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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 | Weekly #29

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All new Movie Trailers from the past week
00:03 Robin Hood
02:26 Overlord
04:54 Glass
07:47 Patient Zero
10:04 Godzilla 2 King of the Monsters
12:29 Bohemian Rhapsody
14:53 Fantastic Beasts 2
18:09 Welcome to Marwen
20:34 Shazam!
23:27 Aquaman
25:52 Assassination Nation
28:16 Hell Fest
30:40 Second Act


  • 00:03 Robin Hood 02:26 Overlord 04:54 Glass 07:47 Patient Zero 10:04 Godzilla 2 King of the Monsters 12:29 Bohemian Rhapsody 14:53 Fantastic Beasts 2 18:09 Welcome to Marwen 20:34 Shazam! 23:27 Aquaman 25:52 Assassination Nation 28:16 Hell Fest 30:40 Second Act 33:07 ON THE BASIS OF SEX 35:34 BOY ERASED


  • 9.03 tik tok musicaly

  • Saw robin hood on ''SHOW BOX" and said eh i wont watch it but.....IT'S LIT

  • All these supermovies is not bad, watched with boxxy software all new movies... nice alternative of tv when I didn't have Netflix in my country) :*

  • glass is by far one of the best films that is being anticipated in 2019

  • I'm really looking forward Shazam

  • Just a random timeslot 18:13

  • Cek my channel New video

  • america flag is everywhere.... 😅

  • Overlord, the Army was segregated during WW2.

  • I see Hollywood has finally collapsed along with the real estate market of California.

  • 25:52 hope this shit starts happening to the producers that made this movie

  • The last two trailers are the only ones, besides Fantastic Beasts 2that are worth a penny. What a waste of 40 minutes of my time - HOLY CRAP!

  • Aquaman looks BADASS...Def seeing that on day one in IMAX.

  • shutup ratjewsenlistedretardterdcasinosvermin As Natalie"portman" Said theyvernincasinos Better Make MEHandsome6ftBlonDishIvyLeaugueGiantKittensCatsAngels'GenieGenius A STAR CutieYUMMYNatalieYUMMY

  • 17:32. I think I saw the elder wand.

  • Anybody else thinks that Robin Wood looks mediocre?

  • ROBIN HOOD !? Again ?!

  • Where is harry potter in fantastic beast2

  • Who thinks eminem in aquaman

  • so many options so many adaptions so many great creative actor's and actresses hitting the big screen I'm very very excited

  • Still trying to figure out how Aquaman's mom had a black baby and both parents are white...hmm? It's the Black Mantis baby. Maury need a DNA test!....

  • 0:44 i just had mutiples orgasm

  • 99% of all these films are libtard propaganda, it s sad to see so much horseshit at the cinema

  • STOP putting subtitles if you cannot get them right

  • Voldemord will comeback

  • Godzilla looks okay

  • Do we can all agree that welcome to Marwin is the best movie here

  • I wish I had a gay son.

  • 37:58 'you're a revelation, won't you liberate me now' who sings that song?

  • ...oh look...more reasons not to go to movies...and further proof that Hollywood is past gone...

  • Not gonna lie, a few from.the first half looked half decent, then they lost it towards the end. Feminism, social justice, and homosexuality. Like what the heck is the world gone too

  • Nazi zombies

  • Super excited for Fantastic Beasts 2, looks absolutely amazing, I never saw all of the first one but this one looks really good

  • I liked Unbreakable. Sucked more was never done with it. He was a superhero, yes, but it was quite realistic, powers, but not over the top really. And this was actually a great movie. Split was weird but okay, the easter egg at the end really got me going. This movie might be really good, and i hope there is more after this. That said, i would also love a Rising Stars movie come to think of it. Yes has nothing to do with it except for powers. That movie Welcome To Marwen with Steve carell and Merritt Wever is gonna be great i think. Merritt Wever kicked ass and did a fantastic job on Godless and i think she was right to win the Emmy, and i do think we'll be seeing a whole lot more from her. I think Aquaman is gonna look fantastic and not have enough story and too many over the top scenes and battles that are useless. Like just about anything DC is putting out.

  • "Overlord" seems to be a spectacular failure. What is this crap?!

  • Another Harry Potter knockoff, another Super Friends character, another GODZILLA reboot, another basterdized version of Robin Hood, another "Bio-outbreak", another "we've killed the Earth", another "Scary screamer", another "narcissistic slutty tough girls killing everyone" , another "I can make it to the top" Latina flick- topped off with a young, scared, Gay, White guy- daring to come out. *YAWN*

  • at 24:54 to 24:59 it says my brother has come from the service to challenge me for the throne. I got an ass-whooping.

  • Nice movies, but as usual, the horror movies are shit.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody? HELL YEAH!

  • I usually don't go for movies like this but I recognize Te Venom from Spider Man, will watch

  • Leftists here to make a movie to tell you that you are a plague and the only cure is to pay their taxes, which they'll ensure make the elite richer.

  • What he actually said: "Cuz that is what we do." What I somewhat heard: "Cuz Daddy's what we do."

  • anyone notice in robin hood and some other movies with archers that they shoot consecutive arrows without getting another arrow out of the quiver?

  • Lots of shitty movies my god... At least DC understand their films are jokes with Shazam..

  • "on the basis of sex" given what has happend recently with the appointment of bret on the supreme court, and then calling the accuser a lier. The hipocrasey, the money the way things are stacked, the world ware men can get away with murder, rape, slander. And then you make a movie that tells a story, of a women, who beat the males system. The movie is fine, the timing is not. people are marching today in protest of the system depicted in this film. im not a seer, but i see bad things hapening around this movie.

  • ... great another Robin Hood movie :l

  • IS patient 0 WWZ 2?

  • Slim shady???.

  • han destruido la mejor serie que habia visto en mi infancia por que!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • 31:36 lol

  • Samuel Jackson is a racist motherfucker.

  • AIready watched "VEN0M" fiIm : [ ]

  • Robin Hood is already DOA. Glass is also DOA.

  • Frustrating that we have to sit through 10 ads to watch some ads for movies. I mean honestly .

    • Argh.. that sucks. Sorry. :(

    • Rinieri on mobile

    • Ad-blocker baby! It's a time saver.

  • its fucking tywin lannister

  • Click bait shit

  • Wow, I really see that Ruth Bader Ginsberg biopic becoming a must see blockbuster......not!!

  • did I see troye sivan?

  • Lmfao at them using an actual rabies pole on the zombie.

  • another Heath Ledger look-alike

  • I can't wait to go back to the movies or watch movies again. Of course they have to try to stop changing facts, history, injecting their SJW crap, then I will go back. It's been so long scince I have seen a movie.

  • Downvoted for to many advertisements

  • cek it guys...

  • the guy in the tumbnail looks like eminem

  • Who's just about had enough of these supehero movies? Same old *save the earth bullshit* doesn't matter how much CGI goodgollywood puts into these irritating movies it's still the same old script..*oh no ! My brother is the bad guy and is gonna destroy the earth and only you can save us !..or, oh no, some purple being from the darker rear end of the universe has come to earth and is gonna destroy it..only you can save us !..polish it up as much as you like, its still a turd...

  • Good to see they are focusing on making good movies and not hidden agendas.

  • Can DC just give up allready....

  • Blacks training Robin Hood in Medieval England? Sure...why not...

  • Whoever put these captions should be condemned from life.

  • Those cheerleaders looked pretty hot

  • I'm excited about the 'queen' movie!!


  • Why are all movies these days bout how men suck and woman are angels?

  • Assassination nation is sexist against men! Equal rights for men

  • Well it's about time they f**ked the robin hood movie, they've done it to all the other good originals.

  • Glass looked promising until I saw Shyamalan's thanks. A writer only gets to burn me once and The Village made me cross his name off the list. Before anyone trots out the Sixth Sense, I liked it a lot...but it was a fluke, a one of.

  • we need a silver surfer origins movies hes a bad ass charter

  • Yea it got a lil gay at the end there

  • OK, what is Hollywood's obsession with demonizing Christianity and Conservatism? Is it just cool to do that now? Every gay teen movie seems to have this damn trope of the Christian dad who refuses to accept their gay kid. Hollywood does realize that Christian parents love their kids regardless of their sexual preference right? As my dad said when I asked him about God and homosexuality, "God doesn't make mistakes. He is perfect and he never makes an imperfect child, it's the child who grows into a rebellious adult and sins. So who am I to say that God made a mistake or that God won't love someone based on who they love? If God has a problem, He will make his just judgment on these people. But I am not a judge, nor jury and will not judge anyone for loving another human being."

  • Oh good lord. There's at least 3-4 SJW talking point movies in there! Hell no. Ill go see Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts, but that's about it. Maybe Bohemian Rhapsody.

  • whacky caption, 2:03 A thousand pounds for the man who brings me odd.

  • at 0:48 he say what "else you got". but the caption read it back as "what sugar" lol

  • Forgot venom

  • 2:26 Call of Duty WWII

  • Wow dude! It's only a movie. Calm down!🙄

  • I'm a good straight God-loving man. Once in a while i get on my knees and schleep on a juicy cock until the owner of said juicy cock splurges his man goodness right into my throat, yet i am still as straight as a steel beam(except those curved steel beams, we don't count those). How do i manage to do that you might ask? What's the trick, Jimmy Jimbob, you might wonder? What's the magic behind that, i hear you whisper? Simple: i only fuck straight men like myself, i have never had a gross gay chode in my mouth and i have never had a disgusting gay chocolate ring throbbing around my beautiful hwite straight christian penis. You can't be a homo if you don't sleep with homos. Easy.

  • Too many foreign actors in Hollywood. Cast American!

  • I could have sworn that first trailer was an adaptation of ''THIEF'' ( the videogame).

  • Assassination Nation lost my thumbs up.

  • These films look bloody awesome - I love the link between the artificial intelligence and our own - this is by no doubt how the humans will evolve - and that will be a scary day my Friend m. If only you knew the true potential of artificial intelligence and how close we are to creating it , you would see what I see. I for one cannot wait.

  • Robin Hood - looks awful, won’t see Overlord - looks like a fun ride, will probably see Glass - looks very interesting, will see but will probably be let down Patient Zero - again looks interesting but will probably be let down with a stupid ending Godzilla 2 - looks stupid with a stupid premise but it’s Godzilla and the special effect look good so probably will see it Bohemian Rhapsody- love Queen so a must see Fantastic Beasts 2 - definitely will see Welcome to Marwen - looks very good and tragic Shazam! - looks stupid and silly Aquaman - Wife and daughter love Momoa so don’t have a choice but to see it. It doesn’t look too bad. Might be good. Assassination Nation - I’m too old. A movie with a bunch of teenagers is just annoying at my age. By the end I want them all to be killed off. Hell Fest - same as the movie above. Second Act - boring On the Basis of Sex - A movie that’s preaching to me. No thanks. Boy Erased - looks good but not for me.

  • Can anyone please explain glass to me because i really don’t get it, not trying to be mean i just don’t know whats happening


  • +

  • Does anyone know which movie the thumbnail of the vid is, looks epic

    • Chris Wong Thanks man

    • Aquaman

    • I only clicked the vid to see which one, if anyone knows please tell

  • GLASS..Like wtf!! that's it right there👌 🤡(joker smile)


  • Can GODZILLA please be the main fucking character in his own damn movie now?!