Namjoon As A Father Of BTS

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In addition to being BTS’s leader, did you know that RM is the group’s “father”, too? He may not be the hyung line's father because they are older than him, but RM adores and cares for them. This patient leader is used to the maknae line poking and prodding him, so toddlers won’t be much of a challenge. For years, RM has encouraged his members and fans to follow their dreams. In times of uncertainty, he stays positive and leads by setting a loving example. Just check out this cute moment when RM’s father-like behavior came to light.


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  • Rm TOOK ON ALOT at such a young age. He had a huge responcibility and had the mental strenghth to deal with the stress. Hes a beautiful ,strong,kind human being. Like they said "he takes care of us out there, inside we take care of him"

  • "Nobody could lead us like RM hyung"

  • Taehyung once said Namjoon is like a father to him and he’s the member who understands him the most 🥹

  • My social teacher: who is your favourite leader?

  • Namjoon is not Only the best leader but the best person I've seen . Despite he knows how to spend a fun time , he is a man full of thoughts and who knows to console and make warm to all the members .when they started ,he used to keep all the hate comments to himself and translate them in positive ones for other members as they were in English. Literally the purest soul ever !✨♥️

  • The video:

  • RM is not only the best leader...He is a caring father and friend for all other 7 members..... BORAHAE ARMY💜

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  • RM is not just a leader he is the father of our lovely group 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜love u forever

  • 1:12

  • Oh Joon's patience is no joke 😂 He's perfect as a father 💜

  • Вот что значит настоящий отец группы: и детей на сцене подымает, и на себе катает, обнимает, за шкодятками следит. Золотой отец года, как такого не любить

  • Joonie is so cute 💜 and adorable ..he is so loveable 💜💜

  • RM is not a leader who just is the boss, he's a leader who takes care of the the members and takes responsibility for them. The world needs leaders like that. Who don't see leadership as about power but as about care. It's more like being a parent than being a boss.

  • Namjoon is so mature and all before he was even 18. He deserves so much credit for being so good at being the leader of a World famous group. Plus, he encourages the others with their own personal dreams. In fact, I wonder if he has had to postpone some of his solo dreams because he is so busy helping everyone else 🤔

  • That's why he's my bias so caring, talented handsome leader Kim Namjoon

  • Admiro mucho a Nam ,un gran ser humano y más que líder es como un padre para todos aún siendo tan joven ,con la maduréz que asumió esta responsabilidad y soy felíz viendo como los chicos le demuestran su amor y gratitud siempre, los amo.😍😍😍💜💜💜

  • I really admire namjoon, he is a best man, best leader he have so much patience to handle 6 naughty kids, & he care, love so much their members & Army's too☺️He always encourages his members. And I'm so inspired by him love u lot namjoon (BTS) 💜

  • 3:13