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NEW UPCOMING MOVIE TRAILERS 2018/2019 (Weekly #40)

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NEW UPCOMING MOVIE TRAILERS 2018/2019 (Weekly #40)
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00:00 Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse
02:26 Aquaman
07:43 Welcome Home
09:15 Holmes And Watson
11:23 Instant Family
13:47 Mortal Engines
16:12 The Upside
18:55 The Grinch
21:36 Overlord
22:35 Rocketman
23:35 Hex
25:37 No Escape Room
27:48 The Mule
30:13 Vice
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  • 00:00 Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse 02:26 Aquaman 07:43 Welcome Home 09:15 Holmes And Watson 11:23 Instant Family 13:47 Mortal Engines 16:12 The Upside 18:55 The Grinch 21:36 Overlord 22:35 Rocketman 23:35 Hex 25:37 No Escape Room 27:48 The Mule 30:13 Vice

  • a socially acceptable spiderman? no thanks you i dont like propaganda.

  • I feel like DC have the same track with Marvel in Thor ragnarok and Stranger things of Netfix. Really sound the same.

  • 10:30

  • no shit sherlock

  • Is aqua man a gold fish"this is a serious question"

  • Stopped watching with sherlock holmes Fuck that shit

  • i usually use to watch all the latest movies. BUT right now its down wtf

  • the upside a copy of the intouchable


  • spidy,really,,how dum

  • Honestly, these new DC movies that are coming out look like shit and so low budget...nice try but MCU is killing the game..i loved Christopher Nolan's take on the DC, at lease his take on DC set itself apart from Marvel.

  • This is shit.

  • Black Spider-Man? With a spic name? Righto...

  • Oh my god, what happen to Clint Eastwood? He look so frail, like my late grandma before she passed away.

  • i feel like clint eastwood will drop dead any minute.

  • music 8:08s ?????

  • They look fire

  • Christian Bale in Vice 30:13 is so much fucking fatter in it making him totally unrecognisable its hurting my brain just trying to think/remember how he looks normally!!! HURTING LIKE BRAIN-FREEZE!!!

  • wow #peopleofworld #atlantis

  • 0:57 marvel making fun of DC

  • Anime spider girl... Wtf.

  • Where’s the thumbnail?

  • what PC Douchebag created a black Spider man. Stop already

  • Why is everyone freaking out about a black Spiderman(which is in the comics) but not about the clickbait thumbnail?

  • What is it with Hollywood remaking shows over and over and putting a woman in the position that is normally a man or a black that is normally white like Spiderman for instance or Chinese etc. It is just stupid! Can they not make a new story where a black guy is the hero like in Black Panther or the woman is the hero like in Wonder Woman. It would be equally as stupid if they had a white guy portraying Black Panther or a gay guy playing Wonder Woman.

  • a black spider-man? wtf thats racist

  • 12:40 ditch the ungrateful bitch she wants to be a cheap thot

  • CGI for the Aquaman looks so bad. DC plz dont ruin this movie

  • hi

  • i dont like the idea of many spiderman 1stly in the comics they cloned spiderman then this multiverse spiderman it may bring new great storyline still dont like the idea. and still gonna watch it

  • that nose is hot

  • WERES (King of the monsters) aka GODZILLA 2019

  • What the fuck is up with those fps, man?

  • this holmes is stupid

  • black? it figures

    • Spider-man? How does it figure? He been around for quite some time.

  • Really thought that was chevy chase

  • Can't wait to see all of this upcoming movie😘😘😘

  • Mortal engines is pretty good I’ve seen it

  • Glad to see Adam McKay doesn't let little things like truth and reality stop him from making a movie.

  • Someone really needs to retire Will Ferrel and John Reilly. Really. These guys are less than talentless.

    • I 1000% disagree. There is a reason they make so many movies. Stepbrothers is the funniest comedy of all time imo.

  • It need's porn in order to be great film's You ! Besides A great muvie always need's wat it doesn't have , And the site's to get them all X rated comedy action HD , and the great Spanish ascent and English both sound's woold be great , contact me if you have something oh and with no blooper's or un cut seen's ,Good muvie Trailer's Thow !

  • When is spider man is gonna ever grow up,I see why he got in divorced cause of his ways,or saving a lot of people,sorry it’s just villans.That was funny.Mile:I love u police officers,Miles dad:*laughs* uh huh wait what.

  • DC dont know make trailers..... All the movie inn2 minutes... And they show the best parts.... My god.

    • *Alita : Battle of Angel* 2019 film available : 11/10 Ín shórt thís film ís SÚPÉRB! An óutstanding móvie #highlyrecommended!

    • +HELLO I PLAY LEAGUE no, to make a trailer is not to show the storyline, its to give enough info to make people curious and hype on the movie

    • They have to ,because they know by how their other (esp recent) films have done, they need to try drag people in as much as possible.

    • but showing the good part is what make trailers interesting, if it showed the boring parts it wouldn't be that deceiving

    • So don't go see it.


  • this sound like position music in the mortal engines

  • Come on Mortal engines I cannot wait to watch another Masterpiece by none other than Peter Jackson

    • Did you catch all those LoTR reference lines?

  • movies of Petter Jacson are insane !!

  • One is good.

  • E

  • At the End of the Aqua man film it just looks like power rangers but the sounds sells it. And I'm still looking forward to it despite that. Its an Aquaman film, no one has done an Aquaman film. Why??? Because this is the beginning of the age of films that's why guys, I bet you it will be alright really tbh. Just don't forget the Classics ;]

  • Where is Avengers Annihilation

  • In the holmes and watson i see braun strowman

  • I'm top down watching aquan

  • Seriously? the Intouchables was already a great movie, but they had to re-do it with the upside? Come hollywood, didn't you learn it with Taxi, Un Indien dans la Ville or Les Visiteurs? Your remakes suck!

  • No escape room

  • He looks like maui

  • Ugh when is the infinity war 4 coming out


  • How about bubble bee the movie

  • I’M MARY POPP- Oh they dont have it :(

  • i love mark wahlbergs mark wahlberg impression

  • The spiderman movie looks good Absolutely the anime girl

    • It looks better than all the other Spiderman movies before SOOOOOOoooooooooooo is that saying that this one is really really good oooooooooor that the ones before are really really really SHITE??????? id say the latter cause jesus there DOG SHITE poor!!!

  • Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse wtf ? :))))))

  • For real? Black spiderman?

  • might as well show the whole Aquaman movie.. pffft

    • Akrasia the KruzMachine are you available ne

    • I know right. The 1st trailer was perfect but this one has me worried. Some movies put in this much in the trailers when the rest sucks. I actually looked away through half of it because it was spoiling the movie for me.

  • 11:20 watson:Oh god, mother of sh- captain america: LANGUAGE!!

  • Sherlock holmes i cant😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • When overlord came up I got an ad showing overlord trailer 😐

    • Bruh, I was legit hoping this wasn't a live action movie for Overlord.

  • Chat about movies

  • Do animals talk at this dimension because I don't want to freak them out😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wait wheres ainz? Lol

  • The earth have no edge

  • funniest trailers here in my opinion are sherlock and watson and instint family

  • Mortal engines looks horrible

  • Stop with the fuckin ads

  • 2:03-2:07 lol and lmao

  • I was thinking hero was better than a king and I was right

  • Except for maybe MULE, I would not go near one of these films in a cinema. Hollywood, I can’t believe the rubbish made nowadays. What a bleak remaining 2018 and 2019 for moviegoers if this is the type of stuff you can only muster. Stop catering to non-Western audiences. Then again, you’re not entertainment companies anymore but multi national conglomerates that couldn’t give a toss about quality storyline’s or character development, only profits. Dustin Hoffman is right about 21st century filmmaking.

  • Dude why a black spiderman

    • You are talking about his skin I said you have a problem with it

    • +YoBoy Jon how would that relate to a spider man suit just because its black.

    • Trojan the virus What you have a problem with black people? Kys

  • "officer I love you", made me mist up a second

  • Basically another Black Panther but funnier and a gay looking villian costume

  • Didn’t his dad die in the game but he’s here

  • Man that aquaman movie looks amazing

  • Wow Aquaman CG looks horrible.....

  • aaaand now we hear some of the dialogue, and the movie is revealed as yet another DC failure

  • They made a black spiderman to not offend the black people ? okay...

    • Majority of their original characters are white cos at the time all the writers were white.( i presume back then black people unfortunately didnt have a wide range of accessable jobs nor education) Black spiderman is a recent development he is not an original so he has not always been here. I guess they wanted 2 broadened their characters so ur kinda correct.

    • No ... hes always existed...

  • water Thor is pretty cool, too bad it's being made by WB

  • Yes

  • No shit Sherlock

  • 5:56 who is the girl. With the red hair ?

  • 10:47 braun strowman

  • 10:47 was that Braun strowman

  • It's a sad day when Hollywood copies a French movie and cranston and hart too!

    • +MyEternalTrance I know what you mean. Some movies can't be westernised

    • Hollywood has been doing it for years and also buying the rights of foreign characters/monsters from smaller companies. Cos u know everything has 2 be westernized now

    • +KamekoBruns so they're French versions of an American movie?

    • Really? "The Search" (2014) is a literal copy of the 1948 American film, "The Search" "The Nest" is a French copy of the American film "Assault on Precinct 13". There are many, many more.

    • They've done it before. Point of No Return = La Fem Nikita.

  • Too many ads.... Not worth it. I quit after the second commercial

  • What I first watched the Aquaman trailer, I first thought of shark boy and lava girl.😅

  • black spiderman .. cant you people come up with your own without ripping our comic heroes alone pathetic

    • +d clark Internet just gave racist shits a voice man. Bet she don't know he been around for years. These people make me sick but i like when they expose themselves. It's the ones that hide that are tricky.

    • You people? Looky racist it wasn't a black person that came up with the black Spider-Man it was one of you melanin challenged individuals. So if you have a problem with it Go complain to them and leave us people out of it. And why should we go get our own when everything we have you melanin challenged people claim as your own. Case in point the very ground you stand on your people stole. How do you claim to discover a land that people already live on? You make Christ and Cleopatra White and I can think of so many other things. If I were you melanin challenged individual I keep quiet about other races stealing the identity of others.

    • And there's also the original spiderman, an anime spiderman, and a cartoon pig spiderman. They're different dimensions that can change a human to an animal, so why is skin color so ridiculous to you?

    • Miles Morales is from the comics...

  • WTF Blackwash spider-man?!

    • Still wondering what Trump has to do with anything lol. People were bigots before Trump. Going to be bigots during and after Trump. The only thing that’s changed is how much social media has brought them all to the forefront. Usually people who blame Trump are also bigots. Projecting their own bigotry on to others and using Trump as the shield. So both of you are bigots. Welcome to the paradox that is social media.

    • +Sai Akuto When you go back to the cave you Neanderthal monkey

    • +Sai Akuto Miles Morales been around since 2011. Please go back to your cave. Acting like they aint no black heroes.

    • Go back to the mud-hut.

    • +d clark How is Trump involved here?

  • Anyone else saw titty at 24:44

  • I just remembered.This movie was probably based on the French movie, THE INTOUCHABLES. When the Caregiver tried to shave his patient, it was so funny when his mustache looked like that of Hitlers. It looks like it has the same story line. It has to be based on that movie.

    • +Pete Mac Two other people had to reply that both the French and that new American movie are based on a book which I never knew existed.

    • bluzshadez I

    • +KamekoBruns Thank you so much! I never read the book. I had to watch THE INTOUCHABLES with subtitles because it was all in French. God bless!

    • +Pierre Bouquet IT's the same "plot" because it's based on a real life story, fucktard. The French movie is in, durr, French which not many American's can speak or understand. Besides, if the French knew how to actually make a movie, we might watch them.

    • No. "Upside" is not based on a French movie but rather both "Upside" and "The Intouchables" are based on the real life relationship of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and Abdel Sellou, his French-Algerian caregiver.