[MV] SUNMI (선미) _ Heroine (주인공)

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[MV] SUNMI (선미) _ Heroine (주인공)
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SUNMI releases the first single title track ‘Heroine’ in 2018, who has positioned herself as a unique female solo artist.
SUNMI’s ‘Heroine’ is a single title track released in five months after her solo comeback song ‘Gashina’, which was released in three years after disbanding and caused a ‘SUNMI’ syndrome last night, as a prequel of ‘Gashina’. The main theme of ‘Heroine’ is ‘a flower locked in ice’, describing the earlier story of ‘Gashina’ in which the woman had to accept the sad breakup by saying ‘Why do you leave behind pretty me?’ to herself. This track delicately describes the woman’s frozen heart with SUNMI’s sensibility, who gets hurt by the lopsided relationship with the person she loves but tries to understand the person.

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  • This song was and is a BOP. I can't believe I haven't seen the MV until now.

  • "Do whatever u want" U said it Queen

  • Queen

  • "U snow me" this part is insane

  • She always has flowers on her mvs

  • The show must go on

  • The blue outfit was a legend

  • Sunmi whispering is dangerous

  • 제 채널 들어가셔서 네이버페이 20.000원 받아가세용!!

  • Sunmi became korean lana del rey

  • Hacer la tarea mientras lloro con estacanción, is my passion

  • come here because tbz and oneus

  • the show must *gowon*

  • Everytime i watch sunmi's mv it makes me wanna sing, but she's make me stop and awe struck because of her beauty....

  • 😂 Every time I see these on the up next videos, I read the title as Sunmi - Herobrine

  • i get "its okay to not be okay" vibes from this

  • Kpop Sunmi Heroin Western music Cheryl Cole fight for this love 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • ''You must go on''' This always gives me power to keep going even on bad days

  • ONEUS and The boyz, fanboys Of Sunmi!!!❤😢

  • 고1 여름방학때 수학여행갔다와서 들었던노래다ㅠㅜㅜㅜ힘든시기도 결국 다 지나가나봐요

  • When I saw the video for the first time, I thought that the first background was the same as the eyes nose lips Taeyang video jajaja

  • The song is cool, but the video is pretty bad. Esp when you compare it to the likes of Blackpink. Their videos are just exquisite.

  • Biên đạo quá là xuất sắc đi ấy! Omg 👁

  • Sunmi's masterpiece & her voice 💙

  • 💜💜💜💜❤💜💜💜💜💜💜❤💜💜💜💜💜❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤💜💜💜💜💜❤❤💜

  • SUNMIxMilkshake

  • Gashinaaaaaaa

  • Miya

  • Best girlllllllll

  • My baby

  • Sunmiiiiiiii

  • Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  • U must go on

  • You need to be yourself

  • Sunmis music is my heroine

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    • Bro can you stop this Ain’t church

  • 2:47 fun fact: she actually fell while shooting this scene and had to stop filming because her knees were badly scraped. Sunmi told them to keep the footage in the MV because it added to the look of desperation she wanted

  • 아 미치겠다

  • the blue dress makes me want to simp

  • 개좋아아악

  • I wish she would perform this for KCON this year! It would be soooo amazing to see!

  • Okay I'm starting like the song for long time 😌

  • I’m here after seeing sunmi on Men on a Mission❤️

  • Lol

  • Teddy I know that you participated in this 😉

  • She is my protagonist ever.

  • What shampoo she use though? That hair is magnificent.

  • Who is here October 2020? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I can’t believe it’s been 2 years... time really flies by

    • @feli Exactly...

    • yeah... *gets emotional*

  • Something is whong with me, i dont hear "the show must go on*, i hear "the shame was going" 😅

  • The show must go on


  • The base of this song seems like "Fight for this love " of Cheryl Cole and you can't tell me anything

  • The power sunmi holds in this industry.

  • 표절만 아니었으면 계속 테디랑 작업을 했을텐데 이 곡이 표절 판명이 난 이후로 선미가 자기가 직접 곡을 쓰기 시작했는데 그게 오히려 선미에게 전화위복이 됐지. 자기만의 독보적인 음악세계를 구축하고 진정한 아티스트로 인정받을 수 있는 계기가 됐음.

    • 표절 아닌데요 ..? 지금 비교해보세요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 몇부분 비슷하면 표절 웅앵웅...

  • Who else comes here everyday? I love Sunmi 💜

  • Oh no....WHY CANT I STOP WATCHING THIS! im Addicted!

  • Sunmi is so talented and her music is amazing. Stan Sunmi y'all

  • 한국 댓 찾은 당신! 추카합니다~~

  • the beginning was so dramatic it couldve been mistaken as a kdrama

  • Sunmis music always makes me want to just be myself despite my anxiety, just to be honest and do what I want. Sunmi is amazing💜

  • بيرفكت

  • when she said "the show must go on" i got goosebumps damn

    • the power that Sunmi holds..

  • 레전드

  • ❤️

  • if you don't like gashina, heroine and lalalay you can't touch me

  • essa machuca lá bem fundo ó

  • sunmi casa cmg

  • Who else thinks she's saying chewing gum

  • I searched drug why this come out

  • This is such a beautiful video

  • la coreografía de heroine es simplemente de otro nivel, FACT

  • leggo and str34am all sunmi songs!!!!!

  • I love you sunmi❤🥺

  • how often do u see the thumbnail for the daily life of a heroin addict even though you spelled heroine correctly?

  • I love this woman so so much. No matter what new group comes out, or who comes up with a new song, it's always Sunmi who is #1 in my heart.

  • esse mv não tem um defeito se quer é tudo perfeito como que pode

  • ela é perfeita ??

  • #SUNMI is my heroine

  • 김밥 대신 우리 같이 가자 해서 이렇게 큰 선물을 하나 주문 했어요

  • 어릴때부터 엄마가 직접 손으로 머리를 묶고 있었습니다

  • I remember when this came out 😔🥺💜

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  • tmr esta canción me recuerda a ella csm por favor vuelve

  • 2020 checking

  • 응 테디 표절........yg표절.......마약............

  • 아멜리노통브의 사랑의파괴가 생각나게하는 노래

  • Too attractive to come back to see everytime.

  • Stan art, stan Sunmi

  • 오ㅓ호라엊ㅎ먆ㅂ챠큐유어아뉴납뱁부저ㅓ쥬전저조쥬쥰ㅍ늍ㅍㅍ며ㅑ배베메ㅓㅠ댜토도ㅑㅇ너ㅏㄷㄱ나ㅏ넟ㄱ아디대ㅓ럴륭나ㅏㅓ쥰ㅊ녀ㅓ뉴댜쟈죠조조즂ㅍ너ㅗㅇ바데ㅗㄱ셔뉴ㅛ스ㅗ더도ㅕㅇ스스스ㅡ스스스스슷ㅎ너나ㅐ노조냐장ㅊ소ㅑ래주오여ㅑ랃아ㅓ럴

  • It's so fun watching bubble gum pop by Blackpink and then seeing something like this by a true artist.

  • 3:01 연기 너무 잘한다

  • I'm here after watching her and Seulgi covering this. I love this song so much.

  • Who's here after reaction the boyz and oneus cover this song?

  • miss era

  • I love Sunmis songs, all of them are so meaninful

  • 선미누나 저랑 결혼해요 결혼한다고 하면 5억 드릴께요 ㄹㅇ 구라 안치고 키도 큽니다

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  • when i 'm stressed listen to this song and feel in a good mood, SUNMY is great!!!I listen to this song and other of she every day and really i wish to see this video with 100m soon!!! (from an EXO-L)