My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences

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Everyone has had crazy like a taxi but not experiences amirite...These are my stories CHUN CHUN (like uhh from that show)
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Multi Animator Project(in order) ►
1 (0:03) jaydotjay:
2 (0:23) Kabloosh:
3 (0:38) ZB:
4 (0:53) 8 Bit Ultra:
5 (1:08) ThePivotsXXD:
6 (1:13) kdsketch
7 (1:30) RushLight Invader:
8 (1:41) Alex Animation Corner:
9 (1:51) Animated Carl:
10 (2:03) WhoIsTheGuy
11 (2:17) Haminations
12 (2:30) Gabroll
13 (2:42) DZY
14 (2:55) LukeOrSomething
15 (3:09) Jacadamia
16 (3:25) The Southern Bella
17 (3:36) BrodyAnimates
18 (3:51) Hexrin
19 (4:07) SugarCub
20 (4:17) BaggiBoi
21 (4:34) John Smillie
22 (4:49) Chloecanary
23 (5:05) EyeCoffee
24 (5:21) The Queen of Neckbeards
25 (5:31) FrostDrive
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Kevin McLeod


  • Had to Re-Upload because apparently the acronym for multiple animator project means uhh... Not multiple animator project anymore Q: You say you had jaw surgery, so how are you talking and how does that stop you from animating..??? A: Animation isnt done in one night. We recorded 3 months ago and started working since then. These animators gave me the opportunity to properly rest and heal (a nearly 6 month process) instead of having to animate and stress. And I appreciate them for that. (if you see people confused about reupload or anything else. Refer them to this pinned comment)

  • Who wants an animated version of this made form Adam?

  • Attem x plant

  • Your not wearing you seatbeeeeaaaalllllttttt😟😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Is that wario at 3:09 3:13 & 3:19

  • ;-;

  • Brody animates: *Slowly puts pot on head*

  • ...


  • Why did haminations aka Bryson make the taxi driver his own cartoon character

  • Mio mio but as something else yt

  • Jay? :D

  • Jameson or James?????

  • How many girls freaking wanted we we 5:04

  • I love how it switches from animation to animation Iloveeverything

  • Who else saw his jaw surgery vid before this also when Adam brought up Walmart that was a reference to James video #theodd1sout

  • Haminations: moonNEEEYYY

  • wait what? is no one going to talk about the sudden mix of different disparate animation styles? did i miss a memo? i don't hate it, it's arty - but whats happenin?...


  • holA

  • I like ur Walmart reference lol

  • Hexrin basically just drew markiplier aka you basically

  • In most of James's scenes he isn't wearing a seatbelt O-o

  • Adam: Stay hydrated James: Wear your seatbelt

  • 2:17

  • 2:17 yay ham

  • Love vid

  • LOL!!!

  • I remember the jaw surgery you couldn't talk or eat solid food for 2 months right

  • Brody animates was my favorite in this vid

  • Adam: Stay Hydrated Me: -Thinks about the last time u drank water- How am I still living 🤔

  • Hi

  • Wait a sec i think theodd1out ist Adams Brother

    • Adam Ortiz James (something that begins with R)

  • L ø T s Õ f M ò Ñ ë Y ! ! !

  • 5:32 *HORNET*

  • I’m eating pizza 0:32

  • i love how you keep on switching styles

  • Pretty good Uber has a lot of Dominicans and people from Africa Brad live I'm in Pennsylvania thankfully my times out of 10 they're nice and they don't mind the Chihuahua and or me drunk with the Chihuahua so that's a bonus

  • 4:08 this made me uncomfortable

  • 4:39 flutes when we high be like:

  • *DID YOU NOT LEARN ANYTHING FROM WALMART??* I see what you did there

  • Wario

  • “Hop in sugar tits” is my new favorite thing to say

  • 4:50 detroit become human(

  • OK DO YOU Have promishon to use other peoples youtube avitars

  • Was that brison from hamonashons

  • 1:30

  • "Hop in sugar tits I gotta take ya to ya destination fast to pick up meh kids" that was adams uber driver

  • so, what do you guys do for a living? *sounds like communist propaganda to me*

  • Sugar tits

  • I love the anime art style

  • 4:07 was my favorite

    • bruh

  • 3:51 - My favorite part

  • Is that the Amaazing 0:02

  • Mr Pingwi was really good.

  • If you pause at 3:59 the dude's hand looks weird

  • 3:28 his head

  • Wow hamminations

  • The taxi driver could have the voice of Mr.Yettobethrownoutlemon

  • 0:18 pretty sure thats james in the background!