Movies That Will Blow Everyone Away In 2020

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The year 2020 might feel far away right now, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood's major studios from lining up a slew of projects to compete for your movie budget, even a couple years out. Some of the upcoming releases on the calendar are highly anticipated sequels, but that isn't all we're expecting to see; the studios have also set up new adaptations of existing properties and all manner of would-be blockbusters, making for what should be an epic year at the movies. Start marking your calendar now, we've rounded up an in-depth look at the biggest releases coming along in 2020…
Bad Boys For Life | 0:31
G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant | 1:05
Fast & Furious 9 | 1:35
Godzilla vs. Kong | 2:18
The Six Billion Dollar Man | 2:50
Red Notice | 3:26
Indiana Jones 5 | 3:51
Bios | 4:34
Fantastic Beasts 3 | 5:05
Avatar 2 | 5:38
Sherlock Holmes 3 | 6:17
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 | 6:46
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  • Which movie are you looking forward to the most?

  • if the avengers 4 time travel rumors are true gaurdians 3 in my opinion should be set in the 4 year time gap between avengers 3 and 4 and should have iron man be leading the gaurdians

  • These movies better be good

  • Bad boys come in 2019 yu frick

  • 1:12 It was a cartoon before it was an action figure. Ironically it was the action figure that made it famous. And the Toy Market has never been nearly as big as it was in the 80s. And into the 90s. Yes the Toy Market of today does make more money as a whole. But that's inflation and the ability to reach more customers. But the number of customers per exposure to any ad. Is much lower in this day in age. And that's with subliminal advertising. Because before the customer already wanted the product. Because it was a fad. Like pogs or Ninja Turtles. Trying to "Collect them all!" Which is where I think they originally "Got gotta catch em all" in Pokemon. Where as now the customer must be convinced or otherwise made to believe that the product should be purchased. But that's only because the make-believe world required to play with these toys has moved into a virtual one. And now the only ones left are collectors. So it was the cartoon that spawned the action figure. Which became more popular due to fads than the cartoon ever was. But by proxy made the cartoon more watched and prolong the series Life. But let's not forget that GI Joe was super awesome. All by itself. Which is where the fanbase required for the movies to exist comes from. Any future movies should keep this in mind. Hey great video.

  • Avatar!!!

  • Wow Good vid

  • Kept waiting for James Bond ,no James Bond , damn whould love to see Daniel Craig in another bond movie, he,s the best bond no doubt.


  • but I need to be blown right now !!

  • People think Avatar 2 will bomb apparently never seen any other James Cameron movies. The guy has a proven track record of making box office hits. To think Avatar 2 will bomb is just plain stupid.

  • Fast and Furious - why won't you just die?!

  • Channing Tatum died in GI Joe... obvious you dont watch the movies

  • More garbage cheap acting shitty story lines.

  • Avatar 2-4 will bomb. Terribly.

  • The only one I will check out is the Tom Hanks movie. I don't care about the others. Forgettable movies

  • Doesn't blow my mind any

  • The G.I. Joe movies sucked. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were the only good things about those movies.

  • Thanks for the heads up. looking forward to Avatar, Indiana jones, Guardians of the galaxy Vol 3, i hear the former wrestler that plays Drax doesn’t want to do anymore, i think Professor Londan should be gearing up for 2020 to, or 2021, just read the latest book, it was ok, perhaps that one should be next, but in any case Dan Brown might have another one in the pipe line but AI would be the nice conclusion the the 4th film, he’s gone back in time maybe the future would be a nice ending to the franchise.



  • Remakes and sequels. Hollywood is eating itself.

  • When the first avatar came out in 2009 I was pretty sure they said that the sequel would come out in 2014. Well so much for that.

  • G. I. Joe Vigilant Fast and Furious 9 Godzilla Vs Kong The Six Billion Dollar Man Red Notice Indiana Jones 5 Bios Fantastic Beast 3 Avatar 2 Sherlock Holmes 3 Guardians of The Galaxy 3

  • From all these movies on the list, Indiana Jones 5, Avatar 2, and Guardians 3 will more than likely be moved to another year since its happened a lot already

  • Fast and Furious needs to die

  • O come on, why the hell do you lie to people?

  • Sherlock Holmes!!!!!! About!!!! Damn!!!! Time!!!

  • GI Joe 2 was trash man

    • +B R good

    • Rafael Ceballos I enjoyed it.

  • King Kong vs. Godzilla

  • why is it Hollywood has to reboot all the old great stuff..making it into pure shit....

  • the 6 billion dollar man....mark wahlberg is too old for the role....

  • Sequels & prequels... I'm bored. The Rocks needs a timeout

  • Godzilla would destroy king Kong just saying

  • That Dwayne Johnson, how many chickens 🐔 he had to kill to be in so many movies!😂😂

    • Veronica Servin lol.

  • Steven Spielberg basically saying Indiana Jones will be fan service doesn't make me feel good about that movie. It's wreaks of nostalgia and no substance now-a-days, then again I can't blame him people keep going to the theaters for member berries.

  • Guardians of the galaxy 3 isn’t coming out.

  • I cant wait for bad boys for life

  • Along with RDJ reprising his role as Holmes, I'm super stoked for a new edition of that wicked soundtrack! Nine years is way too long a time to wait. Bring on Sherlock!

  • All this series of new films for 2020 means is that Hollywood continues to be caught up in it's fear of producing anything new. Grant it, there are interesting movies that come out from time to time but Hollywood is playing it safe and choosing to make movies that they are sure will sell. I get it. It's difficult when you're up against the insurmountable competition which television and ID-tv Red presents. I mean, who the hell wants to spend $15 for movies they're not sure they'll like. They know that their audience who, if their stupid enough to fork over that much money for predictable formula-based movies will of course be stupid enough to remain as their brainwashed, unflinching constituency. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • James Kovic I hear ya. But even as a movie fan,2020 and forward overall seems dull when it comes to movies.

  • A movie and a bj nice

  • Yo I just realized that 2 versions of Sherlock Holmes are both avengers 😂

  • U must add will make easly over 1b let hope

  • This video is satire, right?

  • What is the actual fuck? Fast and furious 9 is to be released in 2k19 april

  • imagine if snake eyes takes his mask/helmet off in G.I. JOE

  • I haven't been to a theater in many years. None of this upcoming crap is gonna change that....

  • Not sure how much longer FnF can push it...especially without Paul Walker. Lets be honest. Its HIS movie franchise.

  • Thought will Smith was done doing sequels.

  • Sherlock Holmes & GoTG...TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  • i so so so hope sherlock 3 goes ahead!

  • 4 avatars will suck

  • Bios Avatar 2 Sherlock Holmes 3 will all be a rental

  • It''s... not even 2019 yet...

  • 1st 2 Sherlock movies r classics , better not jinx it , get Ritchie........

  • Am done with fast and furious shit! No more of that franchise.

  • If anyone but Guy Richie directs Sherlock Holmes 3 it'll be completely worthless, that being said i really hope they get it right.

  • Only one marvel film! Doesn't sound too reliable

    • Nobab Shimul There will be more announced as it gets closer.

  • Jason Statham....has one look, one all of his roles. Just a cut and paste actor IMO. Convince me otherwise.

  • Hands down Godzilla vs Kong will be awesome and insanely devastating

  • I do have my doubts of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Now Gunn is fired, I'm not quite sure this movie will make it to the cinema in 2020. And if it does and Gunn hasn't been reinstated, I wonder if the movie will have the same zing as the other two. I doubt it.

  • < Looper >> Well considering that "competence" is pretty much nonexistent right now, I don't see alot of great movies on the horizon. Since 2010, over the past decade, millennials are being lazy minded and continue to have no work ethic. Who is going to be helping make these great movies? Directors and actors can't do it alone but they are going to have to.

  • What abour IRON MAN 4 ?

    • Syed Kaleemullah Not happening.

  • My god, most of these movies look like losers by design...most are sequels; some of which follow something that sucked to begin-or perhaps did not suck originally but kinda sucked by the nth previous sequels-exceptions are Sherlock Holmes, Bad Boys forever, and possibly Guardians of the Galaxy-each of these because the actors in them are uncharacteristically cool (not politically correct, race-baiting, sex-baiting, virtue-signalling, gay-baiting, statement-making, pay-gap preaching, anti-Americans)

    • Russ My bad.

    • Re-read "not politically correct"+B R

    • Russ Political Correctness isn't something i would consider cool.

  • Sherlock and Judd are the best as a team I love them!!!

  • meh

  • Sherlock homes 3 would be awesome

  • So only one original film is coming out? The Hell and seriously getting sick of seeing the rock in everything is annoying

  • Sherlock Holmes..

  • Bad boys for life.

  • If this is the best of Cinema in 2020 I’m buying Netflix shares. Drivel

    • David Turner I hear ya.

  • Nothing but carp... 2020 will be a sabbatical year for me with these line ups, Sherlock Holmes being a plausible exception. But wont raise my hopes up

    • As much as i like movies in general,2020 just seems so underwhelming. And not just here. I checked out the movies coming out in 2020 on Wikipedia.

  • What annoys me is the new movie about my countries greatest King Robert the Bruce I being played by an American I think Gerard butler should of been cast instead of Chris pine

  • Add Doctor Strange 2

    • Mueid Morshed Haa no confirmed release date.

  • Fuck gi joe please make a snake eyes solo movie

  • King kong vs godzilla. Now that is an epic battle

  • They should've stopped at 2 Fast 2 Furious.

  • i can not wait to see Sherlock Holmes 3.I love Robert downey jr as Sherlock and adore Jude law as Watson.

  • I must be the wrong target demographic. I can't wait to miss these movies.

    • lol.

  • Every freaking film on this list is delayed or not happening.......... SMH

  • We will be blown away by on this planet is about to be terminated by abrupt global warming

    • Graziano Fuma Ok?That doesn't really answer my question.

    • +B R...reality!

    • Graziano Fuma What makes you say that?

    • +B R what is god doesn't exist?

    • We don`t know that. Only God knows what will happen in that year.

  • So after getting Ian McKellan's serious Sherlock Holmes and Will Ferrell's parody Sherlock Holmes, we're going back to RDJ's franchise again? That's like Sam Raimi coming back now with Tobi's Spiderman 4.

  • Will Shia LaBeouf be returning as his Son in the reboot? I think it would be awesome and a great way to bring interest to the franchise to the millennials.

  • Omfg what a pile of crap movies. Maybe Indiana Jones and fantastic beasts but otherwise.....bleh. Just a humble opinion.

    • wally goodman You're good.

  • I was hoping for World War Z 2 , when will it be released?

    • Allan Martin No clue.

  • and not one original concept...

  • 2: robert downey = totally gay ! Closeth pedo- hollywood cult ! True is upcoming + outcoming !

  • 1: pedo gayhollywood cult ! Upvoming true! Obviously dude badboy gay cult !!! It disgusting dude ! Pedooooophiles !

  • I hope so been wanting number 3 of Sherlock Holmes for ages.

  • Fortnite the movie: Dance-Off the storm

  • fuking...............idiot minde..................unfortunatly.......what you say means..... no fellengs.......I KNOW EVEN MY ENGLLISH IS NOT SO GOOD..............

  • Don't keep telling stories, Until we see trailers on tv I don't believe there will be an Avatar 2

  • Some of these movies sound ok Looper but what about horror movies dawg???

    • simon payne Meh.

  • dont think dear kong have a chance here

  • Why in the world is a fast & furious 9 coming out?!?! Sheesh enough already..PLEASE!...Rock needs to take some time off..getting rock fatigue and he just isnt as believable as he once was..think I see him in to many movies at one time!

  • Why the fast & ferious is back and guardian of galaxy why the studio want to stretch this series

  • Sherlock Holmes❤❤❤❤❤ I love this character! I can't wait!

  • No one is looking forward to many of these like GI Joe and like these will blow anyone away?

  • all of these will blow

  • Love all, especially the reboots!