Dipublikasikan tanggal 4 Peb 2024
Heat up your engines, #MotoGP is back🔥
A look into the riders’ first laps as they get back to work at the #SepangTest 🛠️
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Komentar: 330

  • Can’t wait for MotoGP and WSB to start. What a year ahead. 👍🙏

    • just one month, hundred beers

    • WSM? what is that

    • What is exciting about WSB this year?

    • @@souhailharrak4466 rea left kawasaki for yamaha, toprak went to bmw, and bautista doesnt have the weight advantage anymore

    • And BSB

  • Thanks Dorna and MotoGP, as always, the best show on earth.

  • VR46 look bright,lovely

  • I like how martin hits the grounds and starts commanding his lead

  • 2 wheels and a circuit/road is all we need in life 😂❤🏍💨💥

  • That was very good ride MotoGP so much fun!🏍️🏁

  • It would be great if there was a voice over explaining the lap times or if any team had some difficulties. Hearing the bike sounds are great and all, however they don't give us much info like who topped the timing charts. Even WSBK does a voice over for their testing. Surely MotoGP can do the same?

    • Tbh they can’t win. They posted a video with music, people moaned; said they wanted to hear noise of the bikes. So they post a video with just the noise of the bikes, no music or commentary.

    • @@robinnewbold9399 they could do both. Or just have a small portion of the with just the bikes sounds

  • Fast bikes and the sounds they make capped off with the slo mo is all I need 🔥🤩✨🏍️💨

  • Pedro has arrived. The last time we saw something like this, his name was Marquez. It is a little premature to call the season based on the 1st half of the 1st day of the pre-season test, but shit! Don't take your eye off Pedro Acosta. He is not only lightning fast, he's calm, rational, logical, systematic, he gives outstanding accurate feedback and sensible suggestions. He comes across like he's 20 years older than he actually is. This is not red mist or youthful excitement, it's not adrenalin because he's got to the top class ~ this is freakishly good fast mature rider. Look out, guys! You're all in trouble now.

    • Acosta will replace Miller at the factory KTM team, calling it now. 🙂

    • PA WDC 2025 let's gooooo

    • He looks like an earthworm.

    • Get a life

    • @@Daxboy16~ Yeah, as an Aussie and a Miller fan, I'd like to argue with you, but I don't think I can.

  • MotoGP, riders are Back in busines, is the best, sepang tes Day mantap

  • This season will be interesting..i am expecting a tight competition

  • 🇵🇹🍀#MO88, ✊🤜🤛Vamos Miguel ❤

  • so good without music

  • 2:45 Season's barely started and Marc's already made me jump out of my seat asking 'HOW'D HE STAY ON THE BIKE?!'

    • the bigger question is... how long will he be able to stay on that bike before landing in the hospital again 😂😂

    • @@freeuser616 chill, he's still testing the bike's limits

    • It's a completely new bike for him and it's just testing session.

  • Bring on this new 2024 season can’t wait 😜 😊

  • Wishing the absolute best for Marquez!❤

  • Acosta terlihat sangat menjanjikan walaupun sebagai rokie🔥🔥

  • Yamaha team 💪💪💪💪

  • Hi Dorna, I’m a big MotoGP fan as all of us watching here, I know that there are legalities and many reasons for not to televise Official Tests but please make this possible in future because we viewers want to see the Tests live too. Hopefully it will be done soon 😊 Thanks

    • Ask your TV network. Lol

    • That would be great!!!i follow MotoGP since 1990..my friend..it's all about the money..they don't care if you're a fan or not..they just want your money..or your rich enough or your not!!!!

  • Antangin 93 Bablas Angine.. Wussss

  • I can't wait 🎉

  • Acosta vai deixar outros pilotos de cabelo em pé..esse parece ter um futuro promissor

  • WOW AWESOME ! ! ! !

  • marc wobble always impressive😱

  • Grandeee Acosta 🔥⚡

  • Awesome that Aprilia still has the best looking bike on the grid

  • Marc c'est toi le vrai Champion tue les tous !!!!

  • Marq❤❤❤

  • Good to see my idol Marc Marquez 93 on track again with his new Ducati motogp bike!!! 👏👏👏😇💖 #Love from Cambodia 🇰🇭💖🇪🇦

  • Hopefully it will be a fun season without any toxic anti Ducati fans and without any south East Asian keyboard warriors that write in their own language in every comment section , 🙏 I hope 🤞

  • No music just pure sound🙌🏼 let’s go!

  • Pasti persaingan sangat kuat tahun ini tapi aku yakin tidak ada yang bisa menghentikan pecco

  • Excited

  • not a Ducati fan but I am damn sure Ducati is going to rule this session #vr46 forever ❤

  • ❤️❤️MM93❤❤

  • I worry about Yamaha. They could be looking at another very long and difficult season.

    • Fabio should do like what Toprak did, gtfo of Yamaha if it's another pathetic season

    • I think anyone still running an IL4 is in for a bad time. If you read Crafter's book, he explains why it is not possible to compete with the inline over the V config. Ducati nailed the engine seasons ago and have just had unlimited time to perfect everything else about the bike - hard to see any other manufacture in the top 3.

    • I'm honestly surprised he is still in Yamaha after all he's been through with them, I'm convinced that Aprilia and KTM certainly apporached him so why Fabio :/

  • Motogp - waiting for marc performance Wsbk - toprak razgatlioglu all the way with the new BM 👍

  • Come on fabio #20

  • The WorldSBK YT channel did a better job for their pre-season test highlights by providing commentaries. Shame that the MotoGP admin is too lazy for that.

  • VR46 lookin good.....🎉🎉

  • Marc use DUCATI, hopefully it doesn't hit your opponent,,

  • If they have four tail wings, we’ll have SIX dammit!!!!

    • This is the exact sort of thing that happened to F1.

  • Upload Moto2 sound without music

  • Bangga banget sama sponsor dari indo banyak di tim tim besar dari moto gp dan moto 2 , sekarang berlaga di sirkut negara tetangga yang pernah bilang indonesia negara miskin karna banyak yang bekerja di Malaysia😢 , it is indonesia bro yang sekarang ❤❤ , makasih pak jokowi 🎉

    • yaa malaysia sudah 20 tahun ke depan, indonesia baru merasa..nikmati lah hahaha

    • @@aiman1787 iya jangan salah pilih presiden lagi indonesia , malah jadi kemunduran lagi yang ada ,

  • Gresini racing sponsornya dari INDONESIA,, PERTAMINA ENDURO VR 46 sponsornya juga dri INDONESIA,,

  • Watch how many times marquez crashes this year. Go yamaha!!!! Go fabio 🤙

  • Ducati cheated a lot after Marc entered Diducati, it was unfair to Marc, he sabotaged the motorbike, lots of problems

  • Malaysia skrg nie panas gila. Tapi cuaca Malaysia penuh kejutan 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • is it a Highlight or a Pure Sound(ASMR)? if it is a Highlight where is the voice-over info? There are 2 types of viewers, team voice-over vs team no voice-over (Pure Sound). In my opinion, it is best to give a proper title and make 2 types of content, 1 Highlight and 1 Pure Sound(ASMR) since there is a lot of filming already. So both sides have their preferred video content. Peace

  • D tunggu aksi marques...tp lebih berharap semoga duo jepang yamaha dan honda tmpil lebih kompetitif..

  • Marc Marquez icon motogp, world championship 8x pasti jurdun tahun 2024 bersama PRABOWO-GIBRAN ✌️✌️🇮🇩🇮🇩🔥🔥 TENGGELAMKAN PDIP dan Ducati Lenovo Team 🤣🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Bersama pragib 02...marquest sudah selesai...😁😁✌️

    • Someone can take Down this COMMENT please....

    • Buzzerp dmn mn

    • MotoGP Dorna To due party Takedown I because it's political comment on topic-off rip Indonesian.

    • 02 ga pendukungnya, ga junjungan nya. ga ada etika. channel motogp aja dijadiin kampanye.

  • MM already getting a feel of the bike's limit.

    • Why Marc P9?? Rookie Pedro acosta is the best P2, Martinator P1

    • You mean the gravel traps ?

  • Pasti setuju ok. 👍🇮🇩

  • motoGP❤

  • Vinales 💪

  • Semangat wes

  • Winter is Over with ANTANGIN.. Go Gresini Racing !!

  • Mm93 mencari batasannyaa skarangg🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • what do you mean "winter is over" ? there wasn't any snow or frigid conditions during the testing period!

  • Not even one footage of alex rins. Why motogp?

  • peccooo❤

  • Champion

  • Where's Binder 33?

  • Lorenzo semakin dibelakang wkwkwkw

  • Tempat nonton live nya gratis?

  • ❤Marc Marquez 2024 ❤ Espero poder verte rodar en Termas de Río Hondo Argentina en el 2.025.

  • Luca marini #10 gass otw 5 besar

  • 89 ❤🎉

  • No music ? What th

  • This Is MotoGP test season ✊🏻

  • BEZ 72 🔥

  • Pecco world Championship 2024🎉

  • marco bezecky..✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • Good luck El Diablo 20 Nex winner in mottogp 2024

  • Why is Aprilia's gear copying me? Ahah. B&W FTW!

  • Acosta gas poool

  • Digia gooo

  • Now we gonna see both brothers Marquez with the same bike. who is the best and if Marc93 can raise again....

  • Not long now and motorcycle racing will be back 🙂

  • great commentary

  • I still have fear of what marc will do

  • Finally

  • They listened and removed the background music 💯

  • VR|46 team ❤

  • I still hate all these stupid aero bits sticking off the bikes. Makes them look like food delivery bikes.

    • I love this Aerodynamik Features ... more stability, higher speed & better drivebility (smooth flow).

  • Eouw... ANTANGIN...👍

  • KNP team moto gp suka sepang circuit.. KNP mereka tidak ke circuit majalenka sblh 😊

  • MM❤

  • Ciayoooo mm93 motogpracingindonesia

  • These prototypes look less and less like motorcycles. Well, they've got two wheels, but still... 🤔

  • ❤❤ 93

  • all the best marquez 93...

  • No pink, or purple on Mgp, please.

  • It seems like everyone has found aerodynamic improvements. Except, except... Yamaha!

  • Let's go Marc marquez for champion

  • lol i got a motorcycle crash insurance ad be4 watching

  • Alex rins...

  • Pedroo

  • this is cheap tv, it should be streamed in full online for free to get us going

  • how many bikes will marc marquez crash 😂😂😂😂 fans you can post your comment 😂

    • Let’s hope he doesn’t crash and that he has a competitive season. One of the greats of motorsport.