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  • moonbyul please just marry me :(

  • please marry me moonbyul

  • I come here everyday to get my eyes and ears blessed

  • We stan mamamoo and loona in this fandom. Wheein doing Chu's heart is my dream come true

  • Legendinha em PT BR aaah♡♡♡ Amei o clipe

  • Queens

  • Mamamoo reached 1,4 m likes! Congratulations mamamoo, you're finally gettingg more attention 💙💜

  • They're queens, this song is amazing, everybody knows it and that's a fact. Don't care too much about awards, be happy!

  • Hip

  • This fandom is the most chill and no immature fans, they're supporting each member, no biases. I will stay here :>

  • hi, i'm starting to stan mamamoo now

  • I can see the fairness of each member specially in delivering lines, each of them has a time to shine. Kudos to their CEO


  • This song is for the haters

    • fuk cancel culture as well.

  • Is that a red glove on top of Solar's head???!!! 2:03😂

  • I can say that Im proud to be a moomoo even though im just a newbie. But swear Im so inlove with them❤ no immature fan

  • Hwasa : There's only one you in the world. But, what are you doing spitting on your own face?!!QUEENN 👑

  • kuy

  • Thanks to this song. I know mamamoo for a long time but I dont stan them, I just saw this in recommendation and I can say this is different from other girl group and as the time goes by I fell inlove with them. ❤

  • mamamoo gabisa ga keren:((

  • 棒,感謝所有木木不斷地刷,真的很棒。

  • 已經140萬了。

  • Mamamoo fighting

  • 💃HIP📯 Full Daily Views (7:45 AM KST) *WEEK 3* *Day 21: 30,738,601 (+5,456,051)* *WEEK 2* Day 14: 25,282,550 (+887,442) Day 13: 24,395,108 (+961,143) Day 12: 23,433,965 (+889,952) Day 11: 22,544,013 (+786,720) Day 10: 21,757,293 (+1,174,719) Day 9: 20,585,574 (+1,135,198) Day 8: 19,450,376 (+1,137,553) *WEEK 1* Day 7: 18,312,823 (+1,254,545) Day 6: 17,058,278 (+1,792,688) Day 5: 15,265,590 (+1,612,551) Day 4: 13,653,039 (+2,153,065) Day 3: 11,499,974 (+1,751,778) Day 2: 9,748,196 (+2,152,966) Day 1: 7,595,230 *WEEK 3: 30,738,601 (+5,456,051)* WEEK 2: 25,282,550 (+6,969,727) WEEK 1: 18,312,823

    • Let's get to 30m! Our queens deserve that and much more!

  • This is hands down the best song I've heard of 2019 I think this song will take the take for the year

  • Maravilhosas!!!💚❣️💚❣️💚❣️💚❣️💚

  • Mamamoo rainhas das críticas sociais e da porr@ toda 😔❤️ felizmente rainhas

  • Deusas ❤

  • rip to solar's scalp.

  • they should do another mv where they reshow all their fashions since debut.. because they were HIP eversince then


  • damn hwasa is so cool, solar's half colored hairs are so good.

  • ab to hop on mma's ass mamamoo are too talented to deserve this type of treatment smh

  • are you truly wlw if you arent gay for byulie?

  • rainhas

  • Who is watching in 2020 ?

  • Loving the styling in this video. Omg!!! Sol's and wheein's pants are so cute anybody know where I can get these?

  • is it just me or did this song change... i think i have something wrong with my ears? I've been hearing these songs change today such as Super Junior Super Clap, Shining on my ex, Marian Hill Lovit, 365 Fresh, etc...

  • 好酷哦,很喜歡😘

  • This song is a spit in the face of the haters for real