[MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - 고고베베(gogobebe)

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[MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - 고고베베(gogobebe)
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#고고베베 #gogobebe


  • Solar: ven aqui, ven aqui, ven aqui Yo: pero como Solar: ven aqui, ven aqui, ven aqui Yo: adios familia mi esposa me espera Solar: gogo bebé ;) :V

  • Still a bop

  • (Chinese) MooMoo 们,别忘了为MAMA AWARDS (MAMA 奖)开账号哦,因为我们的MAMAMOO被提名了所以别忘了为她们投票! (Malay) MooMoos, jangan lupa buat akaun untuk MAMA AWARDS ya, mamamoo telah dicalonkan untuk award tersebut jadi kita perlu tolong undi mereka

  • *When Solar had more clips in her hair*

  • Precious fandoms have worked hard for our girls "I Can't Stop Me". Would you please help us to stream. ONCE helped your idols everytime. They thought of the best of them and helped. ONCE helped you to stream. Now, please, it's your turn to help us today. ONCE & TWICE LOVE YOU VERY MUCHH

  • 0:56 ...the striped shirt's over reaction.😂

  • 49,350,103

  • 49.3M Str3am Dingga !!!

  • this song really deserve to have a billion views harharttt

  • No puedo creer que el vídeo de 1K tiene más vistas que éste :( me dan ganas de partirle su madre pero los ocupó para seguir apoyando a las Mamadiosas

  • Hwasa 🍒✨

  • Este temazo hace que saques los pasos prohibidos 😔👌

  • boys will be bugs

  • Jajajjaja no me había fijado tanto en la letra, impactada


  • Its so inappropriate

  • 화사가 우리에게 팬티 보여 좄다 ㅋㅋ 그러니 이렀게 벌거 법지 마세요ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ


  • Teacher: your dress coded Me: Um no my outfit is bling bling bling

  • 50M 100M 500M 1B

  • 3:03 is that u "um oh ah yeh"??

  • binge-watching MAMAMOO songs make me realize that they never had a bad song since their debut.... ALL their MVs, title songs, b-sides, collabs, features, even CF songs are great to listen to on repeat!

  • Stream Dingga!!

    • And AleXa’s Revolution too! She’s the one at the last part wearing the yellow striped shirt ❤️

  • Kim Yong Sun Moon byul-yi Jung Wheein Ahn Hyejin Mamamoo Gogobebe Aaaaaaaahhhhhh.......

  • still dk what their saying but it's amazing ;-;

  • Oh~this one is a good song too. ♥️

  • When it's DingGa era but you can't help but to go back with this masterpiece~


  • lurking here

  • Let's see how many MooMooS are watching to " gogobebe " right now

  • 3:04, ah so there's AleXa.

  • Falta poco para los 50 millones! Vamos chicas, hay que apoyarlas :)

  • recién me doy cuenta que subieron esta obra de arte el día de mi cumpleaños,ay las amo bebetas ese fue un buen regalo.;;

  • Yo estoy siguiendo a mamamoo en 2020 y ya me se casi todo y hwasa esta muy sexy y muy guapa

  • This song deserves 1B idc what y’all say

  • oof

  • حبيبتي والله.، 😅😅

  • поезд Москва-Питер сапсан

  • Enserio!,solo 49 M,con esta rola,mi cuerpo no para de moverse

  • Waw

  • leggo 50M moos!!!!

  • The face of hwasa at 3:15 😂😂😂

  • 49.1M

  • Me encanta esta canción aaahh, no hay un día que no la escuche

  • Ka hua cheuuuuu

  • 이런 레게톤 노래가 잘 어울리는 것 같음.

  • La - La - La

  • Plagio ritmico de marshmello, friends.

  • goloko cinemasins johnmayer gunsmoke cheetah rodstewart

  • 그들은 최고입니다 그들의 노래는 페루의 아름다운 인사입니다

  • 3:13 the queen 3:14 the weird

  • 50M

  • What mean 9/6 ?

  • hermosa canción... una de mis favoritas :)

  • okay so um- at 3:04 isnt that alexa- she looks so much like alexa u know another kpop idol she made "bomb" "do or die" "villian" "revolution (just some days ago go watch it :) ) but like does she- IS THAT ALEXA

  • من يحس انها فيها كلمات جنسيه شوفو لاتجون تسبون تراني احبهم بس اسال من يحس🙂🙂

    • @Raya splendide قلت بلا سب وماكنت اعرف اوك شكرا لاني كانتي عاجبتني بس شفت فيها كلمات والحين عرفت

    • ترجمة بالعربي متوفرة يا فهمانة و هي اغنية عن الاحتفال و المرح وقفي تفاهتك هههههه

  • فخوره بيكو وفرحت انكو عملتو ترجمه عربيه مكنتش مصدقه ان فرقه كبيره زيكو تعمل ترجمه عربيه شكرا ليكو لانكو فرحتوني

  • *Solar has plenty of clips in her hair* *Dingga Solar has two clips in her hair resembling like two like horns* _its okay not to be fine even during this pandemic situation, and we miss having fun and what we were normally used to_

  • Drop drop drop Gogobebe

  • nine slash six six nineteen -

  • Mamamoo We love you! Indian moomoo

  • Why the name is Mamamoo? Its because they are the Mama of the kpop!!! Stan Woman GrouP!!

  • Ok just now discovering kpop. Started out with Black Pink songs then What is love by Twice but my mama I think I have found my sound with Mamamoo!

  • 49090044

  • Moomoo a cerrar con 50m, podemos a seguir FIGHTING

  • واي اجنن اغنيه مره حبيته وني بايستي هواسا وسولار

  • *We are so close to surpassing the one on 1thek* _Remember starry night did despite being 15 M lower_ This is a legit bop Btw I'm not over Hwasa about to kick Moonbyul head ^_^ ♡ :) :'(

  • Soon there will be 50 million views on this mv. Yaaaaaaay

  • MAMAMOO Queen❤👑🔥❤❤

  • Nice lots of enjoyment, Nicely done


  • WOW 😱😱😱😱👍👍👍

  • Ela ela ela?????????????ante re GREECEEEeeeeeeeee

  • No i8

  • I thought that one group was the baddest of em all kpop girl group, but nah I was wrong. THIS IS LIT

  • Hjjnwhnmmememjwjjjjjl

  • Blinks helping

  • Who's here before 50M?

  • MAMAMOO are powerful singers. Such great talent.

  • Only thing we need is moonbyul with a suit on that's it ❤❤❤😂😂😂👑

  • Let's get this masterpiece to 50m Moomoos. Our Queens deserve this. Legggooooo.

  • I'm here after watching one million dance studio's choreo. I had never heard about mamoo before. Anyway i like these girls. Specially Solar.

  • I feel so honored to be named Ela

  • كالعادة مامامو قوة

  • Las amo muchísimo

  • Focus focus in DingGa

  • It has been a year since I found this awesome group. They just keep getting better.

  • GOGOBEBE will always be superior

  • Gel buraya ,gel buraya ,gel buraya

  • Durup dinlenmeden gogobebe

  • Mamamoonun beş üyesi var Hwasa Solar Wheein Moonbyul Moonbyul un yakışıklılığı

  • Sigo en Stream :D

  • Bdhhbd hdhdgdghd dbhdhdb dbdhhfbfh hhh

  • 48,9M Let's bring Hip MV to 200M, gogobebe MV to 60M and Dingga MV to 10M ASAP ♡

  • Bellezaaassssss


  • Esta es mi tercera cuenta. Sigamos con el Stream

  • 49M vamos

  • 50M legoooo and stream Dingga moomoos ↗↗↗