[MV] SF9 (에스에프나인) _ Now or Never(질렀어)

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[MV] SF9 (에스에프나인) _ Now or Never(질렀어)

*English subtitles are now available. :D
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:: iTunes : itunes.apple.com/album/sf9-5th-mini-album-sensuous-ep/1419992095?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes
SF9 came back with its fifth mini album to catch the eyes and ears of the public by showing its improved performance.
As the name of the album ‘SENSUOUS’ indicates, this album feels sensuous and delicate.
Under the theme ‘SENSUOUS SEXY’, SF9 thoroughly shows its sensuous and sophisticated sexiness throughout the concept including music, performance and look.
The title track ‘Now or Never’ is a ‘SENSUOUS ELECTRONIC’ song based on the rising progressive/dark pop genre mainly in the U.K., which added SF9’s sensuous performance.
With the restrained moves, this song gradually reveals various inherent emotional masks of the members.
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  • 울 우쥬 사랑행

  • Doesn’t even have 10million views? Disrespectful -_-

  • I'm everywhere because of str3aming Enough 🌚

  • يلا نوصلها 1مليون

  • تجننن

  • 💕💕💕💕💕


    • Hwiyoung - rapper, sub-vocalist, dancer, 99 liner :)

  • 찬희 질렀어 할때 눈빛에1차심쿵 목소리에 2차심쿵

  • Am I too late to stan them?

  • me and my friend is listening to this in digital tech tell me im not good girl BISH ME NO CARE HAHAHA dude my friend Noah sprayed water on meh imma kill him is dat ok BOI ITS OK TO LISTEN TO MUSIC IN DIGITAL TECH

  • Okay, just found this song. Its freaking hard to find just by 'jealous' word though. Btw love the intro. It sounds like water dripping out. Nice song woohooo

    • +wrotemendws [fantasy] yeah i knew. Enough right? The one chanyeol post on his instagram

    • they just just had their comeback yesterday, it would mean the world if you help us with the vi3ws

  • 0:27 I always think he is Jungkook 😞

  • WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HOW GOOD HWIYOUNG LOOKS HERE (the one in the red hoodie/main in the chorus)

  • Stan talent, stan sf9.

  • 자꾸 우주의 진로변경 같다..

  • 2:25

  • SF9💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  • 인성이오빠 인성개조으니까 제발 입덕하세요 여러분 ^^7? 에이~~ 고등래퍼랑 스카이캐슬보고 왔으면소~~

  • 찬희오빠가 스카이캐슬 나오고나서부터 인기많아진거같아서 너무 행복하다 ㅠㅠㅠ 스카이캐슬때문에 입덕하신분들이 많더라구요 ㅠㅠ 감사합니다 우리 에셒나인 많이 사랑해주세요♡♡휘영이오빠 장발도 사랑합니다!!!!!!!!!

  • Please stream ENOUGH MV 💕💕

  • I'm proud that i knew them before knowing about the friendship between Chanyeol and Zuho ; they are a really fantastic band and they deserve to be more famous! SF9 fighting!!

  • Guurl this song whew! I was just on M Countdown's YT channel waiting for Loona's stage. While waiting I checked out their stage and now I'm here. This song slaps!

  • 진짜 다 멋있다...

  • I’m a new fan and whoever’s voice that is at 0:48 gives me tingles in my nether-region

    • Thats Hwiyoung, rapper line, 99liner, sub vocal & part of maknae line.

  • Chanyeol bring me here, sf9 fighting 💪💪💪


    • +Nurasma Afiffah i think is more easy to get to know them is watching their web drama called Click Your Heart (four of them are the main cast: dawon, rowoon, chani and zuho. the others appeared as their friends or something like this)

    • +Please Try Again I might Stan them though! can u recommend any show that they did?

    • +Nurasma Afiffah yes its him. In real life....he totally evil maknae soo different with woojoo personality 😂😂😂


  • who is here after enough mv ? let's support them 👏🙂

  • EXO'L HERE TO HELP 🤗.....

  • 우주형 왜 여깄어?

  • This is the music you hear in HM

  • Channi’s 시간 없어 질렀어 part is so awesome

  • Hwiyoung rocked this era. I wish he was the center for "enough"

  • 1:01 the same choreography as in Valkyrie lol This song is soooooo good!

    • SammYongncf _ar It wasn’t a comparison, just an unexpected surprise because I love both songs😊

    • Esme Paris oneus fans please stop comparing...this is the fourth comments in sf9 vid

  • Sf9 él mejor del mundo chi cheñol

  • Just found out about them today im dying 😍😍😍😍😍😍! I can't keep my eyes off them and song is good

  • Yup I’m now a fan! SF9 y’all are dope!

  • First time to hear sf9 song 😍👏

  • I just learned hwiyoungs name because, wow

  • 와 이노래가 지금 나왔어야됐는데ㅠ 개좋네

  • Still cant get enough of this song. Daaaamn son.

  • Omg! Esos pasos de baile 😱💕

  • Wow! Estos chicos sorprenden 😊

  • SF9❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍🎶

  • My eyes got aesthetic satisfaction, is wonderful!

  • Such 90’s pop influence with this one.

  • I'm quite new to the fandom and I sing this bop every single day and now Enough is also fascinating me 😍 I'm glad I joined you guys, I love making new buddies 😊

  • 0:52 nameee please 😍😍😍

  • Okay so they weren't saying Jealous all this time, I'm so dumb *face palm*

  • SF9 Comeback MV 'Enough' (예뻐지지 마) id-tv.org/tv/video-vDrZw2gqyv0.html

  • I'm here from chanyeol post and I'm get upset because they are super perfect group with super perfect songs and people don't know their high worth...I hope they shine even more than now...and I get very very good vibes from them...fighting😻💪

  • I feel like there bothers

  • why does it feel like this dropped yesterday

  • Eu amo SF9 de mais pqp💕

  • Would you?..

  • Long hair guy 😭😭😭😭

  • i'm here because of sky castle 😂😂

  • Kpop old vibe 😭💞💞

  • Who’s the one dancing in the dark with the hat on?

    • Its Chani, rapper, dancer, sub vocal and maknae.

  • Let's str3am "Enough" guys!!

  • Okay I'm in love with Chani's voice Still can't believe... cutie face but has sexy husky voice ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Let's make it 10 million views 💙💙💔💙

  • Everyone Plzz str33m their new Songgg We need to get 1 million in 24hrs at least!

  • 찬희 오빠❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • omg I stan step on me please let me breath

  • 하...미쳤다 다들 잘생겼어;



  • I came here 3 minutes before the comeback mv releases 😭❤️ I hope this is their successful comeback ❤️


  • Im an Army .. but start stan for sf9 . Love their talent .. Fantasy + Army = FantArmy . ♥♥♥♥

  • 30 minutes... I'M NOT READY

  • New to this group, but whose is the first guy that sings?

    • Please str3am Enough !!

    • +Samadhi Irina oh shit in 97 too lol, perfect time to stan these boys❤thank you

    • KOOLIE Hello, he’s Taeyang, 97 liner, main dancer, vocalist and our sunshine They’re releasing their new MV Enough (Narcissus) today later 😊

  • I’m on an SF9 binge and I feel like my landlady might have to call 911 cause I’m overdosing x)

  • I was surprised when i know chani is a boyband's member. hope SF9 will has a brighter future 😍😍😍

  • Hwiyoung is so hot🔥🔥🔥😍

  • Soooo just recently found them and uhm I’m mad at myself for not finding them sooner lord I look forward to them... plz welcome me I’m new to them

    • Welcome fantasy 🥰🥰🥰

    • Welcome whole heartedly

    • Welcome to the fandom! You're more than welcome to join anytime 😊 We love new fantasy 💕

    • You're welcome! SF9 will realease their new MV in 4 hours! Please support them 😊

  • Chani voice is akauchuavavd 7u7

  • Chani dance is amazing :0 I love this song!! 8M!! Fighthing!

  • OMGG I just wanted to check their music because Exo Chanyeol supported them on insta and I thought I didn't know them, but now that I remember...last year I listened to this song on a kpop playlist and freaking *loVED IT* lol thanks Chan for reminding me, now I just need to stan

  • Esperanding el próximo MV...

    • Solo 8 horas!! Waaa que emoción

  • Fave part💖 2:24

  • Who’s dancing in hat?

  • Let's give them their 1st win

  • 고맙습니다 찬열 오빠 ❤

  • If Chanyeol a hard working man ain’t sleeping on SF9 i don’t see why others are smh 😔😤

    • chanyeol sees these guys are talented at all and besides Zuho is his friend

    • EXO & NCT PUTAS 누가 번역 해주세욬ㅋ

    • EXO & NCT PUTAS point were made

    • Was so excited to read about Chanyeol promoting SF9 :D My 2 bias groups promoting each other.

  • This is my first time to hear sf9 songs they are so talented, handsome, and amazing. I really liked the song and the dance😭❤️❤️👍🏻

    • Layan ALdoukhi they’re releasing their new MV today February 20th 6 pm KST Enough (Narcissus) you gonna love it then ☺️

  • SF9 💜💜

  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • 우주 찾아보다가 여기까지 왔다

  • 아니..내뉨아 사랑해요.....오빠들 오늘 컴백잘해여♡♡

  • Here because of chanyeol

    • +Maw Park tnx😊

    • Me too, turns out I did listened to this song last year on a kpop playlist and I freaking loved it, Thanks to Chan I remembered it haha

    • +I got that Good good tnx.

    • +nazia yusuf i love it so much

    • Did you like it?the dance?

  • Guys...Whos the guy @0:52?? DAMN!!!

    • Thanks..imma stan❤

    • Thats Hwiyoung, rapper, second maknae, long hair guy, incarnation of dolphin, participate HSR2, cold city guy, cry baby, gummy smile, cutie pie

    • Hwiyoung

  • 1 day left. I‘m so excited

  • 우주야 멋있어 ㅠㅠ♡

  • SF9도 뭐 하나 크게 일날거같은 좋은예감이...강찬희 멋있다 진짜 ㅠ

  • 아 최고야 SF9 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • SF9 is so underrated...deserve so better

  • Came from Sky Castle. I love this songgg. Nooooo how many groups can I stan at the same time. I’m dyinggggg

    • +SeungA Moon fandom name is Fantasy.. welcome to our fanfom :) tomorrow they will have comeback showcase..you can follow SF9 vlive acc and their official Twitter, instagram acc :)

    • Rolina Yoo I knowwwwww! I’m excited to know what it’s gonna be like :) also what’s the fandom name? I wanna join ;)

    • tomorrow they will release new song 6PM KST... new comeback :)

  • 와 ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ 다시 봐도 개존멋 ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ 내 최애곡

  • me: now or never is so over played someone : jilleosseo me : JILLEOSSEO OOH SIGAN EOPSEO JILLEOSSEO