My Fast & Furious Lamborghini's New Sound System BLEW MY MIND! (INSANE BASS ALERT)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 5 Mar 2019
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Sundown Audio SAX-200.4 v2►
Sundown Audio SD-3 10" Subwoofer►
SWAG 6.5" coaxial speakers►
XS Power D3400 AGM battery►
Sundown Audio 1/0 ga OFC amp wiring
XS Power 555 top and side post adapter►
Alpine UTE-73BT car receiver►
Today I install a new, completely custom audio system in my Fast & Furious Lamborghini Murcielago, with help from Sean of EMF Car Audio. This car sounds absolutely ridiculous.
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Fredji - Happy Life►
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  • Put that song on in my car, and my god, what a peice of music that is

  • At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1095">18:15</a> is that a fucking fart? Did someone (Tavarish) really fart on camera? Gross

  • its beat up but its got a good sound system so that makes up for its faults

  • Wait. So you have a metal fabrication shop available and you make the speaker box from fucking MDF? Gag me with a spoon!

  • I'd definitely have picked up a head unit with a PC built in, as well as nav.

  • RCA is not a professional-grade connector. Get some BNCs in there. You could use TNC, but the unscrewing is a pain-in-the-ass.

  • Uhhh. Twisted-pair on an RCA? Isn't it preferable to simply use coaxial?

  • USA: this is 16 guage wire. Rest of the world: this is 1.2mm wire.

  • What song is that you tested the system with?

  • lol most of ur subs dont even know what a voice coil is

  • Sean looks looks like a 32 year old dad in which Karen took the kids and is now depressed

  • What was the song you used to test the system

  • #Subscriber

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1380">23:00</a>min in, Tavarish I watch you make my dream come true bro🏎🔊🔊🔊👏 #supercarandbass

  • Static is a good sound #techgeek

  • Florida heat, amplifier not in an air conditioned part of the vehicle? Have fun when it overheats about five or six times in a trip. Wiring could've been easier if you mounted the amp above your box and it would be sufficiently cooled.

  • Emf audio electro magnetic field

  • Nice to see you supported a more less known but dedicated sound supplier, well done Tav and EMF, super job 😎👍🏻

  • I want that Lexus tho

  • Aww man, that Harmon Kardon would sound glorious. HiFi sound versus boom box sound in my humble opinion, as an owner of several HK products. It would have been worth talking to someone about the code, the vinwiki dude would probably know! You could have just added a Bluetooth module to it or something. The quality of the output signal between the two head units will be the difference between night and day. Also someone who knows how the math works, designing the box in CAD would have resulted in a better, distinctly tuned sound, just like resonators on an exhaust have to use different materials and follow different patterns to give the sound you want when you hit the throttle. Sound is a finicky mistress that requires a lot of equations to be solved, to attain perfection anyway. Still, it's early times in the build right now, there's plenty of time to do better, later.

  • Nice work! He even made sure to use 4 and 1 gauge wiring for the electrical. Most miss that part and wonder why their system sounds so weak (bass wise). I just hope the wood you guys used wasn’t just your average plywood from Home Depot. To build ANY type of box for a car system it’s ALWAYS best to use MDF wood. It’s specifically designed to be tougher and able to hold in all of the bass being made by your speakers without blowing out the sides or the bottom of the box. Other than that nice build on the system!

  • Lol, yall go buy a lamb and do what you want with it

  • Sounds freaking awesome! 😏🎶🎶🎶🎶👂💪🏿💯

  • Its awesome that you showed the making of the box. I like the way you implemented the fiberglass. Great job guys. Thanks for that.

  • @Tavarish Loving your channel dude (only recently found it) and you clearly have skills. Dude though, your fibreglassing! Just no! That is WAY too much resin for the amount of glass. Too much resin makes it weaker and heavier. You essentially want to use as little resin as possible but still wetting the glass through. Hence the popularity of vacuum bag and resin infusion composites.

  • I am sure this sounds pretty good.....but man I feel like you missed an opportunity not reaching out to Dean and Fernando with 5 Star Car Stereo. They are located in Florida even and have a pretty big youtube following. Their builds/installs are SICK.

  • Listening to this is like going to best buy and the salesperson says you need a fancy hdmi cable.

  • Your mic actually did a great job. It actually sounded great on my 2.1 bookshelf+10inch pc config.

  • That's a nice sound system you got there, loving the car though.

  • why 480p ?

  • *you could just buy uh harmon kardon which woulf sound mucb better for such a nice car*

  • Infact a ported encloser would deliver more omph for the same space. They are more efficent. But you have to calculate the box accordingly (not easy with weird enclosures) and they are 'slower'. In a ported enclosure you get with the tuned port the reflection of the sound from inside the box a wave length later and so giving you more bass at certain frequencies. You tune the cab in combination of the speaker so you get a mostly flat response and the extra db's from the port where the speaker is lacking. And yes, without computers and software the needed math is too much for a mortal man. Even with that stuff, you have to be a pro and weird measures makes it a lot more complicated. From a high fidelity point, a closed cab is better as you don't get that wavelength delay from the port.

  • "You don't need any special tools like a table saw or anything." That router was pretty important, and everyone had a router laying around.

    • @Nil val You would be wrong. But yes, you can cut a circle, eventually. But yeah, missed the point.

    • @Cloud Of Time I would say, you never attempted to cut a perfect circle with a jig saw. The fact is you can. Yes. I know they are not designed to cut perfect circles. One may have to create a make shift cradle to hold the jig saw. Not something you can free hand. And yes.. I get your point. However , what I am saying it is absolutely possible to do what they did without a router.

    • @Nil val I wouldn't call the circle you can cut with a jigsaw "perfect", and they aren't designed to cut circles, but I think you missed the point of my comment. If he says, "you don't need any special tools", he should show the job done with tools that aren't special, in the video.

    • No. Not required at all. Use it if you have it. If not, you can cut a perfect circle with a jig saw. Now...Caveat.. if you don't have a circular saw and a jig saw..😁 probably shouldn't even attempt to be a woodworker 😉

  • What a missed opportunity to play mercy by kanye west

  • Unless the factory code for the Head Unit has been changed, you can find the code for your particular Unit on line. Had to do that with a Kenwood I used to own. Did have to hit Ebay for a remote, but was still worth it. Or you can just send it to me !

  • This is wonderful. And I sit here at home with my 60$ sound system. A 1000W (Yes 1000 W) subwoofer and two 130 Watt midrange speakers strapped haphazardly into a plastic storage container. Surprisingly, it actually sounds really good.

  • Can I put a double din radio into a 1st gen Murcielago?

  • Can’t believe you were cutting MDF without a mask? Do you not know how bad that stuff is for you?

  • Why you didn't make the enclosure out of carbon fiber or fiberglass is beyond me.

  • I would have loved if you went all old school sound steam , exact series mids and highs and an exact 10” sub powered by the reference series 🤤. Keep up the sik content my man

  • The head unit is too bad. Alpine is amazing, bit get a Alpine F1 Status head unit. Its used around 1500 USD, but its the best you can get.

  • Sundown 👌👌👌👌

  • Fiberglass section sooooo satisfying

  • The beginning of this video reminded me of an oxyclean commercial lol

  • Worlds most expensive (and orange) speakerbox

  • when shawn is on video he has a bit of the look of a deer in the headlines, doesnt seem very comfortable with it. ^^

  • This sound system is insanely expensive but looks like one of the best systems out there

  • Awesome work, if you want to add Apple Car Play to your factory radio please check out our page.

  • Glad he consulted the right person to get him a proper Audio install for that lambo! Tired of seeing the same mainstream brands that ain't got shit on sundown XS EMF ETC

  • Fun Fact: We thrash the hell out of movie cars for the lolz. It's like when you get drunk as a teen and make use of golf carts at your local golf course. Golf carts = movie cars, except with movie cars we have permission, and honestly, no one cares if we blow them up after filming. I mean they do, but they don't. Cheers.

  • How to turn a lambo into an obnoxious ricer.

  • Just me, but I don’t think I’d want to hear anything in my Lamborghini that wasn’t the engine. Wife: you’re going too fast Me: I know I’m not Wife: how do you know? Me: I can’t still hear you.

  • Great song. Grabbed a copy via iTunes.

  • *_beeping intensifies_*

  • Brad's on a speaker box🤫

  • WHY?

  • why the fuck would you work with Sean from EMF? Sean is a piece of shit scam artist. #TeamFuckEMFaudio

  • Buys a lamborghini, but has a android... shame

    • Better then a shitty Iphone😂

  • Rome will like the waterproof speaker the next time he is sliding on the driver door

  • The audio guy knows his stuff, but he creeps me the fuck out lol

  • wo wo wo 1. Coaxial and so do not have the quality and power. Why connect them to the amplifier in general, and even more so to the D class? 2. The power of coaxial speakers before they burn at a frequency of 300 hertz will be maximum 100 watts. The amplifier provides 200 plus the power of the output channel Alpine. Where is the logic? 3. Let the front speakers play at the peak of their capabilities. When bridged, the amplifier delivers 600 watts of power. The subwoofer can only 500 and this is the peak power. Constantly he will play at a power of 300 watts otherwise the coil will begin to stink and it will fail. 4. Four channel amplifier in this bundle is superfluous. here you need a single-channel amplifier of weak power. 5. Crossovers on amplifiers are not needed. They are in alpine. 6. There is not much power supply, there will be a supply. 7. Conclusion: It is very expensive and for this price a minimum of quality. There is an alternative in quality, reliability and price. No offense but you just earned money)

  • fate in the fury 3 was my favorite

  • I seen both of the videos for this build. I have the utmost respect for Shawn. He knows his stuff. Tavarish you did excellent as well for a beginner in car audio. You both seem to work well together and I enjoyed all the videos for this audio build .

  • “DUDE THIS IS INSANE” *turns around to look at sound guy* *just nods*

  • How many people skipped this episode, we’ve been putting systems in cars since we were 14 in our civics and eclipses. Lol. We came to see you build a Lamborghini not instal $80 head units

  • Why is the video out of focus most of the time? So annoying...

  • Loud sound system to cover up the rattles and terrible exhaust noise

  • The first song. From inside the car. What song is that?

  • lol....why

  • Great video!

  • Sooo... You make a sub box specifically behind the passenger seat so why not make a little platform (and bracket for protection and the heat) and put the amp behind the drivers seat? It's just soo complicated that you went all the way to the front with wiring and then back inside the car but now there is also a massive amplifier taking up space in the front trunk when it could have just been hidden?

  • Now you can make peoples walking by "Holly crap thats loud"

  • The more I stare the more I think to myself “ that man is beautiful”

  • The most serious handy man

  • Sean seems like like an awesome dude! ive emailed hima few times asking some questions really quick to respond and very professional!

  • you should get some real beat ! mr.

  • got to love that theme music, Its got that stranger things vib lol

  • I think the people saying oh sound system first dumb etc dont understand that maybe he didnt want to do that first but because he wants to do other things to the interior and would have to take it apart to do this he wants to get it out of the way now so he can then start the rest of the interior. Just my guess

  • Paint and interior looks like sh*t, but who cares, when it sounds great! lol

  • What would be the price of this build? I am thinking about what to do to my '99 996 C2, and am collecting information so far... p.s. the door speaker link is broken. Seems about $1100 for the rest, but how much would an install be?