Music Is Awesome

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I really enjoy making music and just messing around with it. So here is how I got into that stuff. ok bey.
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Song used: Tomppabeats Cigs n Loops


  • And so brings my favorite YT song. “I’m Something Else.”

  • i love it to

  • I'm yours was the first song I ever learned on guitar

  • You just called me a huge nerd

  • Heyyy.. .. I'm a band geek! I play the saxophone 🎷

  • 2098 anyone?

  • Can anyone just stop to admire his singing skills

  • alright we need a band jaiden: piano Adam: guitar James: singing-

  • This is cool and all but you didn't mention queen once and that just offends me cos i am a heavy stan of the 4 crackheads but i still think ur cover was beautifully done and keep doing what ur doing and don't listen to ither people's opinions :3

  • PlEaSe MaKE BaNd😛😛😛😛

  • Why did that look like your sister in another video you insest

  • Ever sense I started to listen to music, I always wanted to create my own songs. Right now i play the piano, guitar (which i want to get better at), and the flute. I have some other instruments i want to learn like the drums and different versions of the guitar. A year ago I started to get a interest in singing. Soon I started asking my friends about music and tips about it. Right now i have a idea for the future, to become a ID-tvr, learn to rap, sing and play the guitar (better), to learn to animate (better), get (better) at drawing! I have more plans, but i don't want to go on and on. Bye!

  • Adam, play 🅱️ass

  • Finally! Somebody else who likes the beatles!

  • Who ever disliked this is just a hater

  • 8:11

  • When I was 8 my older brother would play the Beatles every Sunday 8:30 it was called breakfast with the Beatles on a radio those were the days until he moved out I stopped listening to them and started drifting off into the garbage off modern rap in middle school but then in highschool rock and metal just hit me like a semi truck and now I’m addicted

  • Who's here after 'Help'?

  • I couldn't tell if his voice was autotune or not

  • I know the Beatles

  • Is he left handed or does he just play guitar backwards I mean when its animated I cri

  • ah~ uwu i love this so much

  • Hi adam! I just wanted to say that i added you on snapchat and I also wanted to say I love your funny videos you literally kept me up all night watching your videos.Your magic dude. BTW I also have ADHD. I just noticed this comment is so random um...Bye!

  • My mom's favorite band was da Beatles

  • Your so talented, you can sing,animate,create quality content👌 And all i know how to do is be frikin annoying- WHICH I AM GOOD AT! Ive mastered the powers of annoying-ness hehe

  • I play alto saxophone 🎷

  • The Beatles are awesome owo

  • "according to my *Madré* " You say that too?! >:o

  • BTS has taken a The Beetles spot

  • Twist and shout (twist and shout) c'mon c'mon baby

  • who else is watching this after his song help

  • I love music

  • I play piano and clarinet.

  • welcome to middle school where your whole life was on crack and is about to get worse. here we have our smartso kids, the dying inside kids, the kids who are absolutely hyper on 10 packs of coffee a minute, and the ones that are trying to live a normal life and ultimately failing. then those rare people who do stuff with your life. you, my friend, is one of those people who make people laugh and smile :)

  • Saw this right after "help" which btw is amazing

  • pls do a cover the song you sung plssssssss

  • I love beatles

  • OMG adam u are soo good on guitar!!!

  • Like you’re video here and back to the moon

  • Yeah do more

  • just by a ukulele there like 20 bucks man.

  • finally someone else likes the beatles

  • Dumb Crap, Huh....... Go checkout LazarBeam

  • Favorite song is from MOTOWN AND it is PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE

  • lM 10 and I LOVE MOTOWN

  • have you ever heard the artist Alan Walker i think he is cool

  • OoOoOoO day singing it's amazing

  • I flippin LOVE DA Beatles. I have a shirt, a sweatshirt, the yellow submarine movie, yellow submarine matchbox car, poster, super old Sgt Peppers picture,aaaaaaand... The soundtrack of yellow submarine k luv you Byyyyyye

  • I love music!!

  • Nice singing

  • who clicked off the vid then came back

  • #subtome! ANIMATION

  • Lol

  • I love the Beatles too

  • Not only are you good at guitar , like really good... You're a pretty good singer too :D

  • Cool music

  • i learn to violin and is cool and i think you are awesome

  • I love music

  • this "yeea" is soooo cute