Packers vs. Buccaneers Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2020

Dipublikasikan tanggal 18 Okt 2020
The Green Bay Packers take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 6 of the 2020 NFL season.
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  • Preview of an NFC divisional round matchup!

  • WOW Brady OWNED the Packers in this game. The offense and defense showed their true power. Imagine Antonio being added to make something OP even more OP. Which is why I created a new word: O-OP. Over over powered.

  • Mr Rogers neighborhood just got run over by the Brady bunch....

  • Seeing tampa bays defence vs Packers kinda triggers me. Brady had year's, while Arron was pressured from every angle. Packers defence in madden is a 67 😭

  • Who tf did the Saints 38-3 this team. I know teams get better or worst as the season goes but geesh!

  • cowboys fan but TB is my all time favorite player

  • Who’s here after the saints blew em out

  • w

  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Brady throws, paaass is caught” I’m still a pats fan but it makes me so happy

  • Remember when people were complaining about Brady chewing out his teammates for penalties... This game they got ZERO.

  • Packers can not stop the run

  • This is what the Bucs are capable of when they aren't beating themselves with silly penalties.

  • Remember when people were complaining about Brady chewing out his teammates for penalties... This game they got ZERO.

  • Tb

  • At least Suh didn't stomp on Rogers this time

  • i’d be scared to cover gronk, mans so damn big, he’d just play with you like a toy if he wanted to

  • LOSSES tonight @ 12 !!🙏🏾🔥 comment a “🖤” if you ready

  • I'm glad the Buccaneers destroyed the Packers! That's good for the Lions!

  • Blantant offsides on the Bucs not called @3:30

  • Its like a totally different animal since last year

  • Tampa Bay is nasty

  • Looking forward to Edelman coming to join Tom & the Bucs next season as he will be a free-agent at the end of this season and there is NO WAY IN HELL he will remain in Belichck's hell next year. One more nail in the coffin of the phony baloney 'Belichick legend'. Totally undeserved status, as we now see just WHO was responsible for the Patriot Dynasty. ..Patriots under Belichick will never--win--another championship A-G-A-I-N!!!

  • Safe and sound

  • What a phony game, all scripted, how can people watch this fake bullshit, just like wrestling, all scripted and fake.

  • I think that Jordan Love is the heit apparent considering that he didn't see the field at all 🔮!

  • Let's appreciate that duel guys, it might be the last time we see these ✌🏻 🐐 facing off😍😅.

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  • Tampa so loaded I forgot McCoy was on the team 😂

  • 5:10how Brady got that ball with left hand not looking and then touchdown this man is something else

  • Bucs you guys should hold Brady a few years. Get a few SB's of your own.

  • 10:38 Ouch!

  • At his age, Brady still has ton of gas in his tank. Belichick and his Pat made a big mistake.

  • Brady is really making the whole team better. Unbelievable.

  • i just found the team that will destroy the packers in the nfc championship

  • Looks like Bradys presence has boosted the moral of entire team. The defense looks so solid now.👍

  • false start on the 2nd pick

  • Buc Nation please stand 🆙

  • Jason Licht > Brian Gutekunst. Tampa 2018-2020, draft rounds 1-4: Licht had 14 picks, picked 10 starters (3 off, 7 def). Green Bay 2018-2020, draft rounds 1-4: Gutekunst had 11 picks, picked 3 starters (1 off, 2 def).

  • What's brady pointing at, at 8:30? He's in the background right after the handoff

  • 3:44 Anyone see how they did the exact same thing as one another 🤯🤯

  • Anyone see how they did the same thing as one another🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Packers vs Bucs...1 week later: Week 7 Cheeseheads Win, Tampa Bay wins I put it both team have earned a W! Maybe not every week both qbs are perfecto

  • Aaron rodgers has no team around him,Greenbay has traded off all of his dependable receivers and line men ,he has no protection on the line .sad to see a great quarter back look so bad

    • He threw an awful pick that turned the game in TB's favor

  • Roses are red Violets are blue Unnecessary roughness Ndamukong Suh

  • You can't let the play clock hit zero every play like that, it gives the defense a strong advantage timing their rush. Outcome, Rogers goes boom

  • Rodger guaranteed not the starter next year

  • If Rodgers can’t do it this year it’s time to see what Jordan can do

  • packers are regular season pretenders AGAIN.

  • i hate how good tom Brady is so good

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  • Green nINETeen setHut!!

  • Those Bucs uniforms are 🔥🔥🔥

  • Brady is sharp like always

  • Are offense of line was very poor I saw them poor at times but nothing like that go pack go

  • Remember all those Brady vs Rodgers debates where everyone said Rodgers would win easily? Pepperidge farm remembers

  • counting stars

  • The best part of this game is the silence of Rodger's loving Joe Buck watching his hero disenagrate.

  • lazy masquerade

    • That Celebration Rodger did made me laugh

  • Now they have Antonio brown

  • That lob was fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Damn discount double check and the packers played terrible in the game smh

  • Brady winning and Patriots loosing...somehow brings out a smile on my face! Lol

  • Danika joined the chat

  • Patriots think they sleek.... Not they have two teams in the NFL

  • Carajo Brady

  • The Packers always get a few free calls.

  • Rogers doing all that flexing only not to get TD and get shut out for the rest of the game 😂

  • BFD !

  • Brady The Goat

  • That Celebration Rodger did made me laugh

  • 1:56 #35 gets hit with the flag, he's like WTF was that? lol

  • Brady winning and Patriots loosing...somehow brings out a smile on my face! Lol

  • Ervin not being in motion costs the Packers big in their gameplan. He's definitely not as appreciated as he should be by the media. Even if he's not THE threat he opens windows for guys who can get 20+ yard gains.

  • 1:36 that's tanner at DE?! Let's go!

  • DAN HANZUS is a Aaron Rogers lover. Come on NFL, Aaron Rogers is OVERATED.

    • qbs 6x superbowl rings lol screw Rodgers screw Joe buck screw the cheese fan base yall aren't going anywhere... shouldn't be sad its just like most years

  • Buccaneers; solid defense. Holding Rodgers 2under 50% competition a couple of picks and a sh*t load of sacks.M a fan now. Still love Seahawks though..... Bradys composure n pocket is calm & cool. Methodical passing. 🐐 PEACE 🦀

  • Awe man, if only there had been an OL available when the Packers have picked, like, ever

  • Mr President Trump's favourite dinner, Like, Share and Subscribe,.

  • Can't wait for the Bucs and Kc game later this year.... will be interesting

  • Packers O line just got manhandled

  • Aaron rodgers back

  • His leg was down.

  • Game wasn't bad

  • i feel like ronald jones is underated af

  • It’s really eye-opening to see how bad this Packers team really is. Good when they’re up. But fold like a house of cards if anything goes wrong.

    • We don’t have good wide receivers and we didn’t have bahktiari and our defense isn’t fully healed or isn’t good at all shush child one bad game doesn’t mean anything

  • I was happy watching Rodgers get smacked around.

  • As a Pats fan all my life, it saddens me to realize that I now spend more time watching Brady and the Bucs and less time watching the team that won 6 Super Bowls.

    • "the team." Pretty sure that Pats team changed quite a bit between those 6 Super Bowls.

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  • I know this was blow out, but this score still doesn't do the Bucs justice on how sheer dominant they were in this game

  • Then you holdouts start to understand why the packers drafted a qb he's on his downward spiral its funny one of the best quarterbacks (supposedly) got beat by one of the best qbs 6x superbowl rings lol screw Rodgers screw Joe buck screw the cheese fan base yall aren't going anywhere... shouldn't be sad its just like most years

  • Hi

  • If Tampa plays like this sunday night. The Raiders are on trouble!

    • not sunday night anymore bud they moved game because of corona virus 4 pm sunday now wow

  • The buccaneers did everything right

  • Oh look the traitors of Joe Buck and Troy "faikman" Aikman...sorry boys your time is done. Mitchell....Mitchell.....Mitchell....Mitchell....nice announcing Joe...NOT!! buhahahahahaha

  • This was a game that reminds us that Tampa Bay has a good defense. Good statement game

  • Rogers had a horrible day and bucs fans are like "der der sup bawl"

  • Tom Brady is like Lebron, bringing success to new team

  • 11:03 How tf does a 45 year old move like that

  • Rodgers is the most overrated quarterback in the NFL. Plus, once he gets "picked," he starts taking unnecessary sacks. He is being propped up on his past accomplishments and let's face it, because he's white. (Of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league, 7 of them are black.) The writing is on the wall for this style of quarterbacking.

  • This is the horrible luck of being scheduled against Sean Payton. If ever your team is on a roll and you unfortunately have to play Sean Payton his offense will find a weak spot and before you know it, win or lose, your struggling because everyone watches Sean Payton and copies what works. Packers Offense had a bad day but in the end it was the Bucs. Offense that maintained possession to controlled the game and its no surprise that comes after playing the Saints.