Nigeria Latest News: Over 57 Suspected Gay Newbies Arrested by Police | Legit TV

Dipublikasikan tanggal 28 Agu 2018
Nigeria Latest News: Over 57 Suspected Gay Newbies Arrested by Police | Legit TV
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Nigeria News Today: The Lagos state police command has paraded about 57 young men suspected to be on the verge of being initiated into a gay 'assembly'.
During the parade, some of the suspects denied being part of the initiation and accused the officers of not being honest with the arrests.
Some of them spoke with TV.
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  • Nigeria Latest News: Over 57 Suspected Gay Newbies Arrested by Police | TV

    • @fake Apple Store Disgusting country is the one that lock children in cages without their parents, and the one that dropped atomic bomb twice on a foreign country, killing hundreds of thousands including children and women, and causing deformity of even unborn kids in the next 100+ years. The list is so on. Disgusting country is your country. The USA.

    • this has to be on od the most heatbreaking stories . wats even more shocking is the amount of resources and time spent by the police on this as an African myself im embarrassed .and outraged

    • Disgusting country. I see that you people have nothing to do

    • Me and you knows that isn't true. How can 57 boys gay.

    • i am against homosexuality in any shape or form. BUT IT IS VERY WRONG FOR POLICE TO PARADE PEOPLE LIKE THIS. how do we know that some of these people are not innocent??? if some of them are innocent their reputation will be ruined already because they would have been paraded before the whole world as homosexuals. it is DEFAMATION to parade people publicly like this when they are yet to be convicted of any crime.

  • We are suffering and been arrested for heterosexual too here. heterophobie from boboclatic.😋😁🎸📻📞🎹🔔☎️✌🏿🛄

  • This is good before they pollute Nigerian children. That smartjule talk like a guy. Kudos to Nigerian Police

    • Kel Dak better find your own planet and country to practice such. Let’s see if you will multiply by same gender. Shame on you.

    • Kel Dak then kudos to you for being one

    • Utter foolishness and ignorance

  • Dum ass money country.

  • So what if they is gay what this have to do with the police retarded stupid useless police officers

  • He can't even speak good English what a big stupid fool useless man let them men go

  • These police are very stupid... They dnt hav anything to do again than to arrest gay... Can't they go and arrest buhari dat he's d one corrupting Nigeria..... Nonsense

  • When there is no job they will do what ever they see to have money babaji Carry all of you all

  • Arresting children's were is the father Bobrisky the master minder of all this in Nigeria .Nigeria is becoming something else in Africa because here in Cameroon guy are not really open like there in Nigeria .we have gay here but there are not taking over as Nigerians do

  • Your fucking kidding so they disrespect gays so much for religion LMAO

  • If truly they were gays,it is no one's business..

  • they should open each and everyone assess and see if it's has a big hole there lol most of this gays are normal man who doesn't look like bobrisky.


  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • This is so ridiculous and messed up...innocent people. They should just let them go and stop making a fool of themselves. Am really not surprised though when it comes to Nigeria, expect anything, useless police force🙄🙄🙄

  • Zombies, go and arrest the rogue politicians who have sex with teenagers. Liars

  • You people are RIDICULOUS.. wtf.. you arrest James, who is such a beautiful person, but not the person who raped him when he had to live on the streets... NIGERIA YOU NEED TO LOOK AT YOUR PRIORITIES ..

  • So pedophiles don't get arrested... And brothels don't get raided Yet they care about what people do with their bodies...🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Stupid country why can't you ppl Nigeria is a back world place

  • Nigerian has other problems to focus on. Funny thing is that most of those police officers be on the DL fucking and raping gay dudes in custody behind closed doors and jails so.....

  • Stop all humanitarian aid to homophobic countries!

  • I'ᗰ SᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᒪIKES TᕼIS ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT 👈❤️🔥 I'ᗰ ᖴᗩST

  • Gay people are not "initiated" - this is outrageous. Are straight people "initiated"? Sexual preference is a choice of our maker. These young men are being humiliated in the gorossest way by the bullyboy fat man in uniform.

  • Stupid Nigeria police arresting wrong people all the time 😂😂😂

  • Instead of tackling the REAL issues in Nigeria, you're harassing these poor men because of their alleged sexual preference (Which is NOBODYS goddamn business but their own) Fucking ridiculous

  • This is a sick homophobic society

  • All your comments are hypocritical, why do you all choose to blame the police force? They are only helping to enforce a law which you all voted for. It is unfair to the police on this issue, next time you are voting for your representatives vote the ones that will represent your common interests so that you will not have any reason to complain in the future. This should be your focus 'cause that is how you can succeed as a nation. This should also apply to every aspect of your national issues.

  • God first

  • It is so despicable to see Nigeria Police parading on social media as celebrities. Ignoring their duties to maintain law and order. Keep the Country in a peaceable environment and safety. The whole department is corrupt. Please go look for some tangible project and leave the youths that are not supported by the Government alone!

  • Stupid police you people will leave rice and be porcuing garri mumu

  • Nigeria police are so stupid they have many work to do guy or not guy is none of their business they should go and fight bokoharam idiot police

  • African nations are so embarrassingly STUPID. Parading yourselves to the world as stupid backward human beings like this. It's no wonder other races do not respect or value us around the world making it dangerous for us to travel anywhere. Your focus should be on things that actually matter such as world image, curupt police officers, *fraud-religion and mental health*, your economy, resources, the brain drain and your future in a competitive world not on what two consenting adults do in bed! What does that really matter you STUPID people. You embarrass me im so ashamed of your ignorance and immaturity as a nation and as people. I wish i could change my colour so as not to be associated with you!

  • Jobless police

  • I think this is a shame to treat another human being with such pure hate.

  • This is not our problem in Nigeria. Boko haram/ unemployment should be arrested by the Police.

  • What the fu ch is happening ? Why are the laws so stupid there ? What is wrong with them THEY'RE LEADERS LIVE IN THE PAST THEY ARE IDIOTS let the gays live

  • Horrible country - horrible government - do they even know the concept of due process ?

  • Ignorance I repudiate all over this I'm from Brazil

  • This is really bad news,now is the time to avoid party and clubbing,,, if you ask me,the Nigerian police have no better work to do!!they have no Intel but the are looking for money,the 50# and 100# they collect on the road may not be enough for them

  • Nigerian police are terrible

  • naija can never change... instead of them to look 4 wat to do they are busy making stupid arrest

  • Good jobs police officers!! Homosexually is banned in Nigeria and should be kept that way..

  • o

  • Arresting gay people, how stupid. No wonder Boko Haram continues to terrorize Nigerians. Hunt terrorists, not gay people.

  • Members? Initiated? I was not aware homosexuality was a cult. Which one too is this?

  • Not to racism Not to religious discrimination NOT TO HOMOPHOBIA AND SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION

  • Labour

  • Disgusting people; and then they ask us why do we hate black people?

  • The accused men should be happy the police let them out of the closet

  • Is this really still happening in other places of the world?

  • Gay Africans have rights too, don't be a bunch of superstitious retards.

  • S t u p i d

  • Shame on you police man leave the boys alone

  • Judge not, yet ye be judged. It's barbaric to do this to human beings. Why not round up all the corrupt politicians and police! Who are these men harming? Many of the ones against them are probably seeking them out after dark. Let these people go.

  • God punish all of them. send them to the hell

  • hopeless police. can't even be eloquent. I feel for the last man

  • The Nigeria police must leave these guys alone. There are other more pressing issues in Nigeria than men loving themselves. Please delete that section of the law immediately, is no longer needed.

  • Arrested for being gay? What a shame, instead of arresting the real criminals and corrupts they go for an easy target that according to theit laws they committed a crime how sad and hateful humams can be. This is just unacceptable this in an injustice against this men that didn't do anything wrong but being gay. How does that affect their community, why is that a crime?

  • The faces of this police officers look like armed robbers face ...hahaha

  • What’s wrong in being gay? Nigeria is losing it now, ahaaaaaa! Is it a crime to be HIV positive in Nigeria? Nonsense!

  • Shouldn't these idiots be going after Boko Haram instead of these men who are not doing anything bad to anyone? This is what a 4th world country is like, stupidity and ignorance running the country.

  • They can’t stop the gay movement....

  • This police no get work😂

  • This news is the stupidest news ever.. I call on the international community to stop this rubbish invasion of innocent youths in the name of gay arrests

  • This is very STUPID! C'on Nigeria. Also, I unsubscribe from this channel "busted" because of this nonsense

  • But why the commander speaking and the officer to his left look sus???

  • They are bigger crimes to fight but Nigerian police will not see that #mtcheew

  • So once they arrest gay people, what does it solve? Does it turn them? Do they ever get released?

  • What are the evidence that they are gays? Stupid police.

  • Okkkkk now i no who bobrisky is.

  • Omg america wants to know who amd were is bobrisky 🇺🇸

  • Mumu country ptweh #injustice

  • Stupid police men.holding innocent people.abeg make una free that poor innocent man make e go take care of his wife and children.nonsense police men they don't know their job

  • The persecution my LGBT compatriots face is deplorable. I am a gay Nigerian myself who lives abroad. There is nothing this criminalising does to help the individuals. And why my national police force tortures consenting adults and then do nothing about paedophilia!

  • I know how some of our cops can be. They won't have mercy on them!!! They'll beat the living gay crap outta of em. This is just so so sad and so so disgusting to watch. I don't support gay people, but am very much against them getting abused (like any other humanbeing).

  • This is Nature . And the Najis are against it . God will never forgive u

  • I reject ur arrest from india. Shame on you Naji

  • If these men are gays and so what? Why can you provide them with opposite sex or female police officers to prove their sexuality

  • This is embarrassing. Nigeria has too many pressing matters to be arresting people for essentially hanging out in a club. What does it matter if someone is gay or not? And how can they prove these people are gay? The man mentioned same-sex marriage laws but these men are not married to each other lmao. Absolutely insane. These are grown adults who work or go to school and are productive members of society who so happen to be homosexual. It’s embarrassing when a country fails to have basic logical reasoning skills to know when the government is violating the respects of its people. Not to mention, it costs money to arrest people. I beg the police to go after the pedophiles and the rapist and gang members and not feminine gay men dancing to Beyonce in a private room.

  • Bring out naked girls and see if there will be an erection... Pathetic police officers