OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

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OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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  • Its going around 400 on ebay. One of best u can get for 400 bucks. S10 is close but that 90hz display.......

  • When are they gonna get more in stock lol

  • F IPHONE! Android products way better

  • The best thing about the phone is that I don't need to cover the selfie camera when I am jerking off

  • freak camera i want PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can someone respond and let me know about how at 5:29 he says 6/8/12 gigs of ram when I buy the phone do I have to look for like specifically the 12gig

  • Does this phone has live photo / motion photo feature ?

  • Watching from this phone 😂

  • Would you still recommend this phone in 2020?

  • Wtf 10.5 k subscribe

  • PAID REVIEW u don't talk about the cons of the phone

    • What cons

  • Hey brownlee it seems that the onplus pays you as you don't talk about the bad viewing angle but only 90 Hz How practical is that display in refresh rate not even PUBG support 90Hz no practical use this is a paid review

    • Dude its not oneplus fault not supporting 90hz in pubg. U need to blame pubg not supporting above 60hz......moron.

  • I get this phone on friday as my second driver😉 i hope i like it😁😁😁😁

  • Considering price and configuration which one will be better oneplus 7 pro or oneplus 7t pro?? Need opinion

    • You might aswell wait because i think the oneplus 8 is coming out in may

  • I wanted this one but ther are out of stock on oneplus web

  • The only way I might get it for my birthday is because my current phone cant charge to 100%, its smaller, and I can't play AR games, like fnaf ar

  • Ugh another iphone sucker. Goodbye

  • Hi eld. Bro how are you???

  • I wanna get the iPhone for the camera but but like the screen on this is still so.....idk it calls me lol Like it just looks soooo good. Plus it's a great stock version of Android....ahh shit here we go again

  • Pop-up camera rated for 300,000 pop-ups = 100 pop ups a day for 10 years!!

  • “First of all, it’s huge!” That’s what she said.

  • too big for me and rounded corners are a no no

  • Great video and overall awesome phone. I also just released my OnePlus 7 Pro unboxing and review. Have a look 😊

  • Give me only one flagship mobile,😒😒😒

  • It's been great so far.

  • Nah the iphone 11 series don't have high refresh rate screens 😅

  • Bought a OnePlus 7 Pro because of this. Now I'm watching it on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Thanks Marques!

    • @EthAnimations I got a lucky deal man, it was around 500 USD (converted) when i got it. Loving it so far

    • Lucky. Do u enjoy it? Ive been thinking about it.

  • Don't forget to mention that the VIDEO camera quality is 4K 60 FPS is super good, so there isn't only negatives about the camera!

  • Curved display? No thanks. Next!

  • I caught your 2019 smartphone awards and as always man you are the foundation of all tech tubers. I use the OnePlus 7 Pro myself and I notice you use the 7T Pro McLaren these days in 2020. I am wanting to import a UK Model 7T Pro McLaren and put my 7 Pro up. The problem is that I found a brand new extremely rare US model Aura Red Note 10. From what I understand there are only 5 of the Aura Red US models released by Samsung. If I get the 7T Pro McLaren I'd have to sell my Aura red note 10. Anyways I have a small ID-tv channel and I too voted the 7 pro to be the best smartphone of all 2019. It's unmatched. I love it. I never get tired of it and I use it as my daily phone. Keep up the great content and congrats on 10 MILLION SUBS!! I can't begin to imagine brother. Kashton AMobilePointofView

  • Watching this video in Feb 2020 And still liking this phone And stong plan to buy this beauty Pls will anyone recomand me this in feb 2020?

  • Who came here sfter seeing mkbhd smart phone awards and saw the 7 pro won phone of the year

  • Why is the 7T more expensive now?

  • no nfc no 3.5 audio more sucks, what do i need to buy mp3 player separated..

  • Best phone 2019 💪

  • don't care about annything expect the display and the oxygenOS😋😋😋

  • Wallpaper?

  • Check the description nice

  • p30 pro all around phone

  • Can't afford still watching review Thats crazyyy

  • Just bought it yesterday, best phone I've ever had

    • How's the battery life? What percent do you end your day with?

  • 4:38

  • 2:32 ... Oled? Isn't it AMOLED

    • @jun park no bruh amoled and led are different... Oled gives u more details even in dark portions when amoled fails to geet details and amoled is more vibrant than olded...... Check video on jerry rig Everything

    • Wrong dude. AMOLED is OLED. Its just Samsung marketing skim. Just like QLED is just like LED.

    • Yeah fluid amoled...mistake...😂

  • Does the phone turn off in cold weather like when you’re outside and temperature at 32 degree Fahrenheit

  • anyone know how to get the google search bar widget to have the Google assistant orbs like in the video? My search bar only shows the mic

  • I just want a smaller sized OP

  • Everyone talking about thanos purple and gamora green I want falcon brown and drax grey with purple lines

  • One Plus 7 Pro does not get to share the Internet through the WiFi / Share area. In case you want to share the internet with other devices through the WiFi / share zone of the One Plus 7 Pro the zone it is created correctly, but when the devices connect to the WiFi zone created by the One Plus 7Pro, there is no connection. In a few words, if you are one of those who share the internet at other devices, with the One Plus 7 Pro it will be impossible with some mobile companies, in my case we tried with two different SIM cards, with one you could share with another no, so watch that. A pity, because the mobile is a pass, except the battery that does not yield to 100x100, what bothered me most, was the issue of sharing my internet, since I use it in my Android car. PS: If anyone has the solution it would be fantastic, regards.

  • If this phone were waterproof and without edge... just if....

  • No headphone jack? No thanks shit phone same as every other one same look as every other one. One plus phones are shit they just copy everyone else.

    • @jun park Plenty of people use headphones just go down the street you will see lots. It's not dead as some people like to think it is just because Samsung and apple are removing them doesn't mean you have to copy them. You just getting on the bandwagon and trying to be hip and saying headphones jacks are finished. They will be around for much longer no matter what a few people say.

    • Who still use 3.5mm jack? I havent used one for years.......even before they removed 3.5mm jack. Are u the one of those people that still use bundled earbuds?......

    • @ItzDom Yeah it's shit and a joke it makes hardly no difference how thin a phone is because of a headphone jack.

    • Well sadly 90% of phones don't have a head phone jack and because of that it's shit. Nice...

  • No one Marquess: I’ve been using the iPhone 12 max plus sss xxx tentacion lite for 7 years now

  • Battery is a dealbreaker for me...

  • did anyone make the camera mod?

  • 28 hours battery run time , with 6 hours 16 mins screen on time first run with phone 100% to 1%. 90 hz refresh rate at 50 - 60 % brightness. Checking again with a few days usage again after two updates. Hopefully it will be better yet 👍

  • If this phone had better battery life, FAST wireless charging, better cameras and guaranteed water resistance, I think no more phones would need to made.

  • nobody: Marques Brownlee: this phone starts at $669 nice

  • You have been good video mading

  • Very nice Phone ... BUT! i don't buy ONEPLUS hardware because the Support ist soooooooooooooooooo terrible

    • Why is it bad?

  • damn thats look like the fucckin future

  • Can we get a follow up now that One UI is out. I have heard massive improvements in camera and some in battery performance as well.