MUST WATCH Sting is Back and Ready to go to War! | AEW Dynamite

Dipublikasikan tanggal 24 Peb 2021
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  • One Henderson bunch knobbs boys wearing your brothers black top w/design on it with his little kid black hair

  • As of March 13, 2021, Sting was ranked at #10 in All Elite Wrestling.

  • Stupid Sting

  • Brian cage beaten up by a 60 year old and a 130 pound woman tessa blanchard in a different life.. With booking like that he has no friends..

  • Ageless wonder sting!! If he still has the skills and the love of the business he should keep doing it. It’s definitely not for the money cause he’s got lots. He loves kicking ass and got sick of being retired at home doing nothing.

  • The audio editing is bad

  • What a minute moment became a darby fan when aew started now Im finding out he was taking with sting SICK

  • Sting & aew is legend

  • all buy t-shirt stingxdarby! is fantastic

  • I haven’t watched wrestling much since WCW went under. Aside from when a few WCW stars (DDP, Goldberg, Sting) made appearances. But I need to check out AEW. Tony commentating matches again is awesome as well.

  • Sting is and always will be my favorite wrestler right next to stone cold

  • AEW is going to blow my mind again.

  • Sting is 62 years old, wow

  • Seth rollins and becky lynch be there

  • Can't convince me that Brian Cage isn't on the juice

  • So, he literally returns the minute Undertaker retired. I guess he felt as if they would have him job out to the Deadman given the physical shape their both in, I can’t imagine Stinger doing that much heavy lifting offense, maybe an atomic drop or scoop slam at most...

  • Darby's like young sting mixed with old sting

  • Sting needs to go back to his joker persona it was pure gold

  • Wheeled Sting out of home for one last run.

  • Sting needs to retire already

  • It's Sting🤘🤘🤘👏👏👏

  • Sting is old

  • All out of bubblegum -Roddy Piper

  • Sting. Is. God.

  • Who’s here when it’s sting’s birthday?

  • Sting 👍

  • be nice if sting lost the crow face, it's been overdone for like 20 yrs now lol let's get back to the stinger splash era lol

  • Ha ha ha A E W 😂

  • Who else felt goosebumps when he hit the scorpion deathdrop??

  • THE BIG DOG :v

  • When the hell did Tazz come along?

  • Trick Or Treat On Beast Mode.

  • I grew up listening to Tazz and Maggle Cole on Smackdown. Glad Tazz is in with AEW now.

  • My hero is back

  • Sting is 63

  • I had no idea Sting was this dangerous 👊👊👊

  • This was Lit!

  • Been a sting fan since the day i saw him in '85 the man still has it ...he is still on great shape and Darby paying homage to sting by the zipline was awesome couldn't have been better than that and one of my fav lines of sting and when this street fight goes down "It's Showtime" the icon and Darby will come out on top

  • Nyla Rose (Brandon Degroat) is a man.

  • Sting heel turns against Brian cage?

  • Haha not the block all

  • Aew???? Bullshit 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Sting es inmortal, no parece que tenga más de 50 años

  • What was the music called when Darby was in the bag?

  • That's how you add credibility to young and up and coming stars. Gotta give it to Sting here.

  • That was Awesome!!!!

  • No wonder why the ratings are so bad.... this modern day wrestling is garbage

  • Aew really needs a good music team

  • He is the ICON it 2021 and he kicking ass. I remember him kicking ass in 1990.

  • Jeff Hardy >Darby Allen

  • My best at all

  • O my! Sting is here! Need mikel cool say it

  • I was under the impression that. Sting couldn’t wrestle anymore due to a previous injury and that if he does it could do him in real bad?

  • 69 years old wow

  • The most electrifying man in sports entertainment today, Sting!

  • You know your a true legend when you can survive HHH shovel!!! LOVE STING!

  • Sting at his age ....amazing!!!

  • Sting is 61!!!

  • Sting is undertaker of AEW

  • It be cool if sting vs the undertaker would verse each other

  • I can't believe my eyes it's real..............sting still fight like a young man...

  • Please, AEW, Make the promos with the guy like Jericho and inner circle, MJF and he brand new faction, Paul Wight, Darby, Sting, Shaq, Cody, Christian, Omega, Matt Hardy, Moxley, Brian Cage, Young Bucks, FTR, Anderson and Gallows, Kenta and anothers guy that they have a name in wrestling before they sign with AEW... I think so many people interesting with that.. Not the new guy in wrestling or the guy that he not popular in wrestling

  • A face paint with a skateboard? BORING ALLIN

  • my fav

  • Porque sting siempre lo a representado un scorpion en su atuendo ??? Si lo ideal fuera que sea un cuervo deve haber una historia detras saludos


  • We don't need a guy old enough to be a grandfather to be in the wrestling ring! If Sting was not gonna do a last match vs Undertaker which would have had to been Cinematic style to cover up Stings and Undertakers age and weaknesses now. Sting has to wear a T shirt to wrestle now.

  • Sting needs to retire & let the younger talent grow and come up

  • Strongerrrrr.....

  • Need some of those STING gloves!

  • 80 years old sting

  • Comeon man now its time to watch AEW

  • The warrior 😘😘😘👏👏👏

  • WCW 1997.

  • Theme songs are not that energetic...

  • Sting age. AGE IS JUST NUMBER😜💗💖👍😊👌👊💪

  • Sting is not to be messed with, Darby Allen pure class and unique. How about Brian Cage against Lance Armstrong, lets see Cage fight someone his own size, instead of bully boy tactics.

  • Sad to see cage getting beaten up by an old Sting.Then again he did lose a world title to a chick.On that note Sting is moving well for an older wrestler

  • Nice

  • Seeing Sting and hearing Tony say Sting brought me back to 1997. Man i miss wcw

  • Nitro moments man

  • The legend still got it

  • I love sting...hes timeless in character. What a talent!

  • The legend of WCW will never die. It will live forever.

  • We need CM Punk

  • We CM Punk

  • Stay safe stinger.👍🏾

  • This is so dope I’ve been missing out on AEW!!

  • I hope that AEW wrestling game don't disappoint

  • I appreciate the body bag sht.

  • Isn't sting retired few years ago??

  • Must watch lol aew is a joke

  • Yes sting 🦂 is back! I love ❤️ it!

  • AEW definitely puts on a great show!

  • Just think, this could be Taker if he didn’t have so many injuries. Salute to the Stinger 🦂

  • Losser sting.... Lost match against triple h.... 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Sting may be old, but he still makes Brian Cage look normal size when next to him.

  • Sting in good shape to be 61

  • Loved this so much so awesome to see Sting again

  • Brothers in Paint🦂🛹