My Cheap Lamborghini's Stupid Top Is STILL BROKEN (And I Can't Figure Out Why!!!)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 29 Nov 2018
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Today I explain why my cheap Lamborghini's soft top isn't working, and why I'm out of ideas on how to fix it.
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  • lol..I love my new 6 speed Corolla L.

  • I love the upper rod support "I got from my vacuum" lmfao

  • The fire damaged the seals in the ram

  • What's in the glove box???

  • try a with some bigger battery ? maybe need some more djuice ... that flickering sound is mostly when there is not enough power to feed it ?

  • You have stated in the video that you had a bent pin at the ECU. Have you been able to determine what that pin was for? Plenty of times in my automotive electrical days I have seen pins bent that then bend the corresponding receptacle in the connector and when you finally fix or replace the bent pin, the bent receptacle in the harness no longer makes contact with the new straight pin. Have you checked all of the pins in all of the plugs? Best bet may be to probe the pins inside the ECU to verify continuity to the rest of the harness. As for the relay, if it is clicking like that, it most likely is not getting sufficient current to the winding. Some relays have 2 coils for 2 seperate purposes as well. Often you have a pull in coil and a seperate holding coil. The pull in coil will use more current to pull the contact closed initially and then the holding coils kicks in at lower amperage to hold the coil in place after the connection has been made.

  • My bet would be that the active rear wing that's no longer there has something to do with it. You might be able to hotwire the connector for the wing somehow.

  • oml this guy is so ugly lol

  • Sorry to hear that this car just will not stop giving you headaches...

  • Relay is clicking non stop because of low voltage, low voltage is due to either A. low battery voltage, B. a short, C. a broken wire, D. a fuse that is blown but still touching, or E. To high of a load on the circuit which acts like a short. Also a blown motor can still test ok on a meter run a new ground and power wire to it and make sure it works. You should also look for a micro switch on the clutch or shifter it may have a disrupt to keep it from activating while driving would work the same as a neutral safety switch.

  • These relays have a self-holding functionality. The fast clicking noise may come from your test program sending out many test signals until it works, BUT that means that the self holding funktion is broken. Google for a simple self holding relay circuit diagram. To find the issue. You have to check the lines the relay activates. One should go to the relay's power pin and keep up the voltage to keep it being activated. If you can't find the issue there. Activate the relay manually (by supplying extrenal voltage to it...) and test your roof. If that does not work, one of the switches inside the relay may be broken. Replace it with a similar relay. +Tavarish @Tavarish

  • I know this is kinda old now, but if the heat got hot enough to melt the hydraulic hoses and the sensors on the cylinder. It probably melted the seals inside of the cylinder. If you do not want to buy a new one from Lambo and can't find a used one. You can try sending it to a shop that rebuilds hydraulics.

  • Mark (Guttersnake) can help you The one who always hangout with Damon from Daily Driven Exotic 👍

  • A solution to the problem... Lamborghini.

  • The top is the most frustrating part of this car. So finicky especially when the voltage falls below 12. It won't move until I charge it a little bit. Other times I can't figure out why the hell it won't operate. One time I had to drive a few miles with only the "ears" up, looking like freaking Batman, because it decided not to open or close midway. Now I carry T40 to manually close. PITA!

  • The suspense is killing me... What's in the glove box? The latch broke off in one of the first videos, and We've never seen it opened haha.

  • If you can't get it, why not rebuild it? Replace it with a electronic motors and convert it.

  • I think the rod and sensors are fried and u need to rep l ace the hydrolic ram and cylender

    • The hydrolic on the burnt side of the car is what I ment for the clam engine boot and the cloth top Also I suggest using that UV dye to check for all leaks and there could be a required an fixed amount of pressure in the system for the computer

  • Why you fuckin dont ask lambo? Also You said its finished Upload video When its running Etc ...

  • When our Audi had a roof issue, Audi spent a lot of my money replacing parts until they realised the hydraulic pump was failing.

  • lol loser. could have bought a brand new lambo with the extra time and money he spent

  • Dude, you are digging into this top thing way way to deep. It is most likely a very easy solution. Sensor for the wing, micro switch, I’m 100% sure you won’t fix it by screwing with the ecu. It’s a simple fix.

    • Email him ur so sure his email is in the description

  • Did you do a video on replacing the front amber turn signals to white ? I have a 2010 and want to replace them. Thanks.

  • Good luck on these clutch if you cant afford it...j.s

  • Tavarish, so what happen to the top? After watching all these videos. you need to do one with the top fixed =D

  • RIP Lambo?

  • Fly me out and I'll fix it.

  • After watching this, i think i won't sleep to night...

  • Damn people stop hating this is not a cheap car to fix I just don't get how people don't see that , I'm looking forward to your final update and see this monster in all its Glory

  • Curious what you sold the lambo for.

  • This dude milked out 74 (and there will be more) videos over the span of a year over a car that had moderate fire damage and a little bit of wiring problems to not yet even have taken the car on it's first drive. *But he says he doesn't have it registered....he doesnt have this or that* is totally dokie. I have nothing against him personally but I feel as a car person he is doing this because he is trying to milk every single penny from this "build". Remember watching at the beginning when he got it and was doing all his "baller pipe" shenanigans and haven't checked back in a while because I know this thing won't be driving for another few months until he is done milking the videos. With your next major build...don't take a whole year to do something that could have been done in months and please get rid of those darn yellow arrows pointing to different parts of the car for cryin out loud. Rant is over thanks

  • Good thing he doesn't have a Ford Skyliner! Those tops were super tough

  • So the two magnetic sensors on the rear hydraulic are they set to the right positions? Hydraulics are weird and a few mm off could be keeping the switch on too long causing the stoppage. Also did you bleed the entire system?

  • build a separate circuit for controlling the top system, you would have to map out the wiring and operational sequence but at least you could separate it from the computer.

  • Get in touch with Dave at Lamborghini Sevenoaks....He’s in the uk but really good

  • Never Ending Story.......with the lambo....

  • Problems like this drive me INSANE. Its part of the game. Keep playing! -Greg Masterson P.S. We wanna send you some Free Detailing Stuff for your Lambo and your SL55. Those cars need some good detailing! Send me an email to and I wanna send you some stuff for your game!

  • Haven’t read all the posts, but could it be the hydraulic motor? Had same symptoms on my Audi RS4 convertible, it would unlatch, but then stop. No errors on the dash. Motor looks similar to yours - stripped it and cleaned the magnets and hood now working fine...

  • Ok it is a build channel, it is interesting to see some of the challenges and the fuel air ratio, ignition tuning on a dyno, but I still couldn't find one video where you drove the car. I would like to see some real driving on the road, pushing the car. There was a video some time earlier in the project, where he pushed the car to 60% for exactly 2 gear shifts, and this is all I saw.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> bat mobile

  • @Tavarish Hey it may be a bit stupid idea but how about ecu side connector? is it really in perfect shape? Bad ecu side wiring connector would explain why two ecu acts the same. since one ecu is open you could try to get inputs from ecu side and check resistance for wires. I had same problem for old motorcycle of mine. Ps. at this point it proboblly would be better to also use oscilloscope to check and see what signal is going to ecu, multi meter wont cut it. Have fun hunting eletrical goblins ;)

  • top issue may be the non standard ecu computer you are using for the engine. my spider had a stock computer and would not even allow the car to go into gear if there was any error with the soft top. on another note u should not say its a $200k car Lambos do not hold their value like Ferrari's a clean title fully functional mint Gallardo would be around $79k to $137k at full retail.

  • Looking from an electrical point of view, that relay sounds like there’s a dead electrical short on the output that the relays feeding, the contact inside the relay will then bounce away from it, and then the power on the relay will then throw it back to it. This process will then go back and forward, giving the clicking sound! Good luck!!!

  • new intro would take this channel to a new level bro !!!!!

  • When are you driving it ....... like for real 😳 blá-blá-blá for 1hr

  • You have a bunch of great projects! I’m not a mechanic but are mechanically inclined. Your Bentley is more my speed. I’m the average guy that likes and want a super car. Great job Sir!

  • Just do a hard top conversation.

  • After having followed you trough the hole story with your Lambo - itˋs kind of an anti-climacs that it isnˋt really finished and ended with a kind of roadtrip. I love your work, but have to be honest about this. It is the reason why I havent been seeing any of your following projects. Still a subscriber - but the juryˋs still out.....

  • How's the Gallardo now?

  • Did you ever consider to contact Lambo for this problem? I believe they would be glad to help and get good press for it :-D. Jiannina Castro +1 703 3647926 United States Press Office America

  • To your Lamborghini roof - please check the internal leakage of your hydraulic valves and the magnetic ring woks properly.

  • As someone who writes electrical diagnostics for major automotive manufacturers, there may be some sensors/switches that aren't detecting when the rear flaps reach their proper positions? If that's the case, the module is never signaled when the rear flaps have completed lifting and therefore the module won't allow the system to continue to next step to occur (which would be lifting the rear engine cover). Just my 2 cents.

  • Hey Tavarish I’m from Boston and i just what to know when are you doing the reveal? So i can take the day off and fly over there.. thanks..

  • U need to replace the hydraulics in the back left corner that has the heat damage

  • You may be past this at this point....I'm not an top expert either but have worked on a few after crashes or damage(other types of cars). A couple of things that come to little tiny tweak in a bracket will stop it from going to it's next step.. Since it's going part way then stopping? I'd try to locate what stops that step and what it's looking for in the next step(opening clam shell?) ..I see some comments mentioned the fire damage to magnets...take a couple of magnets and play around, see if you can trip the next step. Again, the biggest problem that i've run into is something so minor that you would over look it...Tweaked frame,rod, sensor adjustments etc.... Very minor bends will "jam" things up and make it confused or not allow it to proceed... I didn't read all of the comments and this may not help, just first things I thought about when watching.

  • DRIVE YOUR CAR omgggggg!!!

  • Take it to goonzquad

  • Honetly man you've done everything on this car yourself get off your wallet and take it in to someone that can figure it out. Im sure you can afford it man.

  • It looks like the hydraulic system is losing pressure from that leak and can't get enough pressure to lift the back.

  • You need to check the voltage of the ecu if it is getting enough power or maybe because the ecu doesn’t have a code

  • Hi.. I see all the repair process.. And was great... But you didnt do a Driving video.. Thats the video im waiting..

  • just a thought but maybe the heat melted the seals in the cylinder causing it you bypass. plug both of the lines and see if you can still move that cylinder.


  • Niice you have a cheap twin turbo lambo with the Power of a stock one

  • Hard top it!!!!

  • Want to talk about bent pins a friend of mine about a dozen years ago or more literally sat on a Pentium 4 chip in squashed all the pins over I spent one Sunday night manually straighten every pain and the processor works perfectly but that was a pain in the ass in a very tedious job now if the pain was jammed in when it was bent then it could have severed some connections thank God that didn't happen for that expensive processor that was a new processor at the timer and I didn't want to just toss it I had nothing to lose by fixing it and it works so have a great day and I can't wait to see that top working

  • Try opening roof while pulling the latch via the string. Got to be that if you cant even open it without a piece of string.

  • let me let you in on a little secret the sensors let me let you in on a little secret Lamborghini will not sell you there hydraulic piston sensors but Lamborghini does not make them. There made by a subcontractor they don't make them. find out who produces those in go directly to the source and order. if not try getting the sensors for R 8 convertible. since Audi R8 shares lot of the same technology that might be a way to go to get the top fully functional but I'm glad the thing least can be registered as a street legal car and you and your wife can enjoy it have a great day

  • I think there may be something wrong with the hydraulic unit since it got hot something inside it could be shot could be when the pressure pushes it its bypassing inside the hydraulic unit

  • If you press the top up and top down buttons at the same time it puts it in service mode. Also, lambos have to be running when using the top.

  • Since it's all a custom built why don't change for the Audi system at this point? You just have to add some motors and buy another CPU... Plus you most probably can find the wiring diagram more easily.... Moreover, when you installed the new radio, you commented that the connections were wrong and weird.. Could it be that they modify something with the top as well? You should give the ex owner a little call and inquire about that... As probably he gave that job to a third party, I doubt they do Lamborghinis every day, they may recall details about it.

  • Dam drive this car please I need to hear this car breath already

  • Two possibilities on your clamshell problem - could your car still be in service mode and that affect your top operation? Perhaps the car was never let out of service mode? Also, you said in reply to others that the rear latch opens and works fine, yet when you get to the back of the car and try to open it, it wasn't open after all. Can you show us more of the latch itself? Since you've checked and cleaned the contacts perhaps it is a mechanical (not electrical) issue preventing its opening. Lastly, when I see others open up their bonnet for service, they pull a cord under the clamshell to open the top further giving more access. Is that the same cable you're pulling on, just rerouted towards the passenger side? Thanks man, hope you find the issue soon.

  • Where did you get your wing?

  • Love the channel Freddy. You have a lot more patience then me. I would have set it on fire and walked away by now.

  • To much work to just drive around afterwards and say "Look at Me'.."Look at me'

  • for the poeple that hate the game <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">01:52</a>

  • Did you bleed the hydraulic hose lines?

  • If all else fails keep the roof down have a roadster and only drive in nice weather

  • What happened to the SL55.....