NEW Cupra Leon 300 TSI Review: Has The GOLF GTI Met Its Match? | 4K

Dipublikasikan tanggal 7 Mei 2021
Looking for a Golf GTI? Maybe you should be looking for a Cupra Leon! Rory hops on board the 300 TSI model to assess its performance, practicality and its similarities with its VW brother.

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  • 2021-2022 Focus ST review please !

  • Rory and mat from car wow should do top gear.

  • Warum ist die Felge hinten Rechts im arsch XD

  • I like a lot that colour, grey-blue matte … very nice

  • Still can’t decide... It’s a bit “YEAH”, also a bit “MEH” 😁

  • You'd think that for the money it costs they could at least have used some shiny paint. ;=)

  • I can answer this question before even watching the video. It's all the same company so the performance is always gonna fall in line. Lambo > Audi > VW > Seat/Cupra > Skoda

  • Cupra over golf gti all day 😂😂

  • Just a few stretch

  • I’ve had 2 brand new cupras mk2 and mk3 , I just don’t know about this one. I like and dislike so many things about it.

  • Just ordered this car. Never had anything above a standard 1.6 so looking forward to it 🚘

  • I have a leon of 2018 it only has 180hp but it goes like crazy dont get it 😂

  • I wonder if the car manufacteres sometimes tune the cars they deliver to reviewers to a little extra power in order to get some impressive reviews.

  • Rory Reid is such a captivating speaker - student who's had online classes for about 1,5 years now

  • Why would I buy this, when I can get a Golf GTI instead?!

  • Better than the Golf GTi!?

  • U can twist it and bend it in the End it is a Volkswagen in a different suit no matter what the Badge claims it to be......

  • Title fix: Has the GOLF GTI Met Its Hatch? ...cause it rhymes

  • For the chav in you

  • Why would anyone buy a Golf over this?!

  • Looks crap...

  • Still prefer my megane rs 3 😜 becoming a classic

  • But why do these car specs never come to the UK 😭

  • God damn why didn't I wait abit n get cupra lol now I'm stuck with fr FFS lol

  • 🤮

  • Did you curb Mat's wheels from Carwow?

  • You are stupid dude, new Gti? Gti have 230 HP Vs 300 hp Cupra not comparable

  • Nice review!

  • The presenter is dressed up as a hobbo.

  • In your dreams the Golf GTI will have 300hp the León is closer to Golf R

    • Golf R Clubsport S: 310PS. Cupra Leon: 310PS. Golf R: 320PS.

  • Wtf is this match ? Golf GTI vs Golf R who is better, they all share the same parts whats the point in comparing them ?

    • Fundamental difference in their drivetrains

  • This is my next car 🤞

  • cupra the king of TCR

  • I need this car. It’s insane and just wow.

  • That blue is beautiful. Great looking car too! Shame they don't offer AWD in the hatch

  • 2:25 where?? Sounds queit af

  • Now thats a nice cupra

  • Honestly hate how we don't get all the cool hatchbacks here in the U.S.

  • This is just a Audi Rs3 in a better Looking body nothing special

  • Such a beautiful car it makes me want one almost as if it was designed 4 me.. minus a few technical stuff. But please let me express 1 more thing: I've been watching car reviews for several decades, and let me humbly claim that Rory is one of the *very best* reviewers ever. Not kidding.

  • Yeah except the Cupra is actually going against Golf R, not GTI

    • @World Peace Entry level Golf GTI has 245. Top Golf GTI has same as the Top Cupra. The new Golf R is more powerful than both and is not a front wheel drive car. But ok.

    • @AutoTrader Cupra has 300 hp (same as old generation Golf R), Golf R has 320. Golf GTI has 245. It's clearly closer to R in terms of power. Not to mention that on the estate version, awd is available

    • But it has less power and is not AWD 🧐

  • Are we ever gonna have it in CANADA?

  • Tell me u copy hyundai i30n without telling me u copy hyundai i30n

  • In performance maybe but the golf looks a LOT nicer

  • Cupra Leon 300ps and golf gti mk8 245ps is the same pricing at where I am at. Which should I get?

    • Cupra hands down mate

  • Mk3 seat leon İnformation screen is more useful than this

  • I didn’t like this review, it lacks any sign of a criticism for a car that is a step backwards in driving dynamics and enjoyment compared to previous gen which wasn’t anything close at being the best to begin with, basically it’s of the least fun car you can drive in its class. It’s good in other areas but it fails in the most important aspect of this genre, it’s pretty boring. Shame I don’t feel like I can trust your reviews, this is just another commercial type channel.

  • How is the comfort with the suspension for a daily use?

  • Il say one thing. That's a great looking car!

  • Of course it has - its mechanically identical to the GTI and S3 and offers the best value..

  • With a name like Cupra, you have to expect copper accents.

  • I had the cupra 290 loved it but this looks awful

  • interior is shit so boring

  • Vag engineered. Just buy whichever is cheapest, they are all the same underneath.

  • This is FWD?

  • it's a Golf, nothing more. pop the cap off the engine cover.

  • Absolutely love it. I'll pay 50 grand more to send it to the states with right hand drive.. same color

  • Bit too captain scarlet on the interior

  • "let me fail, let me bounce off the limiter"... let me destroy my engine, let me file a warranty claim, let me destroy the cars reliability record,.. why wont Seat let me do all that?

  • Has the GTI met its match? Well considering this is a Golf GTI, but with more power and more aggressive suspension/diff settings then if speed is your thing, yes. Other than that its down to quality, looks and equipment. Yeah a GTI is a bit better quality for the most part, but hardly anything to worry about. I have a 2019 Cupra and normal GTIs are just road flotsam, easily dispatched, even the R is slower except off the lights. They are faster than they say 0-60, my model claims 6, its low 5s. As for power when owners go to dyno meets all the MQB VW cars claiming about 300 delivedr more and all about the same. The Cupra 290 produces as much power as the S3 or R, its all marketing.

  • Interesting

  • by any stretch of the imagination is your favourite phrase. I love it :)))

  • The cupra has always been sublime to the gti, gti is slow cupra is king

  • great test thrown a spanner in the works GTI S3 or Cupra? really difficult choice all depends on deals or keep my 7.5 GTI

  • As much as I like v.a.g, this fart banger engine is over used in so many models, it's getting boring in the tuner scene.

  • What a Beast! Nice video as well

  • Erm left hand drive review?

  • The interior is lovely on this on this car, not so keen on the exterior design.... Mk2 is still the best designed Leon in my opinion

  • Ngl thas a beauty right there

  • I hate those digital heater controls, aircon etc. Very dangerous as you have to look exactly where you're tapping, there's no doing it by quick look and feel. They should be banned. Just as dangerous as texting on a phone.

  • Alright alright alright. I subbed alright? Stop forcing high quality content down my throat.

  • To me the Leon has always been a nice looking car. I’m on my second one now. Unfortunately not the firebreathing Dragon as shown in this video. I think I might have to start putting the lottery on! Great video as always 👍🏽😀

  • I know everyone says modern cars, particularly hatchbacks, look the same, but this Leon is the most generic of all. That could have any badge and I wouldn't question it.

  • 2:56 Is this car imported into the UK? bcuz I can see BBC Radio 1

  • All that copper kitsch will age badly.

  • bad front design :(

  • This car is so much better then a Golf imo. VW cars are just SO boring.

  • Cupra 4drive 310hp is a Golf R competitor, not GTI.

  • USA needs this

  • Wheels already curbed!

  • Acceleration is very disappointing when comparing to other 300HP new cars available! It's more like less intelligent little brother of Golf hahaha

  • its alright in style. I personally don't like a hot hatch with such a long front end, reminds me of the newest Mazda hatch.

  • Wanted to down vote this video cos he dissed the gti but i didnt ;)

  • I like SEAT all of them just the brand it self like SKODA offers more the there big daddies WV, AUDI so all day long I would pick this.

  • I walk past this car every day when going to the gym. It's so beautiful in person.

  • Much better than GTI

  • well, this is interesting

  • drinking game, take a shot everytime he says copper

  • Why can’t we have Seat in the USA :(

  • I cant lie, I really like this car😏😄😄

  • That’s bloody lovely. :0

  • I'm sure it drives great and a super review...but man what an ugly car

  • it hurt me to see the rear right alloy already curbed to hell :/

  • Such an ugly car

  • It's the exact same car!! Different body panels and interior

  • rubbish... From VAG part box.

  • But but......this is 300tsi the gti is 245.....

  • i live in usa and I'm quite jealous of the VW group cars you guys have

  • Its rhe same car

  • Wish we had those here in USA