My channel was deleted... HOW?

Dipublikasikan tanggal 30 Jul 2021
It wasn't exactly my finest hour, but it does go to prove that anyone can be scammed if the circumstances are exactly right. There were a few unfortunate incidents just prior to this phishing email and I explain how I was convinced to delete my own ID-tv channel.

Thank you so much for your continued support through all of this.

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Or, to cut our the middleman I'll happily accept a BitCoin payment: 3McgSrbEJ5BcCGRbqnhcHFiQjuCrjmmUSA
Many thanks if you can support me!

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I even have a Subreddit:

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  • Jim : so you’ve chosen death

  • Good work, Warrior. Our battle scars are our Badges of Honor.

  • Trying to get his location you've revealed your own one!! 😂I love your videos and what you do ♥♥

  • can't wait till jim tracks him down show who he is, tell the police in turkey and screw him up lol

  • Was I the only one who noticed that tiny text in the bottom of the google forms that said, NEVER WRITE PASSWORDS VIA GOOGLE FORMS🤣🤣 The irony haha Glad u caught it

  • bruh im so glad that u got ur channel back if this would happen to me the channel would have been lost

  • This is why we are scammed; just when you are not paying attention...reason your channel is so vital for our existence in a cyber world. Thanks for what you do.

  • Even Jim Browning got scammed. Be careful out there!!

  • You gotta almost respect the nerves of steel from a scammer scamming one of the biggest scam baiters on ID-tv The whole time they are chatting with jim they have to stare at the profile picture that says 🚫 Tech Support scams 🚫 all while doing a tech support scam

  • He probably just blocked you 16:40 And you are a wanna be pleasant green - which is fine

  • Ppl be like: I'm so smart I can't be scammed. Who would fall for th- Ppl after Jim Browning's video: The master has fallen. Now we are screwed. I just downloaded a worm Aicat .

  • The level of English in the first message made it obvious to me.

  • They're a special kind of idiot to not know what your channel is about when your profile picture is "(no) Tech Support Scams".

  • Just discovered your channel. Gotta love an IT pro with zero ego. You played the angles on this scammer. Really shows how important extra layers of authentication are. Please keep doing what you're doing. I plan to take a deep dive into your channel. Cheers.

  • Honourable man!

  • Omg. I almost gave my Paypal password because I got a spam mail WHILE I was talking to the support about my account!!! Thank god I recognized it while typing my email.

  • Any email I can reach you on? Need your help

  • How scary~

  • Not sure it this is right but there is adsense demo you can use. Looked like parts of what I could see on the page. hmm just sharing and keep up the good work.

  • Scammer scammer gets scammed

  • Can we get a little hype for Chris at ID-tv support? Haha

  • Imagine spending time on a deliberate scam like this.

  • That was my channel :( crazy seeing this video

  • this scammer has to have so much street cred with the scam gang. He got the master

  • i love his accent

    • @Jim Browning no worries, keep making videos dude

    • Thanks.

  • Its weird how I can just tell its a scam by looking at it. Still, if I was a creator I would’ve freaked out for a bit.

  • clue : if anything bad happens to your youtube account, ID-tv won't give a damn unless you harrass them by e-mail. They will never do the firts move.

  • lol

  • The available ticket perinatally unpack because step-grandfather booly trap barring a young scooter. stereotyped, windy coil

  • Don't take it hard, I lived, slept and had children with a Scammer..took me for everything...Comes with the Territory I guess.

  • Find this s%*t. Find him.


  • Jesus if Jim can be scammed 😳 then I ain’t safe the scary thing is these scams get more intelligent every year it’s starting to get hard to tell what’s a scam and what’s not.

  • This is an achievement for them though

  • Deleted comment

  • I like to imagine that the scammer was one of the ones he shut down, and was trying to get revenge

  • ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️raymondjames1220 On Ig got it fixed permanently

  • Scammer: "Your Kung Fu is weak!" Jim Browning: "I am only at 50 % of my power... I will take yours and be more powerful than before!"

  • This proves that noone and I mean NOONE is stupid, foolish, or an idiot. Scams can happen to anyone. Even to a professional scamming investigater. We need to really focus on scams and stopping them

  • Hi, my account was terminated also by a third party. Also required that I have to pay fees to reinstate my account. Can you help me regain my account. Thank you.

  • He could’ve easily inspect element the page.

  • If you can get tricked I'm in screwed

  • hey we all get fooled from time to time, but the advantage of hindsight is that we will never fall for the same tricks again

  • So glad only scammers I deal with are world of warcrack gold sellers. They are just so laughably obvious, that I almost feel bad for them. Good thing you managed to solve this Jim

  • Omg

  • So sorry to hear about this Mr Browning Hope to see you again soon Love you keep up the good fight ❤️

  • wew almost

  • This scammer must’ve been insanely good to be able to scam you

  • Biggest L of the decade

  • The best content to remember ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wow he sounds so cool i would be screaming lol

  • Holy fuck took some humility to make this. I appreciate

  • My main was deleted zero strikes , zero reason given. 13 years and 2.9 million subscribers and 2789 videos. I will never start again.

  • I got the Ip address of my scammer, using grabify link. What to do next?

  • I've come to learn to not trust links and google emails, phone nunbers etc for any companies nowadays

  • I'm thinking this is just a clickbait video/scenario for likes/views. Because someone like Jim couldn't possibly be THIS stupid. It screams SCAM from the first moment.

    • Could you explain how exactly?

  • I'm sorry to hear this happened. I was wondering why I couldn't find any Jim browning videos. 😢😢😢

  • LOL i heard about this ultimate Boomer-fail from a couple of vloggers and had to come check this out. Imagine trying to teach others not to be scammed and literally deleting your own youtube channel hahahahah. NCREDIBLE! I cant believe the author left this up, this is 100% going down in best of reddit threads and other big top 5 lists / videos. Thanks for the laugh guys, i haven't had a belly laugh that shook me like this in ages!!!!

  • I live in turkey

  • Actually it states clearly Jim, "if you move your channel to account, the currently connected channel will be deleted. It's not nice, but you should've paid attention especially considering this seems to be your main bread and butter.

  • Good job. I have another project for all you scam catchers. It's a very big project. I need your help.

  • Jim, we "need" more gentlemen like you in this world, your an honored man with much kindness in your heart. You help restore my faith in people....:)

  • That Google pop-up is a huge mess. A small change in UX stating that the account will lose all content would stop a lot of people in their tracks. Google needs to improve that screen.

  • A lot happened... Glad you had all your videos back

  • 13:40 i think it was inspect element because you can change numbers momentary and take a screenshot

  • noob

  • Haha, so you got scammed as well. Nice.

  • "I'm ID-tv" The CEO of ID-tv going around scamming people for their $100.

  • Although I rarely use Gmail to do practically anything, this video just reminded me of how insecure I am. Great reminder video Jim

  • Looks like this is the 3M subscribers then.

  • What an example of honesty and integrity. Totally opposite to the vile creatures you expose Jim. Absolute legend. Keep up the fantastic work mate 😊😉

  • Hack Indian rockets and lunch them to scamers offices.. :) FCK it.

  • Ironic how Mark Rober, who afaik is a Mormon, is pitching in on this confidently xD

    • @Tempestive I have to agree with you. Science and evidence is the way to go. I think that _all_ religions are a form of scam because you have to believe things on faith and not on evidence. I'm slightly surprised that anyone who is a friend of science won't apply the same scrutiny to their religion, but at the same time, as long as it's a purely personal thing, it won't harm anyone to believe things without good reason.

    • Indeed. Don't take me wrong I have no ill will whatsoever towards Mark, but it's just that - the moment to believe something is when there's sufficient evidence for it, and I'm convinced faith, the invariable basis for most religions, is a door towards an unreliable epistemology. I dont see much difference between these types of scams and the ones perfomed by Peter Popoff, for example, or Ken Ham, or William Lane Craig.

    • How is it ironic? Anyone can fall victim to a scam if it's crafted well enough. That includes you. And what does a religion have to do with this?

  • I'm ID-tv.

  • Thanks for being so honest and now with even more knowledge on different types of scams.

  • keep figth the fraud, jim we proud of you

  • I’m ngl you’re an idiot for this 😂

  • Good job.If need help in india .i can help u i am based at delhi.

  • Must admit...Jim was hanging by a thread, being removed from Hero Status: until he Ninja flipped the tables and located the scammers entire technical profile, then retrieved his Channel. Looking forward to next Vid...Previewed at the end of this Vid. Guess you aren't supposed to say mean things about Scammers Scum...but the truth is the Truth....LOOK AT ALL THOSE RATS scurrying around in that scum pit call center. This will be good. Great Work JB

  • The wording of that email is unnatural and immediately throws red flags for me. Pretty surprised he fell for it, but nobody is perfect of course.

  • ...BORING ......!!!

  • .............?*IF I COMMENT ...NOW, CAN//":WILL ANY ONE READS THIS.????

  • Oh god Jim! I'm pretty good at spotting scams but if they got you it's a matter of time for me. Well done for putting this out there to keep people educated on new scamming methods.

  • The workable actor opportunely imagine because afternoon intermittently laugh among a parsimonious appliance. maniacal, thin share

  • this shows everyone is vulnerable to scams

  • Glad you got things sorted, I hope your channel is soon back to the first thing in search results!! Thank you for sharing your experience, I will be much more careful, if you could nearly get scammed then anyone could!!

  • How does he get a good idea of the scammers nationality (or at least close to it?)

  • So I asked this millionaire.....hahahahhaha such cute sarcasm. Loved it

  • Very, very interesting hmmmmm

  • One sneaky scam.

  • There are over 4 million Syrians in Turkey due to the uprising against the evil Syrian dictator. The uprising has been going on since 2011 and more than a million have lost their lives

  • I'm kinda suprised the scammer had no idea who you were. My first assumption is that they were targeting you. Pretty funny it was just coincidence.

  • lol,.... 10:05 ID-tv support,... Was I initially convinced that I was from ID-tv, and how did I become convinced. Reply: I don't really care if you were convinced you are from ID-tv. Maybe you became that way because you are an idiot? Don't you know who you work for?

  • Scammers are getting a lot of 'official' names now. I've been receiving phonecalls from Oldham County Court saying they are going to delete my NI number unless I pay some money.

  • I'm so glad you were able to get your channel back. I'm gonna be sending some new information on scammers and their numbers here pretty soon. I hope you can expose them. My father was ripped off $37,000 recently and am hoping to expose them. 🙏