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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 | Weekly #30

Dipublikasikan tanggal 29 Jul 2018
All new Movie Trailers from the past week
00:03 Alita Battle Angel
02:30 The Meg
03:30 Hunter Killer
08:16 Christopher Robin
12:16 I Think We're Alone Now
13:27 MID 90s
18:01 What Keeps You Alive
20:13 The Padre


  • 00:03 Alita Battle Angel 02:30 The Meg 03:30 Hunter Killer 05:53 FINAL SCORE 08:16 Christopher Robin 12:16 I Think We're Alone Now 13:27 MID 90s 15:47 SLENDER MAN 18:01 What Keeps You Alive 20:13 The Padre 22:06 WHAT THEY HAD 24:51 OPERATION FINALE

  • Hunter killer was the best movie of the year

  • It was never 6 Million, what a lie. There were not even 1Million Joos in Europe at the time! 😂

  • lets make eastern europeans the bad guys in every movie they're "safe"

  • i like to

  • Geez they're so overexposing that Russia/enemy topic, most likely it's territory and their people may become one of the best maybe even THE best partners in saving our world someday in real life. Would be nice of the movie producers to pull that topic out of their asses already, it's 2018, DAAA?

  • judul film'a apa

  • Daario Naharissssssssssssss

  • All of these movies except for pooh looks like shit

  • Why is this in a smii7y face reveal playlist lmao

  • SO SAD.. THE DUMBING DOWN CONTINUES..... Mid 90's is the only movie that looks good..

  • Battle angel? Really? Just make more Firefly seasons or movies. It’s the exact same idea.

  • U find an ancient prehistoric creature and just say lets kill it.

  • Martyn Ford is probably the biggest roidhead ever but still holds a weapon like a little bitch.

  • Another ruined manga ...

  • why the fantasy movie is all time horror i hate the company they shoold focus on fantasy and amazing groupe of peapole strugling likeshuut guns and nice thing not scary prethitical knowleg

  • Nice! WW3!

  • Let us pray.........Dear God thank you for trailers so we can avoid watching this kind of crap and save us from wasting our time on this shity movie,thank you ...Ameen.

  • So American cinema is done for! Oh well, just wait until the market corrects it self!

  • This violence is so wrong on so many levels. I can't see how it can be entertaining unless you are psychologically defective.

  • woooooooo

  • The name of the track in timeline 24:20 Please.

  • ALITA, looks awesome.

  • For Chrissakes 'who the actual' does the subtitles on these video's.....Al Sharpton?

  • Did they rescale her eyes, in the first footage that was shown she had bigger ones or is it just me

  • I mean that first movie looks pretty good

  • dammnnnn nice

  • 7:29 _"Kill them all"_ that's what Kratos say

  • bom

  • bom

  • bom

  • Did everyone disappear while he was in the mini Village

  • Alita coming out on my bday December babies💯

  • Mid 90s looks good

  • Ahh... Hunter Killer. A return to the Clancy-esque movies. Looks like good ol' American ass kicking action. Should sell good domestically and in asia, since most asian countries like seeing commies get curb stomped by Americans. lmao

  • Christoph Waltz must have a fetish for big eye movies.

  • Hunter killer, spartans in a submarine!

  • Yo we’re is the Michel Myers trailer yes there is actually one

  • nice


  • The "Subtitles" are a hoot to read, so screwed up! Way better than most of the Lame trailers.

  • Common and actor John Marshall Jones they gotta be related

  • There's so much DUMMMMMM in these trailers...

  • Battle Angel!!!!! I first watched this anime so many years ago and they finally made a movie!! Hell yeah!! People have wrote their Thesis on the deep meaning in this original movie.. ✊🏼

  • New Divide cool 0:40

  • Of the two "preview" videos for the year 2018, most all previews never made it to theatres and for good reason...all of them sucked. Most are B or even D class movies that you view from curiosity and later hate yourself for renting at Redbox because they mostly carry these types of crap movies. What I don't get is how they ever got made, must've been a producer who got con'd.

  • 0:43 wait a minute a remix of new divide

  • lost for 300 years

  • 6:23 Lagertha with a gun, What in the hell.

  • Great more movies about how humans aren't good enough anymore so we must become cyborgs to stay relevant

  • Did anyone notice Wesley Snipes

  • Can anybody please tell me what the title is on that fantastic piece of music at timeline 24:20 Please. Thank you. ; )

  • Damit nothing I want to see is it against the law to make a patriotic movie .

  • mid-90's looks far too "cool"

  • final score i have watch it full movie is sad and funny kkk

  • Alita's eyes look awful!!! (O_O)

  • what's the end credit song?

  • liked it.

  • First trailer is a copy of Saikano animé Japónese

  • propaganda yankee

  • I hope the film is better than the original cartoon.

  • 3:09 next time dnt buy Chinese even though its a chinese funded movie

  • 05:53 Final Score - World Cup in Russia hosted by differnt way :-)

  • Ghost in a shell..

  • Complaint register quit hcnxfw period print action violation consideration telephone

  • at the first one that robotvgirl has very abnormally large horrifying discustingly gigantic eye its ok to like or hate this commnet is just my opinion

  • The Meg, they want to kill the shark, why????

  • frick i wanna see alita battle angel so badly

  • Vei tio namoral ficou top véi

  • Bom

  • misd 90's look tutrr

  • OMG Jason, you signed up for that crap? So mostly crap movies for 2018. The Padre, serious version of Impastor.

  • Awesome! You rock!

  • More like *Mega Long Dong* amirite?

  • movies to keep the pepople stupid

  • Female astroboy.

  • Best Anime ever

  • Путинский генерал на типа сявки Золотова что грозится из всех сделать сочную отбивную бесподобен

  • I am groot

  • I'll watch 1 of these. That's all

  • опять мода про плохих русских пошла?лучше снимите как ваше правительство людей по всему миру убивает.просто показав пробирку

  • 1 big massive problem = 1 massive nuke

  • It looks like the producers of mid90s couldn't afford better camera's, are they that fucking poor? Cause the film looks like ass.

  • "Im with her" Just let that sink in on so many levels.

  • Did those sailors just say hoorah

  • I don't know why I was expecting to hear Crendor as the voice for Eeyore but the fact that he's not enrages me.

  • 18:39 - This is why same sex marriage is a bad idea....especially when its lesbians...

  • 3:55 - Isn't ""Ooorah" a Marines thing?

  • who is adding these sub titles, you are not doing a very good job at it!!

  • i predict august 3 there will be a mass suicide of kids following the horrible nightmare that is POO

  • first movie, does she have eyes cancer ???

  • Who does your subtitles? They are all wrong!

  • non è il mio genere

  • Very sad that this crap is all Pedowood has to offer. And of course other Holocaust movie got to keep the lie going!

  • I suppose you like your Battles hot.

  • Tga

  • wait... so the third movie is about america beating russia? hmm, PLEASE.

  • Mid90’s brings back some hardcore memories

  • Is the SLENDER MAN a real trailer?

  • shut up Meg..