[MV] GIRL'S DAY(걸스데이) _ Something (Dance ver.)

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[MV] GIRL'S DAY(걸스데이) _ Something (Dance ver.)
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Girl's Day, who had a hot year with the song 'Expect' and 'Female president' in 2013, are coming back this 2014 with the new song 'Something' made with Double Sidekick. This year they are expected to be as hot as the Park Ji Yoon in 1998.
The title song 'Something' talks about a girl who cheats on his girlfriend with other girls, and the girl who is in love with the bad boy. It talks about the feelings in between. This song got rid of the electric sound most dance songs have, and it has a more Hip-hop groove and acoustic instrument sounds that allows us to listen to Girl's Day's voices even more.
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2013년 '기대해' '여자대통령'으로 가장 뜨거운 한해를 보낸 걸스데이가 2014년 이단옆차기와 손잡은 신곡 'Something'으로 3연타 성공에 도전한다. 이곡은 1998년 엄정화 '초대' 2000년 박지윤 '성인식'의 뒤를 이은 2014년 판 '초대'와 '성인식'이 될 것으로 기대를 모은다.
이번 타이틀곡 'Something'은 다른 여자에게 한 눈 팔며 거짓말하는 남자와 그 남자를 사랑하는 여자 사이에 생기는 미묘한 감정과 사건을 다룬 노래다. 이곡은 일반적인 댄스곡의 전자음을 배재하고 Hip-hop Groove에 Acoustic한 악기구성으로 걸스데이의 목소리에 더욱더 집중할 수 있게 만들었다.


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  • I can't believe i danced to this when i was in my kindergarten graduation having no idea what this song is about👁👄👁..i mean im proud honestly such a materpiece💜

  • Do u guys remember when Minah told Hyeri that her skin was the color of the season and told her that her skin was brown so she needs to buy men products😬 I never forget Also when she posted all lives matter on her Instagram I never forget that too

  • Just wanna say that their 25M views performance on Inkigayo was deleted.

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  • This song and 2PM's "A.D.T.O.Y" are the most seductive Bops I've ever came across in Kpop.

  • this song fovuses on their vocals, and the sexualized chereo made it powerful.


  • El kpop que extraño

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  • ❤️21/10/2020 From Vietnam with love 🥰🥰 This beautiful memory is forever in my heart❤️

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  • Never realized how much of a cultural reset this was.

  • Now that was sexy. Finally watching this properly and it supercedes my expectations!

  • My idol

  • This song supposed to be hyolyn of Sistar first ever single but she declined this song cause she said that it has a same vibe like alone by sistar so she pick one way love rather than this


  • Goooshhhhhh this song stuck in mind like a gum😂😂😂😂😂already listened it 10000 times

  • *Esta cancion nunca se supera* ☆

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  • If Ur Listening In 2020 Your A Legend

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  • I've known this song for the longest time (one of maah faves) but I never really knew the members. I just watched Reply 1988 and it's really a shocked that Dukseon was a part of this group

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-RZasrHQeKiY.html trump2020

  • Was never interested in this song until jk danced on it

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  • The fact the camera quality is the same in 2020 -

  • 걸스데이가 국룰이긴해 노래도 잘하고 모든방면에서 완벽한그룹

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  • Okay guys, hear me out... Something Something and Hit me Baby one more time (by Britney Spears) remiX I MEAN COME ON!!

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  • Eu achei mais pro lado fofo do que sexy, mas é minha opinião.

  • description: The title song 'Something' talks about a girl who cheats on his girlfriend with other girls, and the girl who is in love with the bad boy. It talks about the feelings in between. This song got rid of the electric sound most dance songs have, and it has a more Hip-hop groove and acoustic instrument sounds that allows us to listen to Girl's Day's voices even more. Me: wait, a girl who cheats on his girlfriend??

  • I cant believe this 6 years old

  • October 2020 😢😢 And i miss them

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  • I just came for the pretty "girl" that danced in 2014 with other pretty "girls" in SMTOWN.

  • who's the girl who sings the "nothing nothing" part ? her voice is INCREDIBLE

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  • I did this coreo in the school with 3 friends, everyone was looking at us And we got people's numbers when we were over I never felt so desirable LoL I'm a guy btw XD

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  • I just search for the beatles something why im here

  • Hot 🔥 Girl's day paved the way for sexy concepts like this.

  • who cares about the dropping, 2:56 how powerful is this please??

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-9M36GcFNDOo.html

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  • this song is a cultural reset for sexy concept.

  • 0:32 stop here and look that booty's🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Just came here after bts’s videos where they did ‘something’

  • Dope song.

  • 2020 who are here ? Miss Girl's Day

  • I don't get how ppl don't like kpop, it's amazing, it gives me all my favourite songs and constantly gives the world absolute bops

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  • I. Need. One. Later. 2013. 2014. 2015. 2016. 2017. 2018. 2019. 2020

  • Mucho mejor que las otra pero no sobrepasan a BLACKPINK

  • Ren of Nu'est could be their fifth member anyday!

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  • When both of the dance version got more views than the mv itself.

  • 2020 !!!

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  • This song motivates me for my dream body 😂 so I listen it daily

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  • I trought this song is for girls genertion

    • This song was supposed to be Hyolyn's but she gave it to girls' day and became their first hit

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