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IntroSong: TheFatRat - Infinite Power!
Hex Cougar & KUURO - Warning Signs [Monstercat Release]
Egzod - Rise Up (ft. Veronica Bravo & M.I.M.E) [NCS Release]
NEFFEX - Light It Up
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Hi there!
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👉I am from India.
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👉My Mobile Legends Profile id is 746578 , follow me!
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👉Asus ROG Phone 2
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👉I use in-built screen recorder
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👉Using Wondershare Filmora Software (PC)

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  • SORRY #WXFAM 🙏 for the late upload. Enjoy the show and share the video with everyone 😘

    • Sir u r my inspiration and everything i start using franco after watching your videos please sir please give me 1 franco skin any one please sir. My id:505893354 Ign:thë DeaDly FARter plz give me 1 skin sir please

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  • I'm your lover

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  • Your hook is just ❤️ ...

  • Bro you hook like a God!!

  • 6:05 you are the best Franco player oh my God 👏👏👏 Btw I play a lot Franco and I don't have skin pls can you gift me one pls wheatfield nightmare Liked and shared all af your vids 👍good work

  • 3:57 hylos ay unsub make ur qualaty 720

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  • MY franco record is 12 kill 14 assist franco skin is miner

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  • Why is tung's voice everywhere? Is already installed in my head?

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  • promote my channel dude pls

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  • Everyone says franco skin is a copy of odin but if we look at Avenger end game thor have a belly and thunder so according to me its more like thor .😅😅jst my opinion

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  • Franco: hooks an enemy Teammates:ATTACK!!

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