NBA Young Boy Talks About Fame, His Music, Changing His Ways & More | Billboard Cover

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  • Bless him man. Not just because he’s famous, but he is a genuine young man who feels bad for his wrongs and wants to do right.

  • protect youngboy at all costs. its crazy people dont see the "pain" in him but the pain he shows. he deserves the best in life

  • YB is one in a Billion type artist, he’s genuine, authentic, talented. Majority of the artists do music for the success and money, he do it to express his feelings, something like an therapy and a way of Art, still made it to the top on his own way.

  • I’m super proud of YB. Stay in your healing space, and do not go back to these mean streets. I felt every morsel of his saying, “I am afraid of people.” He knows exactly what evils people are capable of because he knows the unbelievable evils he has done. Pray that YB continues to evolve in a positive way. Ain’t nothing but death in these streets.

  • Don’t Nobody Wanna See Him Be This Way. He Really Came So Far Its Amazing To See It Im Proud.

  • For someone thats been shy their whole life and know how hard it is to meet genuine people I feel what he’s saying of being terrified of people. People are cruel indeed which is why you have to live with a shield over your heart. God bless you young boy ❤🙏🏽

  • He’s 100% an introvert, he’s a good humble person , he said he’s scared of people because there’s no one as cruel as humans, he reminds me of myself, I was raised by my grandmother, I can tell you kids that were raised by their grandmothers are very different as they are growing up in life.

  • Unbelievable how young and accomplished he is, his contributions are emotionally deeper than music.

  • There's only a hand full of songs I was actually a fan of and played alot. After watching this, i respect this young man for his honesty and putting it out there for the world. also for the fact he's willing to try to change for the better and accepts it!

  • It’s good to see him take accountability on the music and lyrics he put out in the world and how it’s effected peopl not a-lot of artists show growth in this way 💪🏾

  • I love this guy. You can hear the genuine in his voice. Hes still amazed by his progress by the vibrations in his voice ❤️🔥💯

  • I’m crying, the way he sat here poured his heart out for himself and the people. He deserves this praise from billboard. 🥺

  • It’s amazing to see yb back on major platforms they had no choice but to accept him he’s the biggest in the game

  • I can’t even explain how proud I am of him like I literally watched him grow from 17 and see him become a man. I love how humble and genuine he is. Everyone always portrayed him to be such a bad person but never showed this side of him so I’m glad he’s starting to get the recognition he deserves💚love you🔝🤞🏽

  • The best thing about him being on house arrest is the fact that everybody is helping to preserve him .. allow his mind to catch up to his accomplishments

  • YoungBoy is a genuine person who knows he can't go back in the past to change his ways but never wants to because it took alot to be who he is today, the only thing he puts his mind to is doing better for himself , I seen YoungBoy change . My heart goes out to him.

  • This made me cry . I’m so happy that he’s changing and becoming a better person ❤

  • YB taking accountability of the message he’s put out over the years and recognizing it wasn’t a healthy message for the youth and taking steps to shift that energy in a positive direction is heartwarming, love or hate him you can’t deny he’s grown so much as a person and artist, can’t wait too see how he progresses in the near future

  • Meu cantor favorito, ele faz parte da minha motivação

  • The fact his numbers actually compare to Drake's, without the label, just organic fans and love makes him #1 in the games. Anybody can do numbers when the labels give you blank checks and announce that your albums are dropping a year before they do. To do 100,000+ on an album we only heard about the day before it drops is CRAZY