Overengineering the LONDON UNDERGROUND in Mini Metro!

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The prequel to Mini Motorways, Mini Metro is a fantastic minimalist puzzle game where you design and manage train networks in the style of underground subway maps. I looks fantastic, but will my professional engineer skills help me in Mini Metro?

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About Mini Metro:

Mini Metro is a minimalistic subway layout puzzle game. Your small city starts with only three unconnected stations. Your task is to connect them with subway lines. Everything but the line layout is handled automatically; trains run along the lines as quickly as they can, and the commuters decide which trains to board and where to make transfers.

However the city is constantly growing, along with the transport needs of its population. How long can you keep the subway system running before it grinds to a halt?


  • Pause the video at 7:03

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  • Не понимаю, это старая версия или что? Если хотя бы близко так же плохо играть (дублировать типы станций с одним поездом с одним вагоном), то даже трёх недель не проживёшь. А у него тут повторы по три, пересечения без пересадок, ещё и по одному поезду на линию с 8+станциями...

  • I am trying to figure out the logic here. Metro had to close because of overcrowding? Isn’t that what you want in a metro?

  • Those three shapes have a whole different meaning after watching squid game

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  • “the triangle is superior” as a math enjoyer, no. circle.

  • Is it just me or the first thing that came to mind was "Squid Game"?

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  • This looks so annoying... I already love this game !

  • Hi there. Cool Channel. Can you give us a summary of Road Network Design Software that can simulate like the games. Thanks

  • 0:29 after watching squid game if I were you I’d change my mind about that

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  • I guess the mistake was to not to make enought change stations

  • Highway designer my ass. No wonder infrastructure's in shit.

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  • 0:23 Anyone watching in October will know that they're not 'any old shape' but the squid game staff shapes

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  • Haha the weeks show up in the beginning!

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  • This game is shapeist

  • When you get the triangle joke. Proud of my engineer knowledge

  • 5:30 Brits: You have just offended our society

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  • 7:00 Why did the stations become woman?

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  • Have you ever played city skyline it is literally made for you.

  • I'm new to the whole pc thing can you install from steam

  • everyone knows the Glasgow underground is the best in the world 😂😂😂😂

  • you are noob asols

  • Ghost-lining is a good idea: drag a line from a crowding station to a relevant destination and delete the line as soon as the train departs, then you can draw another one and another as long as you have trains on your inventory. The deleted lines become transparent like ghosts and disappear as soon as the train arrives at the nearest station and unloads people. Then the train goes either back to the inventory or your next pending line. There can be quite a few ghost lines at the same time depending on your locomotive park. This way helps unload crowded stations on the go. I always keep the last line for this purpose. There's another hack with ghost-lining. Say, there's 5 round-guys and 1 plus-guy on a station. I drag a line from that station to the round-station nearest to the plus-station, so that the train picks up all 5+1 passengers. But keep in mind the direction of your locomotives if you drag a ghost-line to a circle line. Make sure that the plus-guy has the shortest distance left to travel to the plus-station after it gets off with its 5 round fellow passengers. If the departure station and the plus-station are on the same line, then just draw your ghost-line to the round-station and continue to the plus-station. Otherwise, the plus-guy will think it useless to get on your ghost-line and the locomotive will depart with one vacant seat. As has been said in the comments, loop lines are more effective than non-loops. They're more effective if you give them two trains moving in opposite directions.

  • I really like this game

  • when you realise you can loop the metros

  • Btw, you can extend lines by dragging

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  • 5:27 In Spain they teach us some British TV shows that's how I got that reference to that soap opera that has been going for the same time as Queen Elizabeth II.

  • 2:05The u shape from sideways but easily looks like a c the way it is 😂

  • It is the beginning of Week 2, with the new rules for that week.

  • 7:02

  • I bugged this game so much it wase riding passengers without line and the stations were not adding

  • Oh, God. You do this for a living? The horror. The horror.

  • MINI METRO!!!!!!!

  • imagine if the next game was mini buses where you have your own bus company

  • I've finished every scenario in the main game and watching this video for the second time. And only just noticed those triangles near the beginning only spawning circle passengers. Thought passengers spread fairly equally...

  • 6:57 - You get a new train every week whether you get a line or not. You got one at the same time as you got the light blue line, but you placed it onto the yellow line.

  • I like how these games that I played when I was like twelve are now gaining popularity 🤣😂🤣 I’m 18 now btw

  • I really don't like the way you clickbait people into this video. You have supposedly zero experience with this game. You don't apply any "engineering" knowledge to the map. I am sorry, but you are just wasting my time with your title. I was expecting some real engineering from somebody who was experienced with this game AND knows theory to apply to this problem.

  • How about playing city skylines?

  • “Oy! I wanna get to square!” Why was that my favorite thing haha

  • I haven't heard of east enders, but I will get every IT crowd reference

  • London underground UnLondon

  • BTW, at 8:40 you could've just dragged the existing line up to the station instead of removing the station and re-adding both stations

  • i had that my dad download that

  • My personal best is 2000

  • Hexagons are bestagons

  • Genuinely surprised you didn't make the yellow line a circle line

  • Who else remembers the Battle Trains from Pokemon Black and White

  • This was fun/weird.. I’m completely new to MiniMotorways, starting after seeing your videos, so I feel like I’m learning from you and together with you... MiniMetro on the other hand, I’ve been playing for years! I’m just sitting here screaming and making stressed noises to everything from the acute angles, to unnecessary tunnel usage, to station order, to lines crossing, to “hub-building”, and simply just to how you draw and rearrange your lines.. Wow this sounds harsh.. I can’t wait to follow your journey from this point! Good luck

  • You can make a looped line just by dragging the line to the station that has a T.

  • I found Mini Metro at google play it coast a lot

  • You should play this more

  • Im addicted to these vids

  • In mini motorways you start with week 0 but in mini metro it’s week 1

  • Ah yes, good ‘ol mini metro… … **Intense Vietnam flashbacks of circles, triangles, and various simple polygons shaking in pure rage and fury.**

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  • how did i get here

  • I like this game it’s good because it’s like mini motorways but a little different

  • Quite enjoyed; hope you make more of these (and Mini-Motorways).

  • not sure if someone already commented this, but the light blue line didn't not come with a train on it because you had previously used all your trains on other lines, so there was no locomotive to put on the new line

  • That circle station has been upgraded to an imax cinema.

  • That sounds fun

  • I wish there was a dark mode for this game

  • Mini motorways isn't on the switch yet so I've been playing this and I'm so happy you started!

  • You're taking the piss with all these ads like cmon

  • So you know, trains slow down when going over another line, so overlapping lines slows them down, and a line that makes an acute angle at a station forces the train to stop, even if there aren’t any passengers to pick up. Also, I’m not sure how it works in real life (hence why I clicked on the video), but I think,,,, loops are more efficient in this game, conditionally.

  • I hate this type of thumbnail for game adds but you do it the best

  • 0:29 Any *_engineer_* know why the triangle superior?

  • Everyone talking about trains while i figure out why there's faces on the stations 7:03

  • RCE is the first person i saw that takes working at home seriously

  • You can drag the lines in the middle and it automatically creates the line

  • Should i buy metro or motorways?

  • I'm literally screaming YOU CAN MAKE LOOPS


  • While I watch the vid im playing the game on my tablet

  • Play till Osaka. There will be a high speed train

  • adding in parallels allows other lines to offload some stations' passengers; the interchange should be for the station with the most intersections diverging to different lines

  • I Bsolutely love how ll of the stations on the engineer side where almost to the point of overcrowding

  • I’m really looking forward for your videos about this game cuz my very best is 1469 on Paris and I would love to see a real engineer beating it!

  • Tip: don't make hairpins in your lines because then if a station has no passengers the train still has to stop

  • If a game is the same as another does it means it’s a copy

  • disable comments if game over

  • 5:27 agreed my mum watches it all the time when its on she also watches Emmerdale which is also terrible

  • detail tip: trains slow down when crossing other lines outside of trainstations, avoid crossing lines if possible

  • Longer the line/track, the more carriages you want. More popular a stop is, the more trains you need. Loops are very confident

  • I came here expecting pro engineering tips I...