I DESTROYED The Most HATED Honda Civic In The World (For A GOOD Reason)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 23 Mei 2022
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Today, I find out why my Honda Civic show car, that was the subject of countless memes in the early 2000s, is beyond saving.
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  • To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out Policygenius►policygenius.com/tavarish. Thanks to Policygenius for sponsoring this video!

    • Tavarish can I join you and be a mechanic for your toys, this would be my dream job, love what you do man, that’s been my dream project car, is a hatch civic eg with the awd k20/24 Frankenstein with a full interior, wanted to make one look like a mean sleeper!

    • I’ll tell you what you can do with that k20 you can just ship it to my house and I’ll take it off your hands since your not a Honda guy lol

    • SH prelude

    • Do a Del Sol

    • Get an honda ek sedan and build it with the engine

  • I mean it could be worse...you could've bought a completely bricked Audi R8...wait a minute.

    • Yes jarad is his savour forsure but I do know freddy already has experience with the r8 he did a nice thing long time ago for someone and swapped a engine out for a guy in need very nice of him to do all that labor rebuilding it swapping parts those were the days Freddy used to wrench I swear tavarish doesn’t look like he wants to do anything anymore I notice anytime hes doing some work he wants someone to help and soon as they do he’s standing on the side line doing nothing just hired everyone to do it for him lol but Freddy has a heart so I gotta stop being mean that’s what counts good guy helps others much as he can I do get mad when we get left for months at a time for last couple years but hey atleast Freddy looking like he’s been getting in shape good for him not just getting lazy at home

    • 🤣🤣

    • @Bert Demeulemeester no he won’t

    • Lololol

    • I smell Hoovie's burnt wallet

  • That's a really amazing feat for a teenager in the garage to make. Even if it hasn't held up, it will forever be remembered. And honestly, it wasn't even that ugly in the first place

    • @Joshua Portillo It was very much an artifact of its time. It's wild that the builder went to so much effort to make everything out of metal, but just didn't get the finish work right. The effort was there and then some, but the skill level to get it right clearly was not.

    • @Val Bigfish it really wasn’t that bad

    • Not that ugly, holy fuck pal..................

  • Such a shame. A piece of Honda, automotive, and 2000's aesthetic legend is gone.

  • He asked us if we wanted him to restore the car. And now he’s bailing on the build 🤦‍♀️

    • He just murdered a meme.

    • Yup Freddy don’t wamna do any labor these days I was saying that already even when he does anything he wants help and then the person gives him a hand and Freddy will be standing on the side lol while the person does the work doesn’t seem like he wants to do hard work these day just hire ppl to fix everything do finishing touches tada he always does whatever he wants anyways no point in asking us

    • @Mase Montana totally agree, I unsubscribed during the McLaren build after I realized he would “start” 15 new projects instead of putting time and energy into new ones. Seems like it’s so out of hand that he doesn’t really do anything other than what you described at this point

    • I’ve pretty much stopped watching his videos. It’s always a bullshit clickbait title, about 10-15 minutes long and nothing ever happens. Literally 6 minutes of this video is a set up for a sponsor plug and a tshirt drop

    • That car is way to far gone

  • Wow. Sad to see it go out like that instead of actually trying to bring it back.

  • As much as a turd as it was, it's sad to see such an iconic car being cut up. I expected something cool to be done with it.

    • For real... 2000s scene cars need love too... All these people are going to feel like clowns in 10 years when people are selling 50 year old civics thatve been given the same treatment and respect as 1960s-70s muscle cars

    • @Uncle peanut ok, then do it yourself. Ask freddy to buy the car... Knowing him, it will be still fairly untouched since the last video.

    • @P. Informático there’s plenty of ways and things you could have done to this car even parked it for show…. Im sure we all don’t have interests in every project that may come accross our sight but there are people who could’ve done something different with it….. why buy something that has tremendous history and destroy it… do your video and get rid of it don’t try to be the next whistlin diesel ….

    • @Cameron D.F Chisholm Meme car was already dead... it was a zombie

    • @Uncle peanut Most people only see the outer shell of a car, and thinks than fixing that outer shell is enough, but that car is rotten to the core, so you would need to repair also the frame, and that's when the shit gets rough, because it's not only cutting and welding, but also bending the parts to fit the parts cut, and most of the times, those parts would be quite complex. Normal people don't realize how much work that is... you would need more than a thousand hours to fix that car, and even then, it probably wouldn't be safe to drive. weight balance would be quite off, with all that welding, and it wouldn't be as solid as a original car. But hey, if you think you can fix it, call Freddy and ask him to buy the thing...

  • To be honest I would have totally cut all the panels off and made templates for fiberglass and found a clean shell and rebuilt it from the ground up. That civic felt like it came straight out of the 90s.

  • Honestly pretty bummed seeing this, I thought something cool was going to happen with it

  • I would love to see a real recreation of this please. Sad to see something iconic like this go. I would have preferred to see it cleaned up a bit as a rusty old statue, rather than cut up. The real fun is seeing it in its entirety. I see why it couldn’t be rebuilt, but IMO it didn’t need to be rebuilt, just preserved.

    • The builder didn't do the car any favors in the prservation department. Impressive fab work, sure, but paint & body? Nah.

  • It would’ve been awesome to have a 3d scan of the car so fibreglass or even carbon kits could be made for another eg hatch, then put all the awd components into that one and make a real ricer rocket that takes on super cars

  • Would've loved to see this car being restored or a crazy build

  • Man, I'm so disappointed it was so far gone. I would love to see a tribute car. I always loved that car just for the back story.

  • I really hoped to see this poor car revived :( Wouldve been hilarious to see it done up properly and the fast asf just to mess with people 😂

  • As much as a turd as it was, it's sad to see such an iconic car being cut up. I expected something cool to be done with it.

  • Too late now but it could have been fun to 3d scan the old civic and have a fiberglass kit made to replicate it on a new good body, then install the fast stuff and break some hearts.

  • I've watched this channel for few years now and absolutely love the content. Huge respect for your work. That being said, this video was disappointing for me. I think the draw of you channel is in your build content, your willingness to tackle crazy projects, and your respect for the automotive community in all its forms. Little of that was on display here. Even if you realized you didn't want to/couldn't do this build the way you planned, I think this end to a (controversial) icon was just kinda sad and flat. I would have much rather seen you track down the original builder and work with them to remake the car, even lean into its absurdity further than the first build with crazy power, absurdity lights, a super lightweight body kit etc. I hope my and some of the other similar comments are interpretated as constructive criticism that you can take advantage of going forward. Definitely excited for what you will do next!

    • They would have to replace the whole shell of the car, and rebuild the kit from scratch. That is a huge undertaking and not worth it. Nostalgia or not

    • Oh cry us all a river the car looked dumb and the workmanship was even worse. That THING should never be reproduced or rebuilt, utter garbage. Whereas left stock instead of vandalized with bondo and "custom" it would be worth more money and still be on the road today. I am disappointed whistlin diesel didnt buy it, that would of been a perfect sendoff

  • So it survived this long, minding its own business, then a ID-tvr buys it and destroys it :(

    • right???? anything is possible with time and money! This was a hugeee letdown.

  • As much as like to see this car restore in its former glory i know it's way far gone

  • i would’ve bought it from you when you didn’t break the wing for a good amount of money that you could give to your neighbor shop

  • I'd like to see a Honda build. For the lightest chassis, I'd pick a 92-95 body without sunroof. There is no need to get a Type R just to replace all the Type R parts. It would be a waste of money. EDIT: I forgot to mention hatchback not coup. All your parts will plug and play into this car. There are lighter chassis but if you want plug and play, this is the way to go.

    • @DirtyD23 1 Thanks for the info. 👍

    • @esqueue Believe it or not it would be cheaper to just buy a decent condition Type R than it would be to source all the Type R parts to build one.

    • 92-95 civic VX

    • o

    • For the lightest chassis you want an insight.

  • I’d like to see an EG civic (preferably one with less rust) that could be built to look like the meme civic but has the 600hp setup powering all 4 wheels. It would at least pay homage to the original

    • Or they could have not been extremely lazy and stripped it acid dipped it and started body work

  • I would very much like to see a civic/integra build with those parts. I've been wanting to do something with the shish from my old CRV and this could be a sorts of guide!

  • That civic is a piece of automotive history it belongs in a museum 😭

  • great enthusiasm throughout the entire video. Keep up the great work man, you out here fixin rides n entertainin our lives

  • I’d honestly love to see all that fun stuff end up in a CRX or Del Sol platform. That would be something new.

  • It would be killer to put that driveline in a custom open frame track car. Kind of like an Ariel atom but with more power and awd.

  • I feel like a Honda prelude build would be a legitimately good car when finished and would be pretty fast too. Not sure how the part firment is on them though

  • I doubt those parts would fit, but it would be hilarious (to me, anyway) if someone dehybridized a CR-Z. I had one once, and there was nothing wrong with it that a hundred more horsepower and a hundred fewer pounds of batteries couldn't fix.

  • It somehow survived all this time just to be cut up. Kinda sad. I would bring it back to its meme days and put some performance in it or make it "cooler" with keeping some of its iconic looks which it was known for.

    • Haters Will Hate

    • I mean, I'm sad that it ended up with the crusher too, but after watching both videos, it's clear that it was beyond any chance of salvageability. Tavarish bought 10k worth of parts specifically for it and he still decided to crush it and use the parts for something else, that tells me everything about the state of the Civic.

    • @owen75 Yet they couldn't actually do anything with the car. It wouldn't even of been worth it to resurrect it.

    • @Trey Wallace I feel like his lack of fondness towards Hondas played a big role. This thing was everywhere during MySpace days and every ricer slideshow video in ID-tv at the time had this car in it.

    • Well. He ruined it and shipped it to the crusher. Cant do that now. Shame

  • Two ideas for those Honda parts.. First is a retro mod AWD Prelude, wide body of course. Second, is a lifted 'bug out' vehicle, using something mundane like an Accord, but turned total badass. Love seeing lifted cars that were never meant to be lifted!

  • I would love to see this go in a 5th gen honda prelude! They're amazing cars that are very often overlooked in the honda community

  • That car was definitely ready for the scrapyard, you made the right call.

  • Why not try to AWD and mid engine it (with custom tubeframe chassis) ? It would be the ultimate death trap machines for sure.

  • I miss the days when we got a more regular schedule of Tavarish videos.

  • That Civic was definitely rebuildable. It was an Iconic car worth building. It should have been passed on to a real Honda enthusiast that would have been more positive. Another thing why would you hunt down a Type R for an awd Kswap? If the Type R isnt original you might as well use a base model shell. You want to know how I know your not into Honda's...

    • that's my thought. i'm pretty sure you could find a less-rusty civic roller to bolt that stuff on at a pick-a-part or otherwise.

  • imagine being this car's original builder watching it get destroyed 👀

  • His one car that had a unique build with someone's actual taste and work and love, and he destroys it to turn it into some generic looking honda like every other build nowadays. I can't stand that every car looks the same now

  • You should have 3d scanned it before starting to rip it apart. Would have been good to make some models. Could have printed as a key ring in clear resin with a piece of the car embedded.

  • I feel kind of bad for this car. It’s roached but COULD be fixed. Sure it’s a civic but it’s so unique. The only one out there like it and it should be in the hands of someone who will do it right

  • I feel bad for the kid that built that civic just to have the entire car community clown on him. That was A LOT of work.

  • I don't really watch your channel all that much, but in honestly I would have been interested in seeing you build it up. I say you make a replica of the ricer honda with those parts

  • I’d recommend to get an integra four door and build to a type r spec with the AWD power train.

  • Definitely do the tribute/replica of that car “done right.” Same look done in fiberglass with good bodywork and a decent power setup

    • For sure, wonder if you can squeeze in the Honda V6 out of the accord like the 3.0 vtec, or maybe the 3.5 out of the Oddysey i think they sound pretty good & is by the looks of it on a single turbo setup pretty quick too. Even doing all motor naturally aspirated people make 300+ hp too the wheels. The video titled " Team 1320 All Motor J-series Zoomie Monster J32a2 eg 370whp w/ Oem J35 stroker build " at 4:58 & 5:54 sounds pretty great doing a burnout & going down the strip.

  • I love the idea of building an integra. My first car was a new 1995 Integra special edition. If you can find that, a GSR or a type R then I am 💯 % for it.

  • I would love to see the body kit done in fiberglass or carbon with the exact same look butbperformance to match the obnouxiousness

  • Dry, tasteless, and disappointing reaction to unforeseen problems. Cheers to the future of car ID-tvrs

  • If you're gonna do something that awesome, find a Del Sol, and kit it out. IMO it's the best looking Honda they've ever made.

  • That was PERFECT timing sounded like the wing encoded that loud when it hit the ground lol 😅

  • Civic Del Sol would be perfect for the AWD conversion. super light weight and not that bad of a car.

  • Hope this video gets you your $600 back. I am one of the strange ones that loved this car back in the day and kinda want to wide-body my current car for the lulz.

  • I wanna see it get an acid dip, just to see whether anything makes it out the other end.

  • That rust bucket would have been the only Honda build I would want to watch 🤷‍♂️

    • Agreed

    • Tavarish got lazy 😑

    • Same 😞

    • Yeah same... i skipped through the video and all of a sudden he just got rid of it seeing he could've actually done something

  • All those years of wonder. An internet legend of a car. Gone to the scrapyard. I'm genuinely a little depressed about it. At least tell us which yard so one of us can put love into it

  • Do a replica for sure, it would be such great content I feel because of the history of the car

  • wouldve loved to have seen a replica build or something of the sort

  • In my opinion I would have kept the old civic and cut it up into a cart and used all of those kool parts you have. So basically it would have been an awd drift cart and I think you would have a lot of fun with something like that

  • All that work. All those dreams. Shame to see it come to nothing. I am willing to bet this style will become collectible one day.

    • This style of tuner car will be nostalgic to us millennials as we get older like how boomers remember muscle cars being way better than they actually were

  • As much as I love a JDM nosed DC2 Teg I think you should go smaller like a CRX or an EJ1/2 Civic coupe which if desired could match the Fast 1 heist cars in appearence. I do agree that EG shell was too far gone, I'd have walked around it with a hammer to try and get massive Bondo chunks to fly off like on a car I had that seemed to have its entire rear wing made of 1 inch thick Bondo.

  • I think a teggie would be awesome. But I'd really prefer to see those parts go in to a prelude. A 3rd or 4th gen would be the coolest IMHO.

  • I'd say to find another civic hatch and swap that stuff in. Love the little civic hatches from that era

  • that body kit would've been fun make and put on a AWD Civic I see where you were going with that

  • do an integra build with that engine, that'd be sick!

  • In all honesty I believe that car was save-able and it actually kinda looked good of it wasn’t for the bumpers tbh

  • That transformer blowing when the wing detached was absolutely spot on 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • i know a lot of your viewers would enjoy seeing you do a honda build.

  • Put that engine and 4wd system in a 90’s prelude. Many of them came with 4 wheel steering anyway. Love those cars

  • I'd personally love to see a high HP CR-X build!

  • Whatever that engine goes in, I hope you get a nice turbo and inter cooler

  • An awd integra that's somewhat inspired by the civic would be sweet.

  • An AWD Integra could absolutely fly on the track with that setup, not only ¼ mile, but an actual track. would be nuts to see it compared to some of your other cars at a track day

  • You should make an integra sedan build with the honda parts you got would be clean

  • EF Civic Si! I had a 1990 back in the day, and with the factory drivetrain it was like a street legal go kart. That drivetrain would make it literally insane. Not to mention the world wouldn't want to murder you for tarnishing a Type R Integra.

  • I'd go looking for one of the lower model integras (because even if you could find a type-r, it'd be blasphemy to modify one much these days). Still miss my old go-kart for the road

  • Would love to see that K24 on a 1993 civic Si coupe. Like the black ones of the first fast and furious movies. Clean mags, quality tires, good suspension, clean paint and very minimal rice.

  • Loved the way u gave the car the finger as you waved it goodbye :)

  • When you said you were going to get a type r to put that AWD k24 conversion in, I have to ask why pay the type r tax if you are just going to take out most of the things that make the type r special?

  • The Type R would be cool, but if it were me I’d actually rather a 4 door RS or LS

  • Lmao I love how you flipped it off 🤣

  • I'm going to second the notion for an Integra Type R. I'd say pick up a DC2 LS Integra (go 2000 or so) and build a clone! Much cheaper, same chassis, interior components are interchangeable and it will be killer as an AWD boosted K series supercar slayer!

  • I think another possibly funny thing would be to take a 7th gen civic ex sedan (commonly regarded as the worst gen for making power) and swap all of that in it as a sort of counter civic culture move

  • I feel like it would work a lil better if it was a rally body kit, I kinda dig it

  • Yes, I'd love to see that in an Integra.

  • He didn't show it being scrapped, he just showed the removal and cutting of the rear wing. By the huge outcry in the comments, I believe he's gonna do something special with the rest of the car. ;)

  • Man I love this channel for all the things they do but I the core of this channel was to build cars but now it just new cars everyday and starting new projects everyday but nothing ever gets a complete build and this is so sad, there are some cars that I wanted to see a full build but it's been months with no update. So I would love if they stop this trend that they are having now and go back to actual wrenching.

  • I heard somewhere that when the NSX was made, in order to test the Mid engine stuff by Honda they put an engine in a regular car in the middle, I don't know the history or the words but wouldn't it be cool to build sole type of mid engine turbocharged Honda or even that Integra? Is that even possible?

  • I feel like a Honda prelude build would be a legitimately good car when finished and would be pretty fast too. Not sure how the part firment is on them though

    • Mmm maybe but he wants to do a bolt on situation there would be a lot of fabrication with a prelude I love the prelude idea but it’s not really feasible with what he has on hand and what he wants to do


    • @Asbuster F22B2/F22Ax are single cam.

    • @Ryousuke Takahashi Euro spec isnt a problem! I will admit the european market is different from the US market. But european Preludes can still mount the same engines as the US versions can. And single cam depends on the engine. F20A4, yes, single cam. F22, H22, and H23 are dual cam. Im building a K24A3 atm for my 5th gen.

  • Cackled so loudly at you flipping the Civic off as it was taken away that I scared my dog. rofl

  • You did the right thing in putting that poor car out of its misery.

  • That explosion at the same time the wing hit the ground was hilarious. I thought it was fake effects lol

  • Sad! hoped to see anything else done to it, than it being wrecked!! :-(

  • 7:55 Let's just take a minute to appreciate how amazing that timing was

    • That transformer was thinking it was going to contribute to the uploading of this video, and therefore more social media attention for that car, and decided to take itself out :)

    • That was almost simultaneous - what are the chances!

    • It's amazing how often it happens, I accidentally arced both batteries on my Pajero and the bang it made made me jump, and at the same time I heard like a waterfall .... at the moment I arced the batteries the ball cock for my house central heating exploded and water was pouring from the overflow. I was wondering for a while if I had telekinetic powers lmao

    • The car Gods have shown their displeasure

    • Yes. I thought at first it was a sound effect. Epic timing.

  • This is an absolutely fantastic idea and wasn't much into this at all until you said that and now I'm totally into it.

  • I think a built crx that’s turbocharged and all wheel drive would be awesome type r would be also

  • Now there's going to be some crazy bastard that goes on a quest to rebuild the most hated honda civic from all the pieces welded together

  • you couldve made molds out of fiber glass for the kit. its essentially a piece of history, and to be fair, it looked kinda cool

  • When I think about unusual Hondas to make awd, a Honda CR-X comes to mind. I've seen Integras turned awd. I've seen Civics turned awd and rwd for drifting. I don't remember anyone making an awd CR-X and with how lightweight they are, it'd be fast.

    • You read my mind and thats what i was going to suggest too, i had a 91 crx si and i can only imagine what itd be like with awd and that engine...CRX for sure to consider for the swap


    • @Dan Stewart YoungStatic is the only right answer.

    • Follow YOUNGSTATIC...He's a Cambodian Honda Nerd that is satisfying to watch ...super humble guy and a great mechanic. AWD CRX is his middle name...;D

    • Check out YoungStatic he has a awd turbo crx, and plenty of other dope efs!

  • I'm not a Honda guy but I respect them as well. I would enjoy watching a Honda CRX build if those parts fit.

  • Make an eclipse 4gen with the k24 awd,, and the rally art body kit for it how it should have been from factory. That would piss off a lot of people at the same time 🤣

  • I would love to see Accord Aerodeck with that engine and 4wd.