My Friends RATE My Magic Tricks!! - #Shorts

Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Apr 2021
My friend REACT and RATE my magic tricks! Enjoy :)
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Thank you so much for watching friends!


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    • What's this sound I love it but who is it by

    • @Kylah Jones what

    • Ahem there is a dot on his hand

    • That's ask me fake that's Harold don't believe him that's fake doesn't know you

    • @Christy Lawhead Thanks


  • The sec friend was not in the mood

  • I also have that box but it is black there are two boxes in it u have to pull the backside

  • The last one is fake my cousin has one of those boxes

  • "i love my fruit snack!!"

  • Ya

  • Lmoa

  • O out of 10

  • om fu#king god i follow you

  • I love how he was so happy because his snaks aww 🥰

  • 10 10 0 10 💯 10 👌👍

  • He sounds like tofu

  • Icing better throughout the whole thing... Just ask David Copperfield

  • I love the magic tricks but the acting is fake or maybe they just suck at acting

  • I have the dice one 🎲

  • mom: we have acting at home! The acting at home:

  • 3rd friend dont even care about the magic trick, he just want the f r u i t s n a c k s

  • I want to be a infection

  • 59

  • “I’ve seen better” Well can you do better?

  • That’s sus that he’s putting on his finger of the card and it’s moving

  • On the first one I saw something black on his hand

  • Nananana shawty

  • I know the last one I have a box like that ahahah

  • With the flying card there is string cut it have somebody else cut it but around the card to prove that it's not

  • The girl was soo spoiled lol

  • Even my grandmother has better acting

  • You fake my dude

  • Jajajajjajajaj. Its. Foni

  • The last one exposed u ohhhhhhhh

  • Wow your video is soo cool

  • 0/10

  • “10/10 i love my fruit snacks😻✨”

  • I have the dice thing and they drop when u shake em

  • 3rd one is easy tbh

  • does any1 see the pattern in every one of the videos it goes 8/10 then 2/10 then 10/10 then last 0/10

  • I do magic tricks

  • 10/10 I LOVE FRUIT SNACKS lol tbh that was kinda funny

  • Shawn like your the best mugishian

  • Anyone else watch back see if the last two were twins

  • 9/10

  • On the first on I think he's Spiderman because the card was stuck on his top finger

  • The food is 1/10 I know that trick LOL

  • If you look super closely, on the first one you can see super thin strings making the card levitate

  • Rot

  • That box has a little tab on the back of it that you slide which will open up a new box that will be full of stuff. Lol Still cool though

  • 1/1

  • 1.10/10 2.4/10 3.3/10 4.10/10 5.

  • That second trick all the people's how to do that😪

  • 3

  • The second one I saw the dice fly out but still good trick

  • I love the music in the back but I don't know the name of it 😞

  • These tricks are so obvious

  • all 10/10

  • The 2 trick i know the big one is on that roof and srry that i sa

  • Lol i love the end hahahahhahah

  • Levitating OoooOOooOh

  • I was little I used to call them Newton Acts

  • 1M/1M

  • The box I'd rasy


  • What’s that moving for on his(specific) left hand when doing his first trick on the video

  • All of this were my toys I bought this and tryna Make Some magic Tricks you know? 😌😂

  • Me trying to flex

  • Valerie

  • Green screen i can see your hand someone is holding the card but green screen cover's the hand

  • Plot twist they weren’t fruit snacks their where edibles

  • I love your magic tricks!

  • 3 . There is a double

  • I know what did you do to the first one there is a small white string

  • 2nd thing we have that

  • He used invisible thread in first magic trick

  • Why are they behind you anyway they got to not be behind you (except for the girl looking at the dice)

    • It's easy to know the reason why I said this

  • I can do the third one 2...

  • Card is on a string gotcha

  • I have the box and I know how we did that one

  • The second I have this thing with the dices lol.

  • The dice have magnets

  • I know how does he do dice magic trick

  • OH

  • 😒🙄😒🙄🤨🤨

  • When he made the card stay by it slef i saw a dot on seans hand and it kept moving not movinh but like when he moved his hand

  • 😯😯😯😲😲😲😲😮😮😮😮😮😮😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • It’s fake

  • You should have got one out of 10 because you were just using invisible Strean

  • A 1000000000000%😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎❤

  • At first trick i see on your left and right hand black dot with invisible wire on it Hahahahaha Make your trick more harder because its easy to see.

  • Well out of all I think 7 out of 10

  • 100\\100

  • She's petty I don't like her

  • im giving him 10/10 hes good at magic trick

  • Song

  • 2nd 1 is "SUPPOSED" to be 3/10

  • There is a string that is holding up the card from falling there's no real magic

  • Busted

  • I saw the string in the first one

  • Your stupid it is tied to a string because he can’t actually do magic

  • Literally told them to do this reaction

  • The first one you see the rubber band when it stops "levitating".