My Fast And Furious Lamborghini Gets $5,000 In Rare PARTS FROM JAPAN! (NOT OVERNIGHT)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 3 Jun 2019
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Thanks to VersusTradingCo for helping me get this super rare bumper!
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  • RIP tav got Corona virus now

  • Never heard some pronounce murcielago that way before lol

  • Classic Jezza era Top Gear UK Jokes!

  • Just stumbled across your channel today and have been binge watching for the past couple hours. The Pimp My Ride Van, your Mitsubishi 3000GT restore, and now this video. I had been looking for a bluetooth speaker i could use around the house while working on my RC Trucks(Not quite extravagant cars like you but hey RC Monster Trucks are all I can afford :D ) THANK YOU so much for that discount code, i can't wait for my new speaker to arrive!

  • You say murcialago differently in every video haha.

  • Hey bro I did had a question 4u so if u kan hit me up

  • Question bit of a odd one but with the frunt hood that you took off could you chase down autographs from the actors in the film and put it up in your shop?

  • One question: What's a Mercy-el-ago?

  • What was the tool used to take off the rear wing? ...The one connected to the drill... Any links would be fantastic.

  • Let the goonsquaud paint it or the guy on b for build he can paint and he's. Not afraid to.sand it down

  • " it smells Japanese alright " like Rice? that's Racist...

  • What was up with your hair in this video? Looks freaking awesome! No lie.

  • Tavarish: Mercy-El-Go Everyone: 😭

  • Dude it looks better without the wing why would you put it on

  • Your skill and knowledge are amazing. When I retired I had 2 ASE Master certifications plus every certification that Ford offered and more so when I compliment you it's from many years of experience. There are lots of so called "professional" mechanics that can't do what you do.

  • lmao that first portion looked like it was on a green screen

  • Found your channel from demo ranch cool stuff brother 🤙

  • How does one "smell" Japanese? LOL!

  • Anyone who pays that much for a taillight is an asshole!

  • Im really feeling that this lambos fake since it doesn’t even have the proper badges

  • Stuff in the door sill looks like urethane

  • Hey tavarish I know money is tight do you want the world's cheapest gtr lmk sorry for spamming you I just curious

  • That Angle aluminum can be bought at Menards, I got one on each of my garage doors to brace the top panel near where the opener bracket bolts to lol.

  • Stretching this out or what.......

  • Me: Nice tail light, what's the retail on one of those? Tavarish: more than you can afford pal, Lamborghini

  • Your goal for the exhaust should be to Restore it's "Italian Pitch of Elegance" "The Sound Of Italian Freedom"

  • How is copying how? Stradman or Tavarish.

  • You can turn the steering wheel of a lambo without a key? There's no steering wheel lock? Honestly a serious question.

  • It would be really difficult for me to overlook all of the stuff thats not right, tear the whole car down, and rebuild it back to spec. Things like overspray for instance.

  • this lambo is a replica?

  • @Tavarish is your car going to be able to be registered in your state with no Cat or muffler? In my state you have to have a Cat.

  • How did he pronounce the name of the car Murcielago? LOL!!!!

  • The camera angle @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="636">10:36</a> almost makes the car look like a McLaren without the wing and bumper.

  • Who’s Andrew?😂

  • Tavarish: Bro I cant afford a haircut after spending $5k on a bumper! Me: I will shave your head for free bro, just get that shit tf off lol

  • I bet Mrs. Tavarish does not trust you anymore with her daily driver.......

  • Easily the best time lapses of any youtuber

  • Cool

  • Don't think you can sneak that 3rd gen camaro into the background without me seeing it. Absolutely love those cars.

  • Damn.. I hope your not going to the same paint shop... that overspray is atrocious.

  • I went on the internet and i found this.............. Classic- Jeremy Clarkson.

  • Make it the original color

  • WHERE R U ?? 10 DAYS

  • new vid waiting room

  • You need a cnc mechanic

  • Tavarish-it looks like the movie industry has had its way with this beauty. Cars on camera look very different than they do to the eye. they probably ruffed up the glare on the car and blacked out the tail lights. glare is a problem for lighting and cameras. the paint is so good on some cars that u can see the cameras reflection in the car. its all very weird. they do keep the exhausts growl for sure....

  • cmon freddy imma need another upload😂


  • Mirrors will break if folded in manually? The more expensive the car - the crappier the "engineers". Italians shouldn't be allowed to make anything but Fiats.

  • mercy eligo

  • So this guy is the only person in the world to do that much work on his own lambo.

  • Hey Tavarish, if you still have problems with the electrical part of your Lamborghini or any other cars, check Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics and invite him to participate in your rebuild. This guy is awesome and deserves being recognized by his work.

  • love your channel i need support on my channel XD

  • i guess they let any ding dong builder go to SEMA.

  • Are you selling goods or painting cars!

  • i really try to watch Tavarish . but i just don't like his face....

  • you need a line up my dude

  • Now that you have done all this bs to the lambo it is no longer a fast and furious lambo just the vin number you removed everything else that made it a movie car You turned a Iconic lambo from fast and furious into just another lambo sad tbh

  • Actually what music do you listen to? Because if you're blasting some metal in there if I was your neighbor I'd probably tell you to turn it up more than anything

  • Can't wait to see this painted!! Oh and thanks for the great deal on a Kove Speakers, got mine today in Australia :)

  • Check this out guys at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="211">3:31</a> u can see a white lambo with read wheels anyone recognise the car

  • I've been binge-watching Tavarish since discovering it. My comment is that he might be at a critical point in that he's so caught up. The only things I'm really interested in now, aside from wrapping up the Murcielago, are the Ferrari that was in a fire, and resolving the Bentley engine. The two Lambos will be tough acts to follow. Tavarish needs to pull something big out of his hat!

  • Great job nice car great job

  • Freddy, We love you......But i will say this, I always want to cut your hair, like 24/7

  • I need to work for someone like this but in the UK.


  • Try getting some ac in the garage my man.

  • It is pronounced “merci-el-argo” fuck me that triggered me

  • When will he notice he hit 80000k subscribes??

  • JAPAN, the other fun Germany!

  • Tavarish at SEMA yeah

  • Well it looks like it's coming along, I wish you could pick just one and work on it at the time you're killing me with this jumping back and forth

  • Paint it yellow!!

  • Paint it yellowwww since its oem

  • 16 minute video and all you did was open a package and remove some pieces of bodywork...this is why I watch Goonzquad instead.

  • Why change all that stuff!???!!!? Not the same "movie car"

  • I knew as soon as I heard he needs something to listen to, I was about to hear a cove speaker plug.

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Tavarish: this is my Fast and furious Lamborghini Murcielago

  • dude... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="312">5:12</a>. Don't throw that screw on the ground. it'll end up in yer tire!

  • You should buy a nissan r34 gtr