  • Ronaldo, Sarri and Pirlo were not a problem.

  • What a historic win for Monza , even if they get relegated, they will remember their biggest win in their first season in Serie A 👏

  • Monza dominated the entire match. If they were not so clueless in front of goal it would have been 3-0 at least.

  • Congratulations Monza for this big victory 👏👏👏👏

  • I cannot believe Monza was dominating this game. Had they managed to finish their chances, the score could have been 3-0 or even more.

  • Make it very clear this team has stopped playing for Allegri. They don't like his style and definitely do not like his tactics.

  • I didn't think juve could get worse than last season but here we are.

  • I never knew Monza played football, I know the name for the famous Italian race track. And they successfully beat the old lady. Big congrats.

  • Vlahovic and his team's decision to join a project led by an absolute dinosaur of a manager like Allegri is one I find difficult to understand. The Arsenal project was so perfect for him. Congratulations to Monza. Hope they build from here and stay up so they can permanently buy Pablo Mari.

  • Clean sheet against the giants huge for Monza. Performances have become much more solid since Mari has come back into the side from injury 🙏🏽

  • Well done, Monza! Great result!

  • Anticipating exactly THIS from Allegri, Ronaldo so desperately jumped off the ship last summer in a hurry.

  • A special applaud for people who said Ronaldo is the problem for Juventus 🙃

  • From AC Milan fans, thanks my little brother Monza. 😘


  • Even before the red card, Monza win ball possession

  • This win is a huge boost for the team

  • What a wonderful result! Love it!

  • Congratulation to Monza make big history in this Serie-A to this years tonight

  • It's just one of those upsets each and every team faces these kind of moments.