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  • H=Hi I= I’m P=Popular

  • Love this music video

  • wiat this is te real woN? ;-;?

  • Solar is so pretty ♥

  • Since Hwasa is president of the world, can she end Covid-19 and perform a concert at all of our houses for free?

  • Mamamoo - Bts-------- Blackpink------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------💝💝💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍💝😍💝😍😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍😍😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝😍😍💝💝😍💝😍💝

  • No one No one No one Me: okay, so now that i have learned the choreography of hip, let's show to no one in my room

  • I'm sooo glad to see kpop artists with healthy bodies... I'm not throwing shades I just think they're beautiful and send a positive message of loving yourself

  • ОМГ тут є українські субтитри Omg there are Ukrainian subtitles ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Мамамооо

  • And I thought I was straight 🥺

  • מי שפה בגלל אלה לי...

  • Queens

  • HIP SOTY!!!

  • 언니들 너무 멋있어... 이제부터 1일 1힙

  • Its like one of my fav groups

  • Every kpop fan must know about this group it is like one of the best selling group of its time ...... Mamamooo is obviously a between group

  • Head Shoulders Knee and Toes Knee n Toes HIP

  • Tetenya pengen gue kenyot njir

  • whole 2020 whole 7 months mamamoo doesnt comeback after hip i didnt reliaze that bcs of solo activities, wow hip is really that song still new

  • Can someone pls tell me where this beat is from??I swear to God that chorus drop is not their original...not hating great song but that chorus beat is so familiar like a Brittany Spears song...😴

  • Moonbyul rap parts is best raps in Kpop industry

  • Omgoshhh I love them😍😍😍 Hwasa is my badddie forever

  • I...never really listened to Mamamoo but after HIP...I'm becoming a BIG FAN I cant even decide on a favourite!!!!

  • Love this song

  • Perfect

  • Hwasa

  • If we had to vote for a president it better be

  • My username in Roblox is Mamamoofav

  • Tbh I listen to this song aTLEAst 2 times a dayyy Whos here with me?

  • Who else is stanning hwasa or hwasa is their bias Like-yes Reply-no


  • Wheein

  • No one : Maknae : KAACHOOH

  • É muito bom Ler comentários BR

  • this song came out 14 Nov which is my birthday date OMG

  • I’m still loving this so muchhhh

  • 200M de v!st@s , 3M de likes y 200k de comentarios

  • 200M de v!st@s , 3M de likes y 200k de comentarios

  • 200M de v!st@s , 3M de likes y 200k de comentarios

  • 200M de v!st@s , 3M de likes y 200k de comentarios

  • 200M de v!st@s , 3M de likes y 200k de comentarios

  • Oh no I'm getting into Korean pop Jesus Nadia why have you done this to me

  • Esta canción se ha vuelto en mi adicción

  • nunca escucho canciones de girl groups, pero esta está muy buena y el comentario ese de hwasa se vistio ridicula, por favor, es una genia XDDD

  • 넌 넌 넌 맞아.

  • Hehe, when HIP first came out, I accidentally clicked, fuck, the music really good. I supported Mamamoo because this song, listen again billion times not bored:>

  • Por donde compran la mercancía??

  • Ok, so I used to dislike Mamamoo because of the intro to this song. -I know, I was stupid. But I ended up listening to it all and it's such a bop. I've listened to all the other songs and they are bops too. I can't believe I missed out on them before. Welp now, I'm almost a Moomoo

    • Strawberry_Milk127 uwu bts and mamamoo unbothered legends




  • Confirmado moonbyul se párese a sam.

  • Legal Alek

  • Okay, but how did hwasa become my bias? I don’t even know

  • I Wanna Be A MooMoo!

    • if you love Mamamoo's music you already are 🤗 , for know them better check Ultimate guide to mamamoo by what firl chennel

  • Jominji princess .

  • HWASA, MOONBYUL WHEEIN SOLAR todas una artistas divinas , me encanta como rapea moonbyul, como canta hwasa, todas las amo .

  • It's just me who never get tired of this song?

  • Yo viendo esto por el meme xD

    • @Antonella Balcarsel yo no voy hacer nada solo me gusto la música del meme hip nada más asique no te estés entró metiendo donde no te encumbe UwU gracias por su atención

    • _Como que gacha life , Quiero Agarrarse Todo NO? , Cualquier Cosa ," Meme Animation"_ 7__7

  • Gostei, principalmente por causa da legenda em português . kk :D

  • Love it

  • Türk var mı bu arada sözler efsoo

  • I love you mama on 😘😊🙊❤️

  • Hwasa would be a better president then this idiot we have in America 💯🔥

  • Who is your bias mine is hwasa

  • مين يسوي ست**م ☺ أنا أنا 😆

  • Hwasa❤️❤️

  • I dont stan them but these girls are pretty af

  • 0:26 - 0:13

  • moonbyul (?) is soooooooo pretty why?

    • Yesss our queen deserves so much more

  • I love this song

  • i found my queens

  • La canción es muy buena ami me encanto😍😍

  • *Hey ya yup um yeah I'm still here now kick it*

  • 이제 mamamoo 증오자가 우울증에 처해 있습니다. 사건을 이해하십시오:

    • @도러지 그런가.... 어쨋든 해석이 좀 이상한 건 사실인 듯요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • @맘무가 내맘을 뿌셔뿌셔 구글 아닐까요..? 외국인들은 파파고 모르니까..

    • @milkee san Are you using Papago? The translation is something strange. (I'm Korean)

    • 이해하지 못한 사람은이 노래가 믿기 어려워서 증오 자들이 우울하다는 것입니다 ;u;

  • I miss the old momoland

    • @Abdullah Zeyd Biçer oh sorry.

    • @ChaeChae I know. I just thought of Taeha and Yoenwo. And I said I missed them. If you look carefully, I didn't say this group momoland.

    • This is mamamoo not momoland go express your emotions on momoland not on our queens music video!

    • This is mamamoo

  • daily visit here🤣cant live without it!

  • No entiendo como tiene pocas visitas ;----; osea eskuismi

  • i lUv mOonbyullllllll aAa