My manganese heptoxide cleanup was a mess

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This is a follow-up to the video on my main channel:

In that video, I made the unstable and strong oxidizer called manganese heptoxide. When I was done though, I had a lot of manganese and acid waste that I had to deal with.

I initially planned to be done after isolating the waste, but as the last minute, I decided to try melting it. I don't consider that to be part of the waste processing though, and it's more of an experiment on its own.

In general, I don't recommend heating waste because it can sometimes be dangerous and it can also generate toxic fumes.

Nile talks about lab safety:



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  • Instead of using several chemicals to clean your manganese contaminated glassware, use HCl. It will dissolve Mn2+, reduce Mn4+ and Mn7+ by giving Cl2 in the process. After dissolving and converting every soluble and not soluble manganese compound to higly soluble rose colored Mn2+, you can recover it easily. No need ethanol or other acids. You're welcome.

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  • The final aim should be to buy a LC-MS to study and classify the exact structure of those wastes in the drawer!

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  • Is there any nuclear waste in chemical reaction I have heared that there is nuclear reaction in hospitals so in chemicsl reaction there could be a nuclear waste in it if there is what u do about it most countries dump it in container which won't leak and dump it in ground btw thanks for the chemical engineering information

    • @Alexis Grace what about that uranium he made that day

    • When you talk about “chemical reaction” which particular chemical reaction are you talking about? No nuclear waste was every present or produced throughout any part of this chemical reaction or chemical clean up. In hospitals they do gather nuclear wars, but that’s mostly caused by x-rays and CAT scans. The hospitals don’t have to store it because specialist nuclear waste management teams come by and neutralised to make it temporarily safe and then move it offsite to be further broken down into safer by-products and then stored safely until there is no more active radiation (this takes a very long time. Depending on the situation it could be 25-500 years)

  • Hi. If you got the waste you can’t handle yourself, give me a call, I got two blue bins in my back yard that’s very large!

  • U need access to an NMR so u can analyze what your waste is and other things

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