[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ I'm so sick(1도 없어)

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[MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ I'm so sick(1도 없어)

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  • 한국인 찾아요 ㅜㅠ 밑에 외국인 댓밖에 없어요 ㅜㅠ

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  • To HATERS:- So Baby Bye Bye Bye

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  • Hi i know im too late for saying this but im in love with this song. I want to be a fan! What is your fandom name? And also who is girl who sand chorous? I want to be a Apink fan!!

    • +{M- FAREEZZUWAN} thank you 😊

    • +Nermin Kara sure why not XD UR WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY 😘

    • +mimi mimita thank you! I want to be a pink panda. And i think my bias is bomi i really in love with her. And also pink panda's look like so kind fandom. Can i join it 😊

    • wecoml

    • Apink debuted in 19th April 2011 Fandom name : pink panda or panda 🐼 I'll tell you members : 0:39 park chorong 27 y.o (1991) leader rapper vocal she is one of the best leaders. in 2018 apink renewed the contract cause of her she just said trust me and renew the contracts so they are here they still with us ❤ 1:01 yoon bomi 25 y.o (1993) main dancer lead vocal and rapper she is Queen of variety shows she doesn't care about her image lol her best friends 1:10 jeong eunji (hyerim) 25 y.o(1993) main vocalist and face of group she is very good at acting she have 5 dramas 1 horror movie (all apink members are actresses) also she debuted as a soloist in 2016 0:32 son naeun 24 y.o (1994) visual .centre . dancer . vocal she acted in Cinderella and four knights also she have a horror movie she is the best one speaking English they call her adidas girl and, sold out girl 0:46 Kim namjoo 24 y.o (1995) lead dancer lead vocalist rapper she is very funny she have an awesome voice 0:54 oh hayoung the savage maknea 😂 dancer and vocal she is a pro gamer lol she is the best at teasing the unnies Welcome to our family ❤ If u want to know about them anything just ask ❤

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  • Thumbnail looks like Jisoo

  • Fighting pandas🐼🐼🐼

  • fan Việt Nam MY bias 1.EUNJI 2.NAEUN 3.BOMI 4.CHORONG 5.NAMJOO 6.HAYOUNG

  • Oh Hayoung

  • Kim Namjoo

  • Son Naeun

  • Jeong Eunji

  • Yoon Bomi

  • Park Chorong

  • Apink

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  • Wtf I didn’t know that this was HoeForXuxi intro...This is song is so nice though.

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  • 에이핑크 화이팅!♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Hoeforxuxi's intro brought me here😍🥰

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  • Let's stay together! APINK × PINKPANDA!!

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  • Love youuu apinkk

  • "I'm so sick" is perhaps my least favorite Apink song; however, based on the number of view, I in a minority. Nevertheless, the Apink girls are current favorites. Also, unlike some of the other girl groups, Apink's music should to wider age range which implies they might remain popular longer.

  • 67.6M

  • If this music video was a brand it would be VERSACE Ps:I’m no longer into Kpop but Apink is my one and only most favorite Kpop girl group since No No No era, and so forever will ever be. Always supporting them no matter what. Number 1 most loyal and proud fan here👋💜

  • This song is legendary just like their past songs. Also didn't expect them to changed their concept into this but they are a 7 year old group and there are less "sexy" type of concept anymore. This song is my favorite alongside with "no no no"(i think that's the title) and mr chu. Im not a fan but i just love them

  • Why am I just listening to this? It slaps. And I’ve had it on loop the whole morning

  • Anyone can participate to make reach the goal 100m.sure i will wait all pandas 😄

  • 많이늙었네;;; 주름이 이제는 안볼래야 안볼수가없네 그래도 갈수록 예뻐진다 조숙하고 세련된 얼굴

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  • when a masterpiece like this still hasn't reached 100M... 🥺

    • ID-tv is the problem hhaha

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  • why is this song never gets old for me?? I could listen to it every day literally

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  • I heard it once but i dunno the title so i typed " bye bye bye korean song" i know song i dunno song title

  • Still one of my favourite

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  • Hayoung so gorgeous as always ❤️💙💚💞💕

  • This song will always be a bop

  • 1:05 whats her name?! Im in loveee

    • yoon bomi😊

  • Does anyone noticed how Bomi looks like Jisoo in this kind of hair and on some angles Naeun really looks like Jenie?

  • Eunji 😍😍

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  • Now I understand why bomi was wearing pink dresses in BTIMFL

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  • No clue who Apink is and I thought that the girl in the thumbnail was a solo artist.

  • Me *I’m so sick* literally

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  • I can't believe i was sleeping on their music until this was released

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