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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018/2019 | Weekly #40

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All new movie trailers from the past week
00:03 Aquaman
05:20 Mortal Engines
07:44 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
10:10 Rocketman
11:19 The Upside
13:49 Vice
15:42 The Mule
18:06 Overlord
19:06 Welcome Home
12:13 Mary Queen of Scots


  • You know what Bumblebee is cooler than Aquaman

  • The best of this list is Aquamen. I will watching it, now using boxxy software app, on my phone.


  • My mom saw aquamen but the movie but we didn't finished watching

  • No dc is better than mavel

  • 1: the a list movie ,? Called : anus gay moviewritters hollywood pedophile workplace !

  • Growing up with DC and Marvel in the 60's and 70's...I was surprisingly pleased with the Hawaiian born surfer dude giving his version of Aquaman. It actually seems logical in the comic univere....compared to much of Hollyweird storytelling.

  • Honestly, when DC has a character like Superman, that doesn't need help from anyone, it's hard to be impressed by ANY other character lol

  • Watch the movie

  • cant wait to watch

  • I was thinking the thumbnail is ironman

  • Not even close, my smug friend...

  • Can't wait to watch these amazing performance with boxxy software!

  • oh i see steven adams is a actor now huh?

  • His Dad is Jango Fett!!

  • Leave it to hollywood to have a woman walking up a sand dune in 3 inch heeled boots. Good grief.

  • Que vuenan estan

  • It's not bad enough they showed the whole Aquaman movie, but half way through I wished it was over.

  • The last one looks the most interesting.

  • Yet again Homer Simpson predicted spider-pig

  • You sub to us, we will sub back

  • Can't wait to watch Aquaman again on the big screen for free when i sneak in... cant pay to weatch a movie twice, what a great film thanks youtube

  • Kate Mckinnons cameos as Hilary Clinton

    • And Hillary Clinton cameos as Granny Goodness

  • you can got any movie you went in

  • Well i dont need to watch the aquaman movie now

  • Either most these movies suck or the trailers are garbage...suspecting the trailers cause the other aquaman trailer was yum

  • So Aquaman meets the little Mermaid

  • Aquaman, the only movie to be fully released in trailers over the course of 4 years.

  • Who else only clicked in the video because the guy thumbnail looks badass??

  • Aquaman is giving me so many Black Panther vibes I can't even

  • The Upside...

  • atlantis has never been found still and if they are as advanced shown here yup we have no chance against them

  • I thought the first trailer was a Percy Jackson movie.

  • Greedy adds

  • The upside

  • The Upside looks amazing

  • finally!! they made spider-man a black dude

  • won't watch this for sure

  • This aquaman movie is literally the same as the cartoon movie that came out

  • Please don't put a thumbnail that isn't in the video. That is not why I subscribed to you.

  • 3:33 thats what thor said

  • So where is the other cast members from Stargate Atlantis?

  • hey hey hey!!! What's wrong with you The Dark Knight :))))

  • Atlantis always have kings but they are on the Sol side, not on the Lune side....

  • why is spiderman black ?

  • 23:10 Looks like Red Queen from "Alice in Wonderland"

  • I swear to god if aqua man is less then 2 hours I quit DC

  • Seems like a lot of sjw bullshit to me

  • The upside looks like the best of the bunch

  • What's this city on wheels bullshit.

  • Aquaman looks dumb as fuck

  • cute!

  • The Mummy, Fifth Element, Little Mermaid, Immortals, and the Power Rangers all in one film! SMH

  • Can i get 1000 Subscribers Please😞😞

  • DC´s Aquaman Ragnarok

  • Agree

  • Dang Aquaman, 5th Element much?

  • The upside is a ripoff of the german movie haha LOL.

  • DC movies that don't start with "Batman" are typically shit.

  • Nigga spiderman

  • Thor > aquaman Ironman < batman Capton america > superman Thanos > doomsday

  • This idiot as the aquaman😒 yer no thanks. I'll pass. Only watching it free for the girl.

  • Why dose DC cgi looks like its Syfi Chanel low budget movie?

  • I'm sorry but the Asian dike in Mortal Engines turns me the fuck off to that movie for some reason. It should have been a man.

  • Oooh am definitely watching this... Let the loud mouths talk as though they've even written a script for kindergarten... DC my fav... Aquaman...

  • 10 Movies, 9 Long Trailers (except Overlord). That means the only film that didnt showed me every good scene is Overlord, so i know which movie it is worth going into the cinema.

  • The upside is a comfy of a movie super similar that made me cry this one for now haven’t .

  • DC should also make a batman movie like man of steel , wonder women and aqua man .

  • Black manta is one of a cool supervillain


  • AquaMan, regardless of the track record of WB, will be getting my money in the cinema.

  • Lol an Elton John movie after a Freddy Mercury

  • I think they did the extended version of the trailer

  • Ok finally a Spider-Man that may just work and go over big :)

  • Is the Red Hair Girl Ariel 🤔😂

  • Aquaman! Is looking Dope! I really Hope it is! ✨🔥💯🔥✨

  • Clickbait.

  • Jesse: "FREDERICO STOP FUCKIN MY WIFE" Frederico: "Heuehehhuehfeuhueheuheuehueheuheuehueheueheuheuehueh"

  • I hope the mortal engines movie is as good as the books

  • Aquaman might be one of the best dc movies ever

  • overlord fuuck yeee

  • overlord fuuck yeee

  • honestly, they show far to much in movies, we basicly just seen the hole entire aquaman movie

  • Christian bale looks fat... oh my god!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱 U eat too much of bacon 😱😱😱😱😱 Bat man become fat men.. oh no....😱😱😱😱😱

  • The Upside was completely plagiarized from the movie The Untouchables.

  • a copy of what marvel does

  • Aquaman seems a little like Black Panther. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • I’m guessing the Spider-Man movie was inspired by Logic - Black Spider-Man 😂

  • 2:48 shot on Naboo.

  • 8:26 say front flip yet does a backflip 🤔

  • wait the aqua man trailer is still going?? am I watching the movie??

  • Can I get an RIP for ma boi Stan Lee

  • 4:46 she thinks she's the shit lmfao

  • They have to make a Black Spiderman the Honkies are doing something wrong cus they all suck, not the one with the Sandman that was cool but who keeps an 18 Wheeler of sand in the city just when its needed by a guy who has sand powers

  • Honestly forgot I was watching a trailer for the first 5 minutes of the video.

  • Is it me or he is trying to act like Thor???

  • Seriously? A movie about Dick Cheney, Bush and such? Man Hollywood is scraping the bottom of the barrel aren't they. Pixar movies and trashfires is what they have left.

  • Okay, Guess the Clint is back. Thought he threw in the towel after doing Gran Torino. Glad he´s back on screen.

  • Man that´s some serious makeup work on Bale right there.

  • You’d think if something could shoot lasers, they would be laser guided