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  • Eeesh it sounds like an emo pop song no offence but I don’t like pet sematary in night core

  • love this song sooooooooo much I love it it totally goes with frankenweenie it's an awesome nightcore now I love it

    • You know this didn’t originate from frankenweenie it’s from pet sematary the horror movie

    • I'm happy that you love this mon! °u°

  • Awesome bro!!!!:D hey can u make a nightcore of 'Want You Gone' from portal 2??? Love that game👍🏻❤️😍

    • LillyApeture Luv He said "sorry for being a cry baby-potato.. 😖" I miss my kuzz being happy... This bullshit wouldn't have happened if his PC didn't bail out on him, his annoying ass phone stopped disabling new accounts being made for emergencies and Facebook didn't disable his three accounts...