Morty Resets His Life | Rick and Morty | adult swim

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The season finale of Rick and Morty is this Sunday, May 24 at 11:30pm ET/PT.
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  • Why u have girl friend is nred

  • I think the use of this Eric Clapton song fits perfectly with the montage. Bravo to the show for just how creative they can be!

  • Jerry does something stupid that destroys something we love* Normal people: Ugh, stupid Jerry, I hate you. Me: first time?

  • Hi guys. I design clothes about animals and cartoon characters. There may be things that interest you. If you want to take a look.

  • Jerry is a legend.

  • Which episode is this ?

    • Season 4 Episode 8 The vat of acid

  • I love this

  • Да бля ь я Русский

  • what episode is this?

    • Season 4 Episode 8 The vat of acid

  • I can relate to Morty and as an autistic individual person myself who’s been through two relationships I kinda feel like a Morty sometimes but most of the time I’m like Rick but hey life is cruel even though you get live to see the die most animal companions die either by cancer or various other illnesses and diseases that are hard to treat and cure

  • #RickAndMortyIsPewDiePiesLife

  • The plane crash is totally from the 1993 movie "Alive" , which is a true story. In 1972 an Uruguayan rugby team, the Old Christians, crashed in the Andes mountains. The disaster was in part because of a navigational error: the pilots miscalculated their position and began to descend for landing in the fog, while they were actually still above the mountain range. And since they errorously reported their position, the rescue teams were looking for the plane at the wrong place, and the search was given up after week. The survivors spotted an aircraft looking for them, but they had no chance. The wreckage of their white plane perfectly blended into the large snowy plateau. After a week the survivors ran out of food and they were forced to eat the flesh of their dead. In the end they saved themselves: Two of them hiked down from the mountains, reached civilisation and called for help. After 72 days 16 survivors were rescued, and the 29 dead were buried.

  • You know what Jerry did was really stupid, but on his defense Morty didn't needed to be a complete idiot and go full simp mode over that girl after coming back to the past

  • This is sad to worry about it and for loving is good but It will br sad & worry to each order

  • I hate Jerry

  • Really? This episode is the reason why I love Jerry more

  • Poor morty

  • jerry fucks up everything lol

  • 2:01 Stan and Kyle!

  • Phil Collins

  • Why does everyone hates jerry he's not so bad? 1 min later Fucking Jerry

  • I hate his dad, he just morty s life, I can even feel the pain of hartbreak from screem😭😭😭😭

  • imagine using the tv remote like normal but then your son just fucking disappears

  • This is troll video

  • When she sprayed morty then morty kept going back to the same time over and over again XDXD

  • Rock and her wife they crashed and got hurt so then they had to stay in the cold

  • Zizzy


  • Rtuhjiyoghbmvx

  • Hah just like my life Create something great and wonderful out of nothing just to be ruined by your parents

  • broly vs gogeta

  • This is why we hate Jerry

  • Condenado gerry se dan cuentá que gerry siempre la caga

  • Why didn't he just set a checkpoint before the plane?? Bruh :/

    • Yeah, that would have been the happy ending. Avoiding the plane. But there are timelines where he saved and where Jerry didn't press the goddamn button so it's up to our imagination :)

  • 3:54 hit so hard the first time you watched this episode

  • 0:00 what song ?

  • Remember, there's an alternate reality where Jerry WASN'T an idiot and decided to either not press it or press the save.

  • Imagine a episode and we see her again :)

  • Is not neccesary mention Moe's Bar 👌

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • No joke that made me cry a little

  • Fuking jerry

  • Besides being sad, this is also one of the most fucked up things Rick has ever done to Morty

  • Fuck you Jerry

  • i have cried

  • Fuck off jerry!!!

  • Mó brisa

  • Its not Jerrys fault, it really isn't his fault... I mean maybe he knew the remote existed, or not... or its purpose or not... but he knew it was ricks remote... HE KNEW IT DIDNT GO TO THE TV... HOWEVER on another note, now I know how someone feels when they have their stuff searched. 1.) God damn it why is he looking in other people's stuff?! DONT LOOK IN OTHER PEOPLES STUFF!!! Theres no excuse... 2.) WHY WOULD YOU TRY A REMOTE THATS COMPLETELY NEW!! NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE! AND DOESNT LOOK LIKE THE TV REMOTE!!! YOU HAD NO BUSINESS USING A REMOTE YOU JUST FOUND YOU FUCKING IGNORANT IDIOT!!! 3.)…….. YOU LIVE WITH RICK!!! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN TO USE ANYTHING That looks weird... This was obviously Jerry's PASSIVE AGRESSIVENESS TRYING TO FUCK RICK OVER WITH HIS MISTAKE BECAUSE HE PICKED UP THE WRONG REMOTE!!! Passive aggression should be killed at the stake! its like my trigger... Jerry knew better... he only used that remote cause he knew it would be something else to add to Ricks fuck ups... cause Jerry cant own up to his own mistakes... So I don't hate Jerry, I hate how passive aggressive he is... it really is pathetic... As much detail they put into plot lines like this? I wont let this one fly past... #noexcuses

  • Wich episode is it?

  • Ooooooooommmmmmggg lol

  • Lloré wn

  • Jerry miseravi

  • Morty: I have the best girlfriend in the world Jerry: Imma end this boy's happiness

  • I felt like people were too harsh on jerry Now I think they're not harsh enough

  • Love the music. What is it? (The instrumental).

    • An original without a name :( Specifically made for this episode

  • Wouldn’t have been hard to just save more recently...

    • Before going on that plane for example. Love makes you blind sometimes though :)

  • 1:51 South Park reference

  • Jerry, how the hell do you confuse a device that only had TWO buttons for the tv remote which has over a dozen buttons?!

  • This is the most heartrending scene of R&M since Rick tried to off himself.

  • RyM )-(#::)-○

  • This made me cry more than when my favorite show ended

  • Is it weird that I teared up watching this clip

    • Nope man, I was crying and tear up every time I hear the song that plays in the background

  • Wait what about the two other people did they survive?

  • This is why you save the game. Even after mini missions.

  • That plane reference is sick

  • 3:56/4:22 its a only/scene where i laughed in rick&morty. Otherwise i dont like this serial

  • episode?

  • Have you noticed that people after plane crash were dressed like main characters from South Park? Morty is Kenny lol

  • I forgot what book the plane thing is based off of. Does anyone know the name of it?

    • Don't know the name but search 'vat of acid episode' on youtube and clock on the video where the guys who made the episode talk about it :) Edit: the video name starts with: Inside the episode

  • Morty era feliz su papá es imbécil o es imbécil

  • I like this girl with Morty more than Jessica.

  • I'm pretty sure Morty would have lost his hands

  • And here the reason why it's important to have enough checkpoints

  • Hasta a mi me dolió Y la moraleja es : Jerry ya es un hdp sin que el mismo lo quiera

  • which saison is this?

  • So so fucked I like it

  • I now know that morty is a simp

  • Whats the name of song?

  • Top 10 ,,Oof" Moments