[NMIXX] "Young, Dumb, Stupid" Performance Video

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[NMIXX] "Young, Dumb, Stupid" Performance Video

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  • I'm all in on the Jiwoo hype train for this comeback. I'm so happy for her. Hopefully, Bae shines in the future too.

    • yess, i will be wait for every members turn

    • ​@졔리Jelly Bae is the tallest one in NMIXX. In here she's the one with the Pastel Blue and Yellow UCLA shirt with jeans

    • Which one

    • Ofc don't worry..

  • I love Jiwoo's confidence! Loving the line distribution!

  • Nobody: Absolutely no one: JYPE: We're gonna do it ourselves while we wait for Studio Choom. This performance is 🔥. I can't wait for the live perfs. Slaymixx! Also Kim Jiwoo!

    • Fr tho i thought it was studio choom who released it

    • @Avanjay Closa div4 is just another division under JYPE. div4 employees are paid by JYPE, all Nmixx comebacks and promotions are also paid by JYPE.

    • ​@Avanjay Closa but JYP posted MV teaser of their comeback "expérgo" on their channel not NMIXX

    • It’s SQU4D who did this not JYPe, have you seen other JYPe group done this? Only NMIXX meaning the one handling them did this idea which is DIVISION 4 (SQU4D) that’s why it posted in NMIXX YT Channel not in JYP YT Channel.

    • But besides Studio Choom nowadays almost every group is releasing the performance version within days of the mv release, unless you mean the studio 😅

  • this is such a bop, i don't care what anyone says! also Kyujin is so cute with her facial expressions. and Jiwoo kills it! nothing but bops from NMIXX.❤

  • This jiwoo's hairstyle is probably my favorite look of her. She's shining so much it was hard to focus on others, sullyoon looks so pretty in pink and kyujin's looking so pretty in that hairstyle. They are all amazing

    • I like jiwoo's hairstyle too and I like how most of them maintain a light dye color in this era

  • 2:26 realmente no hay como Jiwoo 😭 estoy tan orgullosa de las chicas, amo que las líneas de mi bias sean tan icónicas, 😭😭😭😭

  • Wow, they went all out with the camera work here, it really elevated the performance. 👏

    • @jvz nope but they sampling a common child song/nursery rhythm for the chorus (1:03-1:12)

    • @jekkuthebold it’s not a physical person behind the camera

    • yeah but only two of them did good with the facial expressions the rest looks dead

    • ​@Zoey Zoey nope

    • Aespa thing

  • They made the right choice by choosing to promote this song, i hope they perform it on music shows too

    • I'm 100% sure that they will perform this song with the title on music shows

  • El coro regresa infancias, la coreo tan divertida, me encanta muchoo. Esta definitivamente es la era de Jiwoo se ve hermosa y su rap increíble

    • ​@Atzuyiita Ponce ese es el sample origuinal XD

    • Amii me recuerda a la de martinillo donde estas 😅😅

    • Te regresa a la infancia porque se fusilaron los acordes de "Estrellita donde estás" XDDD

    • @RigUis Joha la lechuza la lechuza hace sh hace sh

  • Lily es realmente hermosa y su voz es increíble ❤! Me encanta la presencia escénica de Jiwoo y lo mucho que resalta en esta canción! NMIXX lo están haciendo increíble!❤

  • The camera captured the individual member moments perfectly, as well as the sequential group moves. This brilliant and clever camerawork totally did the individual members justice, and didn't bias anyone. Excellent performance MV.

  • Menurut saya nmixx ini group generasi ke 4 yg semua membernya hebat di vocal&dance, Gak semua Group pandai menari&punya vocal kuat tapi nmixx punya dua itu, poin plusnya semua member punya visual diatas rata"

  • THE CAMERA WORK!! All of them did a good job, but Jiwoo's charisma here is on another level!

  • 우와~~~ 이거지~~~ 이걸 원했었지~~ 상큼발랄, 최고의 보컬리스트들, 최고의 댄서들, 최고의 래퍼들, 최고의 비쥬얼들~~ 누가 따라올수 있것어? 엔믹스 큰건했다. 최고~~

    • ​@[랑]두치 Y2K스타일도 너무 찰떡같이 소화하죠. 그런데 멍청이들이 태클 거는게 너무 심하네요.

    • 개인적으로 헤메 의상도 너무 맘에드네요 얘들하고 너무 잘 어울림 ㅋ

  • какая красивая съемка😭 очень рада за девочек, что на них ничего не жалеют!❤️‍🩹 они заслуживают быть популярными

    • @Мария Базикян Братец Яков (фр. Frère Jacques) я слышал эту мелодию в другом контексте, так что, скорее всего, это просто одна мелодия, используемая для детских стишков на разных языках (поиск сказал, что эта же мелодия есть в английском nursery rhyme "are you sleeping brother John") а вот конкретно русский аналог вспомнить не могу

    • @Мария Базикян тоже самое не могу понять где еë слышала

    • Может вы знаете, какая тут детская песенка играет Очень знакомая мелодия но названия все никак не могу вспомнить

    • @ками ли спасибо

    • @blackpink_in_your_area сольюн

  • jiwoo is SHINING this era 😍🙌

  • Es muy buena la coreografia me encanta.. se siente mas la presencia de JIWOO :) la voz de LILY enamora x3

  • I have said this since predebut and I’m gonna say this once again. JIWOO IS SOOO PRETTYYY

  • Choreography NMIXX emang mantaplah. Dance mereka juga hebat!! Semangat NMIXX untuk comeback mendatang..

    • @MEKSO 믘써 Official 💀💀💀

    • @MEKSO 믘써 Official gak, gada miripnya sm antifragile/omg, dan musiknya juga nyambung² aja gda mix²nya karena ini cuma bside track mereka.

    • ​@MEKSO 믘써 Official 😂😂😂gua mah ketawa aja😅 makasih udah nyempet2in mampir jauh2😮

    • ​@MEKSO 믘써 Official o

  • la energía de jiwoo 📈📈


  • Every thing is perfect The MV The dancing The vocals The rap The photographing The makeup😅

  • This is absolutely Jiwoo's Queen era, she ate the whole performance ❤

  • I like that every member have your own color. Jiwoo with rap, sullyoon with the delicate and high part,kyujin dance skills and energetic parts,lily with strong vocals,haewon with bridges and calm parts,bae with indie part

  • NMIXX never disappoints. You even get more excited whenever they release a song

  • Love the cameraman work, right!!, He did a good job, and all of u girls, i love the choreo u did so clean and cute!!! Also Jiwoo is slaying, Let's Go!!!💗 Love u Nmixx

  • 0:59 부터 설윤이 점프하는 것까지 앵글 미쳤다 카감 누구에요 진짜 대박

    • Preciosas mis chicas

    • 요즘 제왑에서 나오는 댄스 퍼포먼스 카메라 무빙 정말 쩜 ㅋㅋ 다른 팬들이 부러워 할 정도로 ㅋㅋ

  • NMIXX, tremendo grupo completo

  • 엔믹스는 진짜 다 잘한다..춤도 보컬도 쫜득스 이번노래 쭈아

  • I loved the camera moves, they killed it

  • I don't care what anyone says. This song is so youthful and bright in the best ways and the nursery rhyme interpolation is a good decision. It brings out our inner child, it's addictive, and this song is so spring-like. The choreography utilizes the youthful like feel, and the camera work for this video just tops it off. Good Job NMIXX!! (Other K-pop Songs that I personally like that gives that youthful feel : StayC's Teddy Bear, Itzy's Sneakers, Red Velvet's Red Flavor)

    • AGREE!!! 💯 you sum up my thoughts

    • this song is catchy, why don t they like this

    • @I’m me All day everyday soooo like at this point if u don’t like the song why are u here now? The song has been out for a minute now….it’s because deep down you like it lol….

    • @Mes ye the people that are just hating for the sake of hating are very childish

  • Jiwoo is the whole package, girl slayed right through


  • I love NMIXX songs, since they debut.

  • 데뷔하자마자 미친 외모로 설윤이 화제가 되고, 애초에 엔믹스의 정체성인 규진이랑 릴리를 제외하면 해원이랑 베이는 또오해원 덕분에 인지도 엄청 올라가고, 나머지 남은 지우 마저도 이번 컴백을 위해서 미친듯이 예뻐지고 이번 곡 주인공으로 세워두니까 모든 멤버가 드디어 엔믹스로 뭉쳤다는 생각이 듦.. 모든게 전략이었을까? 이 행보가 진짜 감탄만 나옴

  • Visual, dance, vokal, lagu dapet semua keren pokok nya, NMIXX memang yang terbaik❤

  • Vocals✅ Dance ✅ Visuals✅ Outfits ✅ Expressions ✅ Swag ✅ Nmixx really slayed it . Each member is shining in this song . Camera work was awesome . Can't wait for their comeback . Nmixx Fighting 🥰❤️

  • 최고를 받을 자격이 있는 훌륭한 밴드

  • Lily high note is not a joke it's so amazing and stunning

  • I will support NMIXX FOREVERRR!!!

  • The acapella is SLAY!

  • Lily and Bae’s vocals are just Perfect 🤩!!!!!

  • song 💯 dance 💯 vocal 💯 visual 💯 camera work 💯

    • ​​@Ace Kelizers 441 ignorance from your side 💯

    • Looked for the camera work 💯

    • Nursery Rhymes 💯✨

  • I don’t care what y’all say, the chorus fucking SLAPS

  • I don't know but I think this is Haewon's era, she's so good!! 😭

    • @Im Forever Ah yes! Jiwoo too. She def got so many lines this time

    • Expérgo is jiwoo's era^^ but yes haewon got more line for this comeback ♡

  • NMIXX's vocals give me neverending chills. Bae's falsetto, Jiwoo's rap flow, Lily's high notes, Haewon's ending. YDS gives 2000 era vibes


  • 이번노래 과하게 부담스럽지도 않고 청량하고 톡톡튀는 느낌나서 넘 좋다. 입덕할거 같아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Dance mereka sangat bagus, Aku menyukai coreoghraphy nya, Nmixx memang yang terbaik, mereka selalu memberikan dan menampilkan yang terbaik

    • @Alex Djuan nursery rhyme

    • @M. Alvi Syahrin oh iya , thanks infonya 👍

    • ​@Alex Djuan Brother John kalo ga salah

    • Lagu di bagian ref itu diambil dari lagu apa sih? Kayak lagu anak-anak tapi gak inget judulnya 😂

    • Benar sekali

  • This song is really capable to brighten someone's day 😗🩷

  • мои любимые девочки) NMIXX самая невероятная группа во вселенной! группа, где собраны одни таланты) Джиу в этот раз сияет еще ярче чем обычно🔥🔥🔥

  • Jiwoo getting momentum now she is so center material ❤️

  • 1:46 heavenly voice 🎶🎼

  • NMIXX are just freaking talented


    • Ella ya lo tenía, solo que no lo hacían notar yo desde la primera canción dije ella es genial en todo sentido

    • 💖💝💓❣💞💖

    • este no es el cb, es un bside ajkaskj

  • such a BOP! Congrats NMIXX! 🎉

  • _Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo and Kyujin are so precious and adorable._

  • O refrão dessa música no Brasil sempre vai ser : Meu lanchinho, meu lanchinho, vou comer ,vou comer, pra ficar fortinho ,pra ficar fortinho e crescer e crescer 😂🇧🇷 música da infância de Maisa de de uns 20 anos 😅

  • 1:00 ame los movimientos de la camara❤❤


  • 지우의 재발견 _Jiwoo slayed this song with her perfect rap and dance. In addition her visual is so cute and satisfying._

  • 한명 한명 다 빛나고 매력적인데 이 곡에선 지우가 제대로 보여서 너무 좋아요♡ 보컬에 놀라고 미모에 놀라고 퍼포에 놀라는 엔믹스😍 음방에서 타이틀이랑 이 곡 둘다 퍼포 보여주면 좋겠어요 기대합니당!!! 노래 귀에서 딱 붙어서 떠나질 않네요 O.O

  • i love their OUTFITSS especially lily and jiwoossssss

  • Damn!!! If all kpop groups performance videos camera work were like this they’d all be 🔥

  • 애들 전체적으로 다 잘 나왔네 규진이가 진짜 레전드로 잘 나옴 너무조아


  • The camera-work is next level this time also Jiwoo's dance and new hair color is really nice 💖😲

  • Son unas reinas

  • I live for every Lily high note in NMixx songs ❤

  • Elas estão poderosas demais... Amei!

  • haewon and lily are so good! in my opinion, they are natural performers like, they don’t need to exaggerate their expressions to steal the attention. nmixx is doing a great job and i’m sure lots of success is waiting for them this year


  • jiwoo bias wrecked me so hard this comeback. her bae and sullyoon shined so much in this! love it


  • que linda canción y las chicas muy lindas y talentosas

  • Yooo baes voice is no joke! She sounds like an angel when singing!


  • 🎵🎶Polegares,polegares,onde estão?aqui estão!eles se saúdam,eles se saúdam....💗🎵🎶

  • Young, Dumb, Stupid is a very cool song with a positive message to the youth. And this performance video just showed how adorable they're😂. OMG.. so cute

  • I've never been a fan of this concept, but it really suits these girls. They're cool, I want to be a fan of them... NMIXX LET'S GO!

  • El manejo de camara,es algo que se debe elogiar.

  • Mis niñas son tan talentosas

  • Wow, our girls are shining 😭💖

  • They always surprise me with their dance skills 😮

  • Ga bosan2nya aku dengerin lagu ini, ditambah choreonya unik, ceria dan berwarna.. Semoga tahun ini Nmixx banyak Win 😊

    • @jiminie cute Justru baguslah, sekarang dah jarang banget lagu2 bocil.. Yang penting enak didengar 🤭

    • @jiminie cute lagu bocil biarin lagu ini ngebuat org nostalgia sm masa kecilnya 😋

    • kaya lagu bocil

    • Aamiin

    • setuju bgt

  • Lily's vocal never disappoints and she also improved in dancing!

  • Son de lo mejor que se pueda ver y escuchar

  • i love what jiwoo voice add to this song! her voice gives the song an extra layer with her parts

  • Me mata sullyoon, demasiado Bella y tierna ❤❤❤❤🥹😍😍😍

  • My fellow Nswers, Let's make Love me like this hit 60m in a day, it's possible if we all work together, We can do this guys, NSWERS UNITE!

  • Freakin in love with the camerawork! Look at our cutie swag jiwoo shinning and stunning this Comeback!! Dont judge her too early.. Their synchronisation INSANE THO.. they keep improving a lot

  • I love this song so much. It is so catchy

  • The Camera work of JYPE is at the next level, so fascinating. I really love how it emphasizes the choreo with their different approaches in different directions. It's as if the camera is dancing with them. It would be really great if this will happen to the rest of the JYP groups as well in the future. Can't really expect the music shows to have this kind of camera work.

  • This is addicting!!!! I love their dance and cute song

  • las amooooo😍😍

  • I understand and respect that some people did not enjoy BUT THATS FINE MORE FOR ME TO ENJOY AND BLAST THIS SONG OUT FOR THE WOLRD ( My area ) to hear. I played this song while I was at work and MY COWORKERS WERE DANCING LIKE THEIR WAS NO TOMORROW SOOOOOOO FUTURE NSWERS IN THE MAKING ♥️♥️♥️♥️


  • This is Jiwoo and Kyujin’s era for sure. Kyujin was so fun to watch and looked like she enjoyed it the most and Jiwoo… MAN SHE WAS AMAZING BEAUTIFUL AND FIREEEE. Love both of them.

  • Kyujin's outfit is just so creative and awesome!!!

  • Jiwoo starts the song perfectly. She has such a powerful aura and she eats every choreography she’s given. Pop off sis!!!! 💜💜