[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)

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[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)
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  • Hwasa ❤️🦁 I love you ❤️

  • Hope she'll get the Bonsang award at MMA this year! Hwasa fighting!

  • She looks so Mafia like, beautiful, Daring, Hot, sexy in this but when she make funny faces and smiles outstage she is so cuteeee

  • Wow

  • واخييرا عربيه

  • 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


  • I love you ma'am❤️

  • Me gusta mucho esta canción!!❤️

  • The most beautiful ❤

  • She is in another level....so good....I am speechless.....

  • listen i don’t like her for what she’s done but this song is catchy 😐

    • enumerate and provide facts of what she has done, quick before i kick your ass outta here

  • 미녀은 괴로워


  • The real queen is queen hwasa


  • alguien aquí vino por tik tok .-.??

  • Bro these "if you hear someone saying hwasa is ugly..." comments are really really sweet, truly. The only issue is they're very naive. It's not simply about her looks and saying it is just erases this awful issue in our Korean society. Colorism is real and very very bad. There's a difference between racism and colorism, Korea struggles so heavily with both, and the one Hwasa deals with is colorism. Her skin is darker than most idols'. These comments about her looks is so so sweet but it erases the impact of the real issue here. Korean women sometimes have to bleach our skin, for example, to fit in or get jobs we are qualified for. That's horrible. It's not about her looks, it's about her skin! Shes gorgeous but we should be praising her for overcoming the way people treat her over her skin just as much-- honestly, MORE than we praise her looks! In that same vein!! I'm not saying we shouldnt praise her looks because this song and video is proving that she is beautiful and pretty (she has been rejected by Kpop companies before for being 'ugly and fat') and we should celebrate how beautiful she is because she's showing it off!! I jusy want to say colorism is bad too

  • La diosa Hwasa cada vez más impresionante.

  • Soy la única que ama está canción 🤩🤩🤩😍 se merece un premio

  • هواساااا كوينننننن منجد

  • ,

  • c

  • *-*

  • ماريا

  • _)

  • ^-

  • D

  • Please VOTE for MAMAMOO and Hwasa:

  • Love it so much ♡

  • My name is maria

  • i love her lyrics so much, theyre so meaningful and she uses a lot of wordplay that you wouldnt understand if u cant speak korean. watching those interpretation video's on her songs have made me appreciate her songwriting skills even more!!

    • that is our queen Hwasa , also since yia era with 4 with the song, I realize she likes wordplay

  • When i joined this fandom i was surprised by hwasa called fatal maknae. Now i know why? Because her personality kills everybody. Each time she proves her confidence in herself. I remember from twit to maria her presence is stage has changed and that's a proof that she is more stable and confident with her body her voice because she is the queen

    • She is so confident , I admire her so much

  • 自分の魅力を分かっていてすごく堂々としているのが最高にかっこいいです…尊敬します、私もこんな女性になりたい

  • That's why HWASA is my bias

  • Guys, Hwasa is nominated on Breaktudo awards for Best New International artist, anybody knows how to vote? Just saw a news on google.

    • Hi... you can go to the link to breaktudo award and vote. The vote is unlimited, for link you can check out Mamamoo Chart in twitter :). Btw Mamamoo also nominated on breaktudo award :)

  • Hwasa has a great voice. I could listen to her all day.

  • Neden izlenmesi az ? Fıstık gibi şarkı aşk yaşıyorum

  • Her face looks so expensive

  • Queen hwasa

  • Oh God her voice is making me crazy 😭🥺🥺🥺💛

  • 好聽!性感🔥🔥🔥。

  • the visuals, the vocals, the choreography the everything it's just amazing

  • Hwasa is a queen that eats so good unlike me

  • То чувство когда Мария


  • 92M

  • This song isn't just for her, it's for all of us

  • SO no one noticed that Hwasa made a reference to Monica's iconic scene in her movie Malèna 0:23

    • Yes, people have.

  • I kinda sad that moomoo stream more in 1theK rather than this channel because they want to reach 100M there. This one is the important one for awards shows

    • I think it's not moos who watch MV there, usually only casual fans will watch in 1theK, because they have more subscriber. But I also hope that many people will watch MV here

  • Gracias por hacer música mi reina

  • Gracias por esta canción tan bella

  • Te amo mucho

  • Queen de Sur Corea

  • Queen of queens

  • You are the queen

  • I love you

  • Mi mujer

  • Mi reina

  • Mi diosa

  • 21M

  • god is a woman

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 가사 좋음

  • Saesong made a cover was better than this

  • Hwasa, es una DIVA

  • Cant spell unique without u

  • Hb

  • Ganda ng Filipino subtitle skl

  • I come here every day


  • I’ve even swallowed the hatred,I have no strength to get mad Yes Queen,Queen HwaSa❤️

  • hwasa have every thing voice body beauty and beautiful sence in the acting🙈💞she is🌟

  • hwasa really just came, swept the charts, awards, entertainement shows, as if nothing happened

  • Hwa Sa yesss tr army

  • Turkler bir gosterin kendinizi.

  • Hwasa perfect:)

  • Oh thank u 🎀🐰

  • My Queen😽💘💚

  • Esta canción, estuvo se la maria ❤

  • Oh my god mean of maria song so sadly,be patiently hwasa, we always support, don't mind what haters say🙃

  • Listening to the song crying 10/10🌼💛

  • You know the rules. The lettuce and the tomatoes may have equal rights. And the grilled beef had to shut up and be eaten. LGBT sandwich. I'm just telling the way it is and was before my arrival. The laws of man mean nothing, God's law is everything.

  • Maria is beautiful as she loves her father God as you should do.

  • The papparratze is to try and stop your wings melting from getting to close to the sun.

  • 1243sutfjku

  • Wow, ¡Stream Party con el Rábano!

  • "I've been sworn at so much, I have indigestion" haters will always hate but we love you queen Hwasa!!

  • WOW

  • My girlfriend's name is Maria, it's as if you sing this song especially for her 😂❤️

  • old que é uma lenda icônica memorável e atemporal


  • María... Maria.... Maria... Maria... A aaaaa qué hermoso

  • this music viral in tik tok

    • Hi... are you coming from tik tok? If you like her song, you can check out her other song called 'twit' and her group called Mamamoo :)

    • Hi... are you coming from tik tok? If you like her song, you can check out her other song called 'twit' and her group called Mamamoo :)

  • I can’t stop listening this song, is such a bop (good song)

  • 한국인들 여기에요! ㅎㅎ


  • عرب وينكم

  • After all the times I’ve watched this I didn’t notice how hot the background dancers were ✨ 1:55 DAMN

  • Mamacita