Patriots Unbelievable Comeback in Super Bowl LI to Beat the Falcons | NFL Turning Point

Dipublikasikan tanggal 9 Peb 2017
Tom Brady leads the New England Patriots to the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history
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  • This game is the reason why I fell in love with American football. Amazing Brady!! Amazing Story!!

  • I feel so bad for Falcon fans, but watching this game, we all knew and I'm sure Falcon's fan's knew too lol

  • Bill Belichick: Find ways to do things that are a little bit more productive. Wow, what a coach.

  • Love these videos where they announcers are so sure of the outcome and watching the players on the losing team celebrating too early. Davonta Adams jumping into the endzone, wonder if he jumped into his bed after losing the SuperBowl in the most spectacular fashion.

  • Best superbowl movie would be

  • Great game of football, but politics ruined it for me. It is just some guys, who got blessed to play a game and make more money than the average person. Then we realise it is entertainment and ratings matter. So a true pure sport dies in a capitalistic society. Its all for sale.

    • the truth sports died along time ago early 80s when wwf wrestleing took off as a fake sport labled as sports intertainment now all sports are labled as intertainment and sport dose no longer exsist its all about mony rateings today like fake wrestleing an reenactment of a planed skit basicaly a soap oprah for men

  • The Best Come Back.

  • Tom.Brady. That's all you need to know.

  • Ryan's arm was most certainly going forward on the strip sack. Incomplete pass.

  • WAIT! Nobody took a knee during the anthem? Then this travesty NEVER occurred.

  • For a sec tho, aside from the brady talk, Julio Jones is probably one of the best wide receivers ever. Insane guy, as a panthers fan, respect and hate go hand and hand

  • Tom brady haters will keep calling him a cheater but can never provide any proof. Something is really wrong with their brain.

  • Sometimes luck is all you need.

  • Even though I hate the Patriots as a Bills fan, you gotta give them credit for this. They basically led for 0 seconds and still won the game.

  • Only Tom Brady can say "We're right back in it" while being down 2 scores in the 4th quarter with under 9 minutes left to play. Confidence in the biggest stage of the game is something that you'll never be able to quantify. Either you have it or you don't.

  • Biggest mistake of brady career staying so long with belicheck. A losing head coach without the greatest qb of all time.tb 12 would have 12 by now

  • 23:13 they should've just ran the ball here.

  • 38:22 it must feel pretty awesome to hear that from Belichick

  • As a Broncos fan I would much rather lose 43-8 than blow a 28-3 lead.

  • What a game. You couldn't make it up. Some of the best ever plays in NFL history.

  • 37:24 I love how Jimmy Garoppolo said "Shut up"

  • Here because of Edletits retiring. ... That, & it appeared upon my home screen. ... Either way, greatest Super Bowl evvah. 🐐 🐐 🐐 5:14 = start of game highlights. 16:40 = second half highlights. 18:04 = 28 - 3. 🤘 & ✌️.

  • Whos here after Brady won his 9th ring

  • 7:35 the guy who ended Tom Brady career in New England

  • This is more cinematic than I think any movie remake of this game could be. Unreal game

  • Woke. I'm s racist so I wont watch or support these real racists

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  • BB proved his coaching prowess with a relentless attacking game, both offense and defense. TB12 proved he was the GOAT by being Mr. Clutch. However, Atlanta list because their coaches didn't know how to play with a lead against a determined opponent. BB would never have frittered away a nearly certain game-winning field goal by gambling for a TD with time stopping passes. Strip sack fumble also came from their unnecessary passing game. BB won.

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  • James White is MONEY!!!

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  • 7th ring by now

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  • Too bad pro football became dominated by kneeling whiners who hate America

  • Gabriel says to Sanu "It's Tom Brady Tho" Sanu says basically says eh we gonna crush em' Gabriel should get a job as a coach cause he understands Just because you have a big lead doesn't mean you can just sleep after that

  • Pats fan right here

  • I LOVED watching this. This is what Shanahan does. In Washington he'd have us up 17-0 at the half then we'd spend the rest of the game losing. He did it here then in San Fran lol

  • Commentator: you only get this opportunity maybe once in a lifetime Tom Brady: And that's when I took it personally

  • ILLUMINATI was in this game. Tom Brady 33 degree Mason.

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  • “He’s Tom Brady tho” “It’s going to be a hell of a story” Both dialogue taken from each sideline moments before the story entered the end game

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  • Hi

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  • if he didnt pick heads

  • Lol owner sold his ring,

  • officers (feds) put that nonsense on Tom Brady . Unacceptable. They were jealous. What is shameful is that his employer and the NFL allowed that to be put on him and his family. Tom Brady is with the right team now and that will never happen again, Amen David James West, a Christian man

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  • my 5th time watching this.. i know, rookie numbers.

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  • Never ask a Falcons fan for change for a dollar, they'll only give you 3 quarters.

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  • 15:45 Mohamed Sanu got too cocky "we about to put 40 something on they ass" LOL

  • 30:33

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  • wicked wicked comeback

  • Incredible self belief and a never say die attitude. Unbelievable victory.

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  • 17:35 anyone know the song??

    • really hype wanted to listen to it haha

  • Does anyone disagree that Edelman's catch was the greatest in SB history?

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