Movies That Will Blow Everyone Away In 2020

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The year 2020 might feel far away right now, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood's major studios from lining up a slew of projects to compete for your movie budget, even a couple years out. Some of the upcoming releases on the calendar are highly anticipated sequels, but that isn't all we're expecting to see; the studios have also set up new adaptations of existing properties and all manner of would-be blockbusters, making for what should be an epic year at the movies. Start marking your calendar now, we've rounded up an in-depth look at the biggest releases coming along in 2020…
Bad Boys For Life | 0:31
G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant | 1:05
Fast & Furious 9 | 1:35
Godzilla vs. Kong | 2:18
The Six Billion Dollar Man | 2:50
Red Notice | 3:26
Indiana Jones 5 | 3:51
Bios | 4:34
Fantastic Beasts 3 | 5:05
Avatar 2 | 5:38
Sherlock Holmes 3 | 6:17
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 | 6:46
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  • Which movie are you looking forward to the most?

    • Looper Fnaf

    • FNAF the movie

    • +_MaZ_TeR_ um that 2019

    • Media is so secularized lol how do you not include that movie on the list? 😂

    • Resurrection of the Christ



  • No Hamilton

  • G.o.t.G Vol.3

  • Boring😒

  • I am not watching any of them if it turns out to be a Hollywood production. Here is why. Everything in Hollywood is upside down. The male actors are women. The female actors are me. The directors are either a man trying to be a woman or a woman trying to be a man. The trailers look like 1940s nazi propaganda. There is no intro to an American movie. No intro means it is going to suck. The traditional American film has no story line. It has no concept. It is rigid. Why not watch a free 2 hour documentary about the transgender agenda instead? CNN, Fox, BBC - most of it´s bullshit ´news´are transgender productions that make little sense to people unless they have done extensive transgender research. Hollywood´s opportunity to fix it´s problems is finished. In 2020, we´re going to head for another story line than 33 plus 6 hundred three score six of epic Hollywood failure.

  • I was really hoping for a Hamilton movie..... That would really blow us all away

  • Resurrection of the Christ ✔

  • Fnaf? :(

  • Who's blow away already in 2019?

  • Fast furious 9 is Hobbs and Shaw

  • What’s the music in this video please..

  • Sherlock Holmes will be my fav.

  • viralmoviessl2019-2020

  • I wanted a GI JOE reboot I wanted to see more about GI JOE!

  • Ghostbusters 3?

  • ''billion dollar man''.....oooooooo......and ALL look fun...

  • I check out after "Wahlberg will play Steve Austin.." smh

  • shirlock holmes 3 and badboys for me

  • what ?! no Paddington ?

  • RDJ is a freakin STUD !

  • So many movies. So many I DON'T need to see...!!!!

  • I need a good movie to blow me away..!!

  • Everyone gets blown away..??? Need better movies

  • I neeedddd hamiltonnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Sherlock!!!!

  • Avatar was crap, and a huge anti-climax given the hype... I have absolutely no intention of ever seeing anything further to do with Avatar.

  • Seriously, another G.I. Joe movie? Because the first two didn't suck ass! And they need to kill off the God damn Fast & Furious franchise already. I LOVE how it went from a story about a young cop going undercover to smash a theft ring of car junkies to over-the-top bull shit! And four Avatar sequels? Sorry, but Avatar was dumb as f**k!

  • So interesting that Franchising is the big thing now.

  • Could there be a combat movie for Friday? I desperately want to see Craig and dayday and smokie!! Pls will this movie be a 4th seaquill? And what happened to the trillity of the matrix? What happened to Neal? I love these two classics that lefted us wanting more!

  • (6:17) Oh-ho Sweet Christmas, finally!

  • But what about making Bad Boys 3 but with girls. Gillette would surely sponsor that...

  • RDJ blows

  • Baker Street !!!

  • sherlok holmes afcors

  • Obviously, you missed Disney's MULAN.

  • I'm sorry, but Godzilla would literally thrash the crap outta Kong.

  • SHUT UP. NEARLY NONE OF THESE SOUND LIKE THEY WILL BE GOOD. maybe Guardians of the Galaxy (Although without James Gunn I am skeptical) and possibly that Tom Hanks one or Sherlock Holmes 3 though I am doubtful over that. YES EVEN INDIANA JONES 5 SOUNDS BAD, STEVEN SPIELBERG HAS ONLY BEEN MAKING FACTORY MOVIES RECENTLY. The Post was boring and Ready Player One was complete shit. WE DONT NEED A 5TH INDIANA JONES WE HAVE A PERFECTLY FINE TRILOGY THAT WONT BE TRUMPED BY ANY FUTURE SEQUELS.

    • I might watch Godzilla vs Kong, although I dont expect it to be good.

    • Also Avatar 2 could be good considering the time its seming to take to be made.

  • Finally, another *Avatar* movie!

  • finally sherlock 3 i can not wait for that movie

  • Skip all the entries on this list, but Indy. I've been waiting to see if and when we'll actually see a fifth movie. What most people probably don't know is that the original intent was to do five films, aside from the TV series that came out in the 90s.

  • *ghostbuster3?*

  • The 1st half of this was boooooooriiiiiiiiiiiing.

  • 2019 just began and you're already looking at 2020.

  • Can I get a link to the song playing in the background

  • Most of these movies I don't really care for. Maybe 5 will be good.

  • Kong is the size of godzillas foot.

  • awwww yeahhhh Sherlock 3. Tremendously underrated!


  • *sigh*

  • Am a simple man...I see RDJ I like 🤩

  • lol. they used footage from GODZILLA 1998, when talking about godzilla vs kong.

  • Garbage. Great original money-grubbing ideas. Oh good, Avatar 2-5. Good thing we get 4 more Dances with Wolves rip-offs in the next decade.

  • You would think someone somewhere could come up with something original

  • King vs god

  • lol Robert Downey Jr is making up for the Holmes movie that just came out

  • Gaurdians one was a great suprise.2 was ok .I hope three is great.

  • it would be nice to see a third installment of the Downey Sherlock Franchise.I liked the the recent BBC show better but the films have been fun though Downeys accent is a bit odd

  • the second beasts film was a bit of a mess so the third will be crucial.

  • Indy 5?Really.4 was pushing it.Will mr Ford be up to it.?Please no young sidekicks.Can Indy Retire after this?

  • The last fast and furious was basically an Avengers movie.I think the only way up is literally up by going into space.

  • Fast and furious needs to end

  • What! No FNAF movie

  • It's un-anonymous that there is a Fantasic Beasts 3. I read the Crimes of Grindelwald in like 3 days ended with me concuding that there is a Fantastic Beasts 3.

  • its a crime to not mention top gun 2

  • Americans will keep going to see this garbage. Americans continue to get dumber every second

  • Finally indiana Jones is back

  • Sherlock Holmes 3 and Avatar 2 💕 And GOG3 also 🔥

  • No thanks.....damn.....back to Rick and Morty re-re-re-re-re-re-runs. WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!

  • another sherlock holmes!! fuuuck yea!

  • avatar was one of the worst movies of all time.... so expensive and so stupid at the same time...

  • Fast and furious 13 at 2025 😂😂😂

  • Once upon a deadpool hints at him being in the guardians of the galaxy 3 for some epic "team" reveal by marvel

  • the little mermaid?? hello???

  • hope godzilla wins. never cared much for kong.

  • Wonder Woman 1984 is also coming out in 2020

  • Fast and Furious 9, the Senior Experience! The Rock, now 84 yo must drive fast to make it to the early bird special at the local diner. Be amazed when the sexy oldster Marge, played by the great Judi Dench exceeds 25 mph and narrowly misses destruction as her Ford Fairmont drifts into the next lane. Everyone will be on the edge of their seat wondering when Herbert (played by Christopher Walken) will turn off his turn signal.

  • The only 'Bad Boys' worth watching is the one starring Sean Penn. Fast & Furious= cliched , stupid plots. Indiana Jones? Yes, please.

  • No Shia LaBeouf in Indy 5, please!

  • If they make Indy 5 it will be the worst film ever made, Kathleen Kennedy will make sure of that.

  • Red Notice sounds almost exactly like Central Intelligence. As for Indiana Jones 5, as much as it pains me to say this... Being that I am a die hard Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford fan, to see him trying to rehash that role yet again frankly sounds painful. He is too old, for crying out loud he is coming up on 80. Is he fooling himself? This is the sad reality of action stars. Even though Harrison has done a lot more than just Action movies, it's just tragic to watch these guys fail to accept the fact that they are getting too old to play these roles with any kind of realism. It's great to be young at heart and soul, however at some point we all must accept the inevitable. And 75-80 year old men don't go out swashbuckling and treasure hunting and ass kicking. And it just looks ridiculous having these 70+ year old men "fighting" guys in their 30's. I mean even Clint Eastwood eventually accepted that it is just not realistic. It looks silly, and nostalgia isn't enough to sell the idea. it ends up almost disgracing the Legacy they left behind. Plus it just looks like the studio is just trying to squeeze more money out of an old idea.

  • Fast & Furious needs to die already... Sherlock Holmes 3. hopefully will be awesome... as well as Indiana Jones... Mark Walberg & Rock... Jeez! I still haven't seen Avatar... not all of it anyway... but 4 more... oh God!

  • Sherlock Holmes all the rest are RUBBISH

  • Im hyped for Gi Joe 3 and ofc GvK 2:20 Thank God. I bet Kong will be consagrated King altough Godzilla is way stronger. Avatar 2 and Holmes also looks promising. GotG 3 better return to its roots cause the second one sucked.

  • What can Indy discover in Indiana Jones 5? The treasures of the Dead Sea Scrolls? He finds the city of Atlantis or something stupid like he solves the oak island mystery?

  • Godzilla is going to whoop King Kong’s ass are you kidding me?!?!

  • Backdraft 2 is supposed to come out in 2020 also


  • What year are these being released? 2019 or 2020?

  • Another “Fast and Furious?”

  • Bad boys better be without will, just like men in black 4

  • What a pile of crap of repeats.. Hollywood doesn't even Have an original idea left in it's tiny brain. Steve Austin are you kidding with Wahlberg yay this is going to be great not.. and fast and furious 73 yay if you are 7 years old. Avatar and Guardians 3 should have just mixed those two together just to save money cause if it's only like Guardians 2 with a lame story rocket stole some batteries and 9 Fleetwood Mac songs later..and snake plissken as Peter's Dad a very underwhelming surprise it was. Sorry to complain I just think more autistic people may be needed 2 get an original fresh idea movie off the ground.

  • I'm excited about another Bad Boys movie. Martin Lawrence is so funny, but many younger people aren't familiar with his work. Hopefully the movie is good!

  • Most of these films sound like movies for morons

  • Ummm godzilla is the king of all monsters. godzilla is 5 times bigger then king Kong. King Kong could not be able to break godzilla jaw. King Kong would have to climb godzilla like a sky scraper.

  • where is top gun 2?

  • I'm waiting for the Titanic sequel. I been searching the platform for some info of the release!

  • LOL, you guys still pushing this malarkey? In 2017 and early 2018 you had _The Predator_ listed as a movie that would blow everyone away. Instead, that movie kept everyone away from the theater because it sucked!

  • 2:50 I hope Stone Cold makes a cameo