NO QUIT 🤯 The TOUGHEST Performance In ONE History?

Dipublikasikan tanggal 26 Jun 2022
Dive into the archives and relive the incredible welterweight MMA showdown between American veteran Caros Fodor and South Korean fighter Seung Ho Yang in 2013!

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  • tremendous fight Much respect, to both athletes!

  • so tough ! How could he survive those crazy lock ,he is a great warrior!

  • He deserves a rematch. He fought like a lion.

  • Wow. Kudos to both of them. The Korean fighter was so tough.

  • Big respect for Tommy Yang but he clearly lost this fight from the first minute , what a punishment , I would have giving it up after the first round for sure , great performance from Carlos pure domination 👍

  • wish more mma fights were like this, like Chandler v Gaethje, or Jones v Gustafson

  • wow huge respect to both fighters

  • Huh! How durable this Korean fighter. A fantastic match.

  • Sou campeão mundial de braço de ferro e gosto muito do canal

  • Nice never give up respect :) strong man tough

  • The Koreans are tough💪🏻good fight

  • Now also You've fought well.But you've to practice and traine more my dear Korean 🙏🏾Next game will be your chance ❤️

  • tough but abrupt

  • last man standing 💪

  • Full spirit... Is a soul of asian fighter. Win or lost....just a kind of a present

  • What a banger!

  • Bukan cuma mengandalkan kekuatan dan keberanian tapi jyga diperlukan "otak " yang cerdas !

  • He looks much underweight to his counterpart

  • 아유 개고생하며 좋은 경험 했네

  • Incredible

  • Nice fight but a couple more like this and I advise retirement. 🤷‍♂️

  • Tommy = warrior

  • (7:00) Tommy ate those hooks like Scooby snacks and smiled at him through bloody mouthpiece. Savage. 🤣💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • When you fight that bad, you have to be that tough. Mixed Martial Arts....Back in the day, you had to at least be proficient in 2 Martial arts. No keyboard warrior here but seriously anyone who has spent 6 months in training would have seen not a single solid punch thrown, not a single solid knee, kick thrown. Its like they learn 3 BJJ moves & hit the ring. The reason he lasted was not due to toughness but because both of them really should be putting those white belts on. Dont get into the ring if you dont have the basics, your older you will thank you for that.

  • Never say die game.

  • I am American but I Love Koreans some Americans think too much about themselves

    • exactly and many of them don’t think at all

  • That was a good fight

    • Was it? It just looked like the korean fighter was taking a beating most of the time.


  • I love the rules in one. The rampant steroid use doesn't hurt either.

    • Steroid use? Just like all other sports you mean?

  • what a war!!

  • He got nothing except eating punches and kicks, quite durable. Such fighters are called Punch Bags Fighters, they are good for target practising.

  • The Korean punching bag

  • Winner but playing like kids

  • ทำไม่ยอมแพ้ทั้งที่ไม่มีทางสู้

  • My korean friend. YOu do not have plan. You are waiting for the other guy make a move and hurt you. Your boxing is not good, The other guy bigger than you. You really need to fight smart.

  • Koreans are tough, durable people.

    • @Shamel Sanders the comment was meant to be a generality and not for the exception. Get it?

    • @Freki Bodgaedir ppppp

    • @Freki Bodgaedir it is the person how could you disagree some people stand off from there demographics norms

    • @mariana portilla I don't agree. 🤷‍♂️

    • You could say that about any semantics

  • Cũng chỉ vì cơm áo gạo tiền mà anh ấy không bỏ cuộc.

  • Cheer Korean from Asian fans

  • The other board big but nothing

  • Bọn này khỏe chịu đòn thật nó mà phụt em nào thì... cứ gọi là... tràn giếng 😄😄😄😄😄

  • Was I was a teen I had a fight with ab Korean kid in the snow. I hit him in he head and face so many times and literally sprained both risk. They are tough. We became friends later.

    • Funny, when i battled hard in fights in grade school thru high school, i became friends with most of my adversaries later on also.

  • 😱😱

  • gigih👍👍


  • ทุกขเวทนา... Dughawedna!

  • Korean has no technique. He should choose different profession

  • No kick need to learn only wrestling

  • waw Good

  • 🤙

  • No da head buttingzzz

  • เสียชื่อมวยไทยหมด มาแข่งทำไหม..เสียเปรียบกติของพวกเขา

  • Ataya tawhana apil-apil man dihas MMA gapakulata rman

  • Only the American was fighting, other was just standing/sleeping 😃😃😃😃👎👎👎👎

  • The wrestling is SO BAD. Liek genuinely high school level.

  • Ternyata Orang Caines hanya jagobd film🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @Rusdin Lapele :Commentator said Korean. Not Chinese. Btw work on your spelling. You can't even spell correctly using your own language ffs. 🤦 "Cina" not "Caines" 😂

    • Kebanyakan nonton film lu bang kwkwkwk

    • Dia org korea bang

  • Lol. No más

  • ทำไมไม่ตีศอกบ้างละ

  • need support 60fps -_-

  • ไม

  • That was a draw. Rigged!!

  • Boring fight

  • Cina fq....👎👎👎👎