NMIXX "Love Me Like This" M/V

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NMIXX "Love Me Like This" M/V
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  • I think this marks the start of my stanning

  • the future of kpop. the perfect combination of talented members with likable personalities and amazing songs that has great choreos

  • NMIXX deserves more recognition from the world!!!

  • ID-tv deleted views but we're finally getting to 60M ❤❤❤ Fighting NSWER, love you NMIXX

  • NMIXX =1000 % VOCALS =1000 % QUEENS =1000 % MV =1000 % DANCES =1000 % VISUALS =1000 % FASHIONABLE =1000 % INSTRUMENTS =1000 % TOTALLY SLAYED =1000 %

    • its litterly one of the only 4 gen groups that are good at doing everything

    • @A no 🗿

    • ​@Han Estrella Liu yes

    • ​@Han Estrella Liu Yes they are perfect

    • @Han Estrella Liu yes.

  • JYP is insane for debuting the three hottest girls group's rn back to back


  • That minimalist concept for the MV was amazing! So we can appreciate their vocals and choreography more... JYP finally made a right choice.

    • Yet it’s full of storyline and it fits into their overall lore pretty good

    • jype not jyp lmao

    • @cierge bershka 🤷‍♀️

    • @Sweetheart_ wdym??

    • @cierge bershka They're both correct, different abbreviations of JYP Entertainment. A lot of fans just prefer JYPE because it clears up possible confusion between the company and JYP (Park Jinyoung, the founder). So, I’m not sure why you’re “laughing your ass off” when you’re the one in the wrong. It’s a bit embarrassing.

  • They got their first win, they’re doing really well on charts, and they’ve already hit 50 million views. This has already shaped up to be Nmixx’s best era yet. Let’s keep working hard too!

  • I can't stop listening to this song, a very cool and energetic song, we love you NMIXX !!

  • Kyujin totally slayed with her vocals

  • never realized how much i liked kyujin's tone until she did the opening line for this song


  • NMIXX is The most unique concept in kpop i ever stan! Their vocal & dance move are no joke!

  • Nmixx es un grupo tan talentoso,las amo demasiado

  • Nmixx is one of the best ggs right now. Amazing, experimental music, stanning music videos, super interesting lore with it's universe and story, extremely talented members who are good at both dancing AND singing, giving us breath taking performances with their stage presence and visuals, and them being really funny, they all have a great chemistry with each other which is very entertaining to watch. We love you NMIXX

  • Nswer's let's cheer hard for Nmixx . They are starting their showcase tour from today . Show all your love and support for them . Fighting

  • The mv is satisfying The dance is cool The rap is Cathy The voice is addicting Nmixx never disappointed us They always surprise us by giving outstanding mv.

  • I hope they continue with this type of songs. It's a perfect showcase of their vocals!

    • exactly. No "Nmixx, switch it up!!" Edit: yall I meant it genuinely as a joke. I just wanted to express the difference with this album and their debut. I have a love/hate relationship with the Nmixx switch it up part, but I like Nmixx's songs and Nmixx(my bias was jinni:( ), but if I made anyone uncomfortable, I'll delete my comment and I'm sorry for that too.

    • ​@Lemonspade be so serious. if you have nothing good to say about their music, you can leave. tons of people loved the change ups.

    • @Lemonspade the nmixx change up was super good i wish they used it this comeback but its cool to see their music without it but the nmixx change up really suited their comeback

    • @shua the other songs are trash. Be thankful others outside the fandom are actually tuning in.

  • Haewon's harmonizing and backup vocals were 🔥🔥🔥

  • I'm proud that I was supporting these girls even before their debut announcement as their name was jypn

  • Sullyoon 💯. Bae 💯 Haewon 💯. Kyujin 💯 Jiwoo 💯. Lily 💯 Vocals 💯. Dances 💯 Rap 💯. Visuals 💯 Never disappointed 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    • My jinni 😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢

    • @baby boss They should get over it now, I know it's sad that Jinni is leaving the group, but we have to get over it now

  • グループの良さが完璧に引き出されてる 最高。

  • The instruments, the vocal, the choreo, Everything is so good! This is so addictive!

  • these girls will be legends in the future, their hard work will lead them there, slowly but surely.

    • You went a bit too far they are just good

    • @Γαβριήλ Αλεξανδρής L

    • You saying this as if their nugu, they were literally nominated roty.They're already a household name in kpop

    • @FRIERENMX they are flops

    • ​@Γαβριήλ Αλεξανδρής and you are here exactly few minutes they just drop the song and you come, what a flop huh? You must be feel insecure

  • I going to stan them this song is bop


  • It's just two month ago but I already missing them a lot, I can't wait for their next comeback

    • sameee i hope they do an nmixx change in the next song, or atleast in a bside because that’s why i waited so long for this just to be kinda disappointed

    • Yessss! I need more NMIXX stuff

    • ​@chaezen I was expecting like DICE

    • Same😂 that's why there's content on their channel to keep us busy. Let's continue streaming

  • Gosh, Lily's visuals are no joke... Keep it up Nmixx!

  • True fact :that Nmixx is getting better and better. There songs has something, which attracted people to listen it more. They have the ability to be on top. Let's support them forever >3

  • Let's support NMIXX forever!!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • The way they started to appreciate sullyoon vocals❤

  • 0:54 this part is so majestic! STAN NMIXX 👁️👅👁️💅

  • NMIXX deserves 100 million views they worked so hard! Let's show our support to them NSWER we could do it!!

    • this song is really good. I feel like it didn't get enough hype

  • Knowing that they just debut recently but already setting their records in kpop indrusty is really insane.

  • Preciosa canción Nmixx tiene un estilo único en el Kpop.


  • my angels ❤

  • Nmixx vocals dont need auto tune. Sounds so amazing ,❤❤❤

  • I love the choreography. Nmixx always doing a good job. Fighting

  • Everything about this song is satisfying and addicting. The vocal, the dance, the rap, the chorus l love them 💜

  • it will be a scam if they don't win award for top10 this year ! Almost 60 million in only 2 months is impressive for a group that debuted just a year ago! It's 100% deserved because this song is a banger and the video is super aesthetically pleasing and ofc our talented girls worked super hard !!

    • not that impressive tbh, especially since they are from a big company

    • @Quan Vu theyre rookies.

    • @Quan Vu 60M for any group is impressive. dosent matter if theyre a big company its a big acheivment for anyone

    • @Quan Vugirlss they always said this group flop, then 60M with 2 months is IMPRESSIVE !

  • I knew they have the potential JYP just keep releasing good comeback for them in future as well 😭😭 This was so goooooooood 2023 Year of JYP

    • Even though 2022 was fail for jype this year they'll slay hard

    • @Anjan fail? POP TALK THAT TALK MANIAC?

    • @Jinniin one year … yh it’s bad

    • @Anjan Fail in what way, cause this was such a great financial year for them

  • The first song i learnt to of them is dice but at this time i don't knew who was my bias. Now, after listening to this masterpiece my bias are actually Haewon and Sullyoon. Continue like this Queens 👑

  • Lily's high note Jiwoo's rap Bae's chorus Sullyoon's pre chorus Haewon's chorus Kyujun's Bridge This song has everything!!!

  • A Bae é muito modelooo 🤭🤍🤍

  • Kpop is on fire these days days Every new release is on fire

  • Girlies are so talented. JYP needs to give them better MVs.

  • Jiwoo's rap Bae's chorus Sullyoon's pre chorus Lily's chorus Haewon's chorus Kyujin's Bridge This song has everything!!

    • For me jinni is everything ❤

    • Would be great a collaboration with Belinda would great the combination of voices. Some one success of Belinda as angel, bella Traición, lo siento, luz sin gravedad, en el amor hay que perdonar, dopamina, egoísta, en la oscuridad, nada, be free, la princesa, ni freud ni tu mama, gaia, Utopia, fuego, me encantaria, si tu me llamas,en la intimidad, las 12, etc. Speak english to the perfection since cheetah girls 2 in the year 2006. Belinda too sing in this movie. ..

  • I've been listening to this song for many times. Its so addicting alongside with Young,Dumb,Stupid. In my opinion NMIXX found their color in this comeback.

  • bae and sullyoon's pre chorus really took me to heaven..

  • i have loved every nmixx title track so much!! im so happy that we have a 4th gen girl group that really fits my taste now! them and everglow are the best!! and i LOVE this song and dance. they killed it as always!

  • The pre-chorus instrumental is so good (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

  • The outfits are so dope 🔥

  • People judged this song way too quickly. The choreo is sooo good The song is alsooooo very goood Gonna stan them now

  • This is crazy... Noo I'm going crazy.... The beats... The dance... The vocals.... The visuals.... Everything is so dope... I'm literally crazy for NMIXX.... Please they're just so amazing... Every time they surpass my expectations... They're way beyond I can ever expect... They're the definition of perfect!

  • i love this comeback so much

  • Vocal, dance, visual Queen

  • im a new fan this song made me stan NMIXX

  • I will support them when their next comeback!!! I love them sm!

  • NMIXXは世界でもトップのグループ!もっと輝ける最高のグループ!


  • Not a girl crush concept but is soft and charming Not a cute concept but is very elegant. Slayed!

  • Jiwoo slayed this concept so hard. Her duality is so unreal shining with her amazing dance moves and rap. She is my bias of this group 💙

  • I haven’t really liked their other songs but I LOVEEEEE this song!! I’m also seeing more and more NMIXX content and recognition and I love it cuz these girls deserve it

  • No me habían gustado mucho los temas que estaban sacando PERO SEÑORES, ESTO ES UN TE-MÓN! Alto fan de la voz de Lily y Haewon 2:32 ~ 2:46 mi parte favorita

    • 노래 좋아요 ❤❤❤❤❤

  • No one talks about how talented Bae is, although she doesn't have many lines but her voice is really amazing

    • No.. I'm here, I know she's talented and i'm proud of her❤❤❤ I think the line distribution of parts in this song is quite fair..

    • I love Bae 😫

    • I think she standout more with shorthair she kinda blend with this look unfortunately

    • ​@Jisoo Smasheven with the short hair people barely talked about her

    • this comeback is jiwoo's era. but trust me. i can't really help but fall in love with bae. she's so adorable.

  • NMIXX reminds me of Little Mix music style. Hope everyone will give these girls a chance coz they deserve it! So much talent!

  • Nmixx is a girl group who field up with telented people. They showcase their talent by dancing, rapping, voice and also performing on stages. There is no doubt that they will be the queen's of the new leadership revolution 🔥

  • Listening to this song everyday especially in the morning makes your day better, literally my heart blooms.

  • 노래 너무 너무 좋다 다들 보컬 실력도 미쳤고! 엔믹스 흥해라 🥰


  • "Young, Dumb, Stupid" MV 29M vi3ws in 10 days "Love Me Like This" MV 29M vi3ws in 2 days what a successful comeback! I love you NMIXX!

  • I enjoy this song so much. The music is fun and the dance is just super fun.

  • NMIXX just blew my mind! I didn't know songs were allowed to be this good!

  • please stream, they deserve 60M views before 2 months

  • I know it’s difficult for such young girls to live idol’s life (and get that much hate) but I wish they know that there are so many fans that love them, don’t let the hate comment affect you because there will be always someone who will complain. For every hater there are thousands of fans!! Nswer love NMIXX and will always do! Keep fighting girls, we will always support you because you’re talented and beautiful. FIGHTING NMIXX, WE LOVE YOU SOO MUCH

  • Jiwoo best rapper and dancer Sullyoon best vocalist and visual Haewon best leader and vocalist Kyujin best rapper and maknee Bae best dancer and vocalist Lily best vocalist and dancer Love you nmixx Love me like this, love me like that keep on my mind everywhere

  • NMIXX is getting better and better. They never disappoint us. What a great song! The vocals, the visuals, and the choreo are all perfect. Let's support and give them 1st win. They will deserve to win.

    • 💖❣

    • Real talk, do you really believe this 🤣

    • ㅇㅈㅠㅠ

    • 100th like is mine :)

    • no problem with the new year to you by the way to get the cheapest prices on the phone issue of the most important

  • this comeback is serving everything it needs to

  • I pray that these talented and hardworking girls will be more well received in the future.. they totally deserve it.

  • 59 millones mis amores ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ la amooooo🎉

  • 100% looks 100% vocal 100%scenario 100% beautiful I love nmixx "love me like this" :)

  • Nmixx vocals are amazing 🤩

  • This group deserves all our support, they are pure talent, today we reach 30 million and we are going for more. They deserve their first win.

  • #LoveMeLikeThis by @NMIXX_official is No. 11 on the Billboard South Korea Songs Chart this week

  • The pre-chorus of this song is a masterpiece

  • this will def age well, 2 months later and it's still a bop

  • Nswers please don't leave this song. It still has a lot of potential to be a success.

    • im literally streaming it every day since it came out cause im obsessed with it


  • this is a bop, the chorus and the choreography slap. I love how funky the outfits and the hairstyles are. This sound suits Nmixx’s charms a lot, it’s so addictive and irresistible, this is one of their best comebacks, and it’s thrilling to see the girls developing a new style, which would appeal to a larger audience, the whole comeback screams originality, freshness, and catchiness and I am looking forward to the promotions, best of luck !

  • The harmony at the near end of the song is insane. U guys have all of my support, period.

  • Suka banget sama comeback ini ❤. Cocok banget juga sama konsep mereka

  • Appreciate Bae's voice 😻😩

  • The beat is giving fifth harmony The concept is giving sub urban The aesthetic is giving stayc The dance is giving little mix I love this song so much ❤️❤️

    • So true

    • Sorry but dance is not giving little mix LMFAOO

  • It took my a while to get used to, BUT HOLY MOLY THEY ARE SO TALENTED 👏

  • 1. they look amazing 2. ugh this song is so GOOD!!! it fits them so well 3. everything about this was iconic the clothes,the hair, the clothes, the DANCING 4.just amazing

    • 絶対に翻訳するなよ?🇲🇳 तिमीलाई श्राप दिइएको छ । हप्तामा हड्डीहरू बिस्तारै भाँच्छन्। यदि तपाईंले यो श्रापलाई बेवास्ता गर्नुभयो वा यसलाई ध्यान नदिई छोड्नुभयो भने, तपाईंको शरीर असामान्य हुनेछ। मद्दत गर्ने एक मात्र तरिका मसँग दर्ता गर्नु हो

    • @フリスクチャンネル 🤣k lekheko

    • FR FR FR

    • Copying izone 😊

  • Nmixx son tan talentosas, de los mejores grupos femeninos actuales, las apoyare siempre al igual que a jini.

  • カムバしてから毎日聴いてるけど全然飽きない!各メンバーの能力が高いから何回見ても毎回圧倒されてる。朝からNMIXXのMVを観るはもう習慣です!

  • Luego de un mes, me encanta esta cancion, es muy buena 🥺🥺🥺😎😎