NMIXX "DICE" M/V Teaser 2

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NMIXX "DICE" M/V Teaser 2

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  • The amount of power and charisma that kyujin has, she is insane!!! She can dance, sing and rap so perfectly, is so much talent for a such young girl!! A true center material!!

  • Oh lord, that choreo looks HARD! Hope they don't get injured. Can't wait for the comeback, already pre-ordered the album!

  • Pensé que iba a spoilear más la canción, pero no HICISTE UN TRABAJO GENIAL JYP!!

  • This comeback won't disappoint and I can guarantee that

  • aaaa the choreographer is insane to make my girls do the choreo that break their bones! They will gonna perform it in every music shows, just the whole entwurf era!! I hope they will take care of their body and I'm so excited I'll definitely would love this!💯🔥 짱믹스~~

  • Es My impresionante jyp está mejorando o haciendo mejor sus teaser y mv no dan tanta información de la canción y eso

  • They’re about to deliver with a great choreography performance again! Can’t wait for the live shows!


  • JYP is getting better and better with teasers 😭

  • OMG the one group from the 4th generation that sings live and they have this crazy choreos 😭❤‍🔥 I'm so proud of our babies

  • Can't deny that JYPe has the best GG when it comes to dancing skills


  • Kyujin is insane… she’s so young and so freaking powerful

  • Nmixx literally is going to be the best dance group of 4th generation

  • Estoy segura que el comemeback de nmixx será genial no puedo esperar que emoción

  • восхитительные танцы, прям завораживают

  • The Choreography is gonna kill me it will literally break my bones. If i try to dance it. 😭

  • Just came back from school and im so excited for their first ever comeback!

  • Now I know why kyujin assigned to be the center of the group

  • 와..티저들 다 미쳤네요..진심 너무 잘 나왔어요 ㅠㅠ 얼른 노래가 나왔으면 하네요..ㅠㅠ 제발 이번엔 엔믹스 확 떠서 많은 프로그램에 나오길..!! 🤍🤍