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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018/2019 | Weekly #40

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All new movie trailers from the past week
00:03 Aquaman
05:20 Mortal Engines
07:44 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
10:10 Rocketman
11:19 The Upside
13:49 Vice
15:42 The Mule
18:06 Overlord
19:06 Welcome Home
12:13 Mary Queen of Scots


  • wait the aqua man trailer is still going?? am I watching the movie??

  • Can I get an RIP for ma boi Stan Lee

  • 4:46 she thinks she's the shit lmfao

  • They have to make a Black Spiderman the Honkies are doing something wrong cus they all suck, not the one with the Sandman that was cool but who keeps an 18 Wheeler of sand in the city just when its needed by a guy who has sand powers

  • Honestly forgot I was watching a trailer for the first 5 minutes of the video.

  • Is it me or he is trying to act like Thor???

  • Seriously? A movie about Dick Cheney, Bush and such? Man Hollywood is scraping the bottom of the barrel aren't they. Pixar movies and trashfires is what they have left.

  • Okay, Guess the Clint is back. Thought he threw in the towel after doing Gran Torino. Glad he´s back on screen.

  • Man that´s some serious makeup work on Bale right there.

  • You’d think if something could shoot lasers, they would be laser guided

  • Kevin Hart is funny!

  • So dark.... are u sure u r not from the DC universe??!???? Best line ever!!! 😂

  • This is the Superman 🏊 of water 😂

  • the spider verse gonna be dope

  • Uhm. That Spider-verse flick looks freaking crazy and RAD.

  • Holy cow, the writing for Aquaman looks so terrible. Why are they trying to make him yet another funny-type? Can I just please get a serious, bad-ass take of at least one DC hero besides batman? I mean, come on. Let Stark tell the jokes. Let Aquaman just be cool. It's very simple.

  • I thought rocket man was bohemian rhapsody

  • They just showed the whole movie

  • Aquaman looks cooler than freaking Justice league

  • DC is the best 😎😎😎😎😎

  • So Bill Cosby goes to jail is the guy from 7th Heaven that admitted to two touching kids inappropriately gets a movie with Kevin Hart okay in this world is normal

  • Okay can we consider this ss a movie?

  • The Mule looks better than Mortal Engines. Just saying.

  • Dc has crossed the limits of copying from its movie aquaman copied from Thor . Try to find out why I am saying this

  • I think this is the first WB and DC movie I haven't paid for to watch OK!

  • Marvel is better. All the movies are connected. DC is good, but chaotic

  • Atlantis looks a lot like subnautica

  • never mind it was just mortal engines they managed to destroy.

  • no, what the hell did they do to infernal devises. it used to be about the green storm trying to get codes for the last orbital bombardment system.

  • overlord looks scary as shit but amazing

  • Mortal Engines almost had me convinced we were getting a Final Fantasy movie again

  • if aqua man flops, can we be done, DC? kinda just around to waste peoples time and money these days. I think Sony's only way of profiting is buying their own cameras and sound equipment to make the movies lol.

  • Margot Robbie, the new Helena Bonham Carter.

  • How can a movie, that will be released at 9th November have a 93% on Rotten tomatoes? Doesn't it discredit both the movie and the site?

  • Aqua-Bro

  • LOL, how the hell does Overlord even has a rottentomatoes score when it has not been released yet? (Not that a positive score there means anything... lot of shitty movies have good scores) Plus those are some of the worse looking CGI effect zombies I have seen in a while.

  • Bruh I thought that was an iron man suit or something for the thumbnail and I got rlly excited.

  • Aquaman trailer was boring

  • hey guys, could you do me a solid and put all the sci-fi and fantasy (incl supernatuarl horror) at the beginning, and just play a 5 second image saying "that was all the geek stuff for this vid" so I know when to stop watching?

  • Wow! I couldn't recognise Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth! I loved Reign, I am sure I will like this film

  • THE a 100 % copy of the tolywood(indian - telugu ) movie...OOPIRI ....holywood..stop making makes you guys look like DICKHEADS

  • Movie with Cranston is a french remake.

  • Christian Bale turning into Dick Cheney.. WOW what an incredible transformation!

  • When did Spiderman turn black? Does this mean I can play Dolemite?

  • The aquaman scenes on the trailer better be in the movie..

  • Y’all ready for Peni Parker r34 shit

  • Now i can't wait to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. If nobody in the movie (Hell, i wouldn't even be surprised or care if people in the theater did it) sings it... disappointed, i shall be. "Spider-Pig.... Spider-Pig. Does whatever a spider-pig does. Can he swing... from a web? No he can't... he's a pig. Look oooouuutt... he is a spider-pig."

  • Egypt your full of fucking mystery

  • 13:45 one of best trailers of 2018!

  • So these are remakes of black panther, kubo and the paper stuff, Spiderman, untouchables and so on and so forth then... Interesting, no wonder I don't go to the cinema

  • When will DC get that they stuck

  • Facs

  • 00:11:47 Hey Jesse... why we are acting in boring movies?? let's go to cooking!!! 00:19:52 You'r right mr. White, lets go!

  • black spiderman ... it makes me laugh !

  • hmmm.. The Upside? Sounds like a movie I know.. hmm OH WAIT! I do! Intouchables.

  • “Oh my god ariel love you”🤔

  • DC!!! not dark at all

  • Jesus christ man. Thats not even a trailer that was a fuckn long short vid. 5 minutes. Did u really put 5 minutes of every trailer into one whole trailer?

  • The upside es una copia de otra 😑

  • !

  • The girl took his sweat and put it on top of a dildo

  • Lego movies suck ass!

  • Really a black spider man.......... I'm not racist but why not make white blade then..oh yeah hes black. Leave the comics they way they were made jesus.

  • whats the movie called in the thumbnail? If there one.

  • I swear 99% of these are true stories 😂😂

  • 4:21 reminds me of Metroid vs the little mermaid

  • Can we maybe skip Aquaman and just make a Black Manta movie?

  • Atlantis is in the Eye of Africa aka "Richat Structure"

  • That's a copy

  • wow aquaman looks very bad

  • Why are all movies now like horror movies, I hate horror movies, they’re not enjoyable to watch.

  • I love it when DC thinks they can make good movies

  • You must make Subtitle Indonesia

  • Aquaman is going to be sooooooooo stupid! Warner Brothers completely botched all the new DC-based movies.

  • Finally colourful DC

  • 9:18 u could see the advanced suit from Spider-Man PS4 behind aunt may

  • Gotta make sure it’s the female who knows it all Plus who tf asked for aqua man

  • I just saw Aquaman for free!!!

  • I wonder if we will get to hear Ariel sing?

  • Wow! Did they sacked christian bale in a plastic body suit or he just added more than a few extra pound?? that man is capable of anything.

  • aquaman the trailer for minecraft update 1.13

  • A black spider man? No... just don’t. If they were to do that to black panther and make a white version of him, that would offend so many people. But since certain people feel the need to do that to spider man in the name of diversity, let us, in the name of diversity remake Star Wars with most of the Jedi as Mexican and mace windu rewritten as white. And in the name of diversity, let’s remake Men In Black with main characters being white. And for the sake of diversity, let’s redo black panther as white and call the movie “white panther.” Or better yet, make him Hispanic so the movie can be “Brown Panther,” because diversity.

  • alright alright.....aqua man looks pretty badas...

  • The old man in Upside reminds me of the old man in Detroit: Become Human.

  • Good thing they didn't have to CG out Aquaman's beard.

  • I know Aquaman is a comic book, but that doesn't mean I want to see a cartoon.

  • Sorry but a KING is only from the MALE side, from the KING. Queen became a prostitute with a bastard son. LOL! NAMOR! Emperor of the 100 SEAS! Marvel fails again.

  • ewwwwww

  • Pilou, hell yeah... AKA Euron Greyjoy GOT


  • Vice looks realy interesting and promising!

  • 8:48 he destroyed half of his universe I can't breathe🤣

  • 13:49 that i'm looking forward to see :D

  • im statisfied with this movie, so when aquaman 2 out?

  • Discover the true story of a man who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity all while bankrupting the American people...story of fuck face Chaney and his equally evil buddy Rumsfeld. Too bad the movie won't end with them hanging in the gallows at The Hague...

  • 1:56 Stranger Things

  • Did they just made spiderman black

  • Seems funny Kevin Hart making fun of women with too much plastic surgery, and then he is acting next to Kidman in that same fucking movie. A woman who has literally disfigured her whole face in her quest to combat wrinkles.

  • Aquaman was a full blooded atlantenean. That's how he could be fucking king of Atlantis. Because the amount of energy required to move a literal fucking city is nothing compared to simply transporting said energy. Could you do at least 20+ fps? Eye cancer... Don't care about life stories This is the 3rd movie with the same exact story. What the fuck? Politics and life story. The two things I couldn't care less about in a movie. Old drug trafficker wants out. So what? I wouldn't trust JarJar Abrahams to let a fucking wall dry. Not even painting. Just letting it dry. He'd fuck it up. Because hallucinations mean GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HELP. Idiot.

  • 21:13 not 12:13