Pet Sematary Remake: (My Thoughts)

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My thoughts on the announcement of The Pet Sematary remake.
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  • I'm only hoping it is as true to the book as possible, and for the love, just don't make it hokey!! The novel is invaluable to me and I'd hate to see it rushed and spoiled for a profit.

    • I would too. I know the team behind the film "MAMA" are the ones that will be taking the task on.

  • After reading the novel, the film doesn't really do it justice. If there is a remake, just don't modernize it.

    • That's fair. I hope they do a good job.

  • I feel like I may in the minority when it comes to the original adaptation. I was such a big fan of the book as I think it is some of stephen king's best work. I feel like the movie didn't do it justice. It was campy; the acting by the two leads was terrible; the bright spot with the casting was Gage and Judd. There were some things in the book that were left out that I'm hoping they bring to the re-adaptation including the Wendigo, Norma, and Gage's ability to know everyone's darkest secrets after he is resurrected.

    • I would also like to see when Judd met Timmy Baterman in the 40’s. In the 89 film the people came back as more of goulish zombies. But in the book they knew things about people that only that person should know. And speak in other people’s voices. (Lol. I would rather not hear some of the language that gage used in the book coming from a 3 year old. Lol) There was a reason Judd introduced the cemetery to Lewis. Witch is why Norma should be in the new movie. The reason he had in the 89 film was weak.

    • That is cool. I am really interested in hearing other peoples opinions on this subject. Yeah, they did leave some things out that would be interesting to see if they add them into the remake. I am a huge fan of the book too. It is my favorite of King's work after Salem's Lot. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this

  • I wholeheartedly agree with every word of your commentary. The 1989 classic remains one of my all time favorite horror films because the horror of the story sneaks in through a very organic process that makes the whole film feel almost real. And the cast is beyond perfect. I mean does it get any better than to see Fred Gwynne (aka Herman Munster) play Jud Crandall as the unassuming, but friendly, neighbor across the street? And the child is perfect. Sympathetic yet frightening all at the same time. The parents are so completely relate-able it tugs on my heart strings every time I see this film. It really hits me in a primal place that is not duplicated bringing in a new cast and effects. This film is like Halloween, Frankenstein, Wizard of Oz, or Jaws. Once you've achieved the highest measure obtainable in crafting the story, there's no reason to go back and do it again. Respect what has come before and leave it alone. Greed sure makes Hollywood do foolish things.

    • I agree with everything you said my friend. It is greed and it is not about art. It is about capitalizing on a brand (Stephen King) and a familiar name (Pet Sematary). They think that because of the IT remake being so good, which it was, that they can revamp another King property with the same results. Like with the American Werewolf in London remake that was announced last year I cannot understand why anyone would want to mess with perfection. Both these films are beloved with new and older horror fans. Leave them alone and come up with some new concepts.

  • Hate remakes. I get why they wanna do them but if the original is so good and so well loved why try? IT was a fluke and now that its been so successful we'll see a lot of our old faves butchered... its going to be a disaster.

    • I really enjoyed IT. It was a fantastic remake. I agree now that studios will be looking to re purpose some of these properties like Pet Sematary because they think lighting will strike again. I still stand by stating that a remake if this film is a mistake. It is a waste of resources. Do a film on a work of Kings that has not been adapted for the big screen.

  • I love pet semetary but honestly a remake doesn’t bother me with any movie because you will always have the original even if the new ones shit and if it’s good then you get two great but different versions of a great book.

    • Good points my friend. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the subject. Really appreciate it

  • Let it be the way it is...... Pet Cemetery is a classic let it rest.....

  • Hollywood get some new ideas! Bummer, as long as they never remake Creepshow I'm ok.

    • I will lose it if they decide to remake Creepshow. Romero will come back from the dead and kill everyone

  • Don't watch it then. They're not recording over the original, it's still there.

    • No need to be sorry. I understand it is money and a familiar title so people will be interested that are aware of the source material. It's fair that you feel the 89 film is dated and a remake would be beneficial. I grew up in the 80's and 90's so I am a bit older.

    • BoogeyMan Ben The reason is money. Also with a younger audience they might go back and watch the original. You might see it as perfect but to me parts are dated and can benefit from an update. Sorry if my first comment came off strong, should've worded different.

    • I know I can just avoid it and that the remake is not erasing the original film. I was just illustrating a point that a remake of a great film is unnecessary especially when there is a lot of Stephen King material that has not been adapted for the screen. I have read the novel and with a couple of exceptions the film follows it pretty closely. I just don't see the reason to redo it when the 89 film really pushed the envelope and is still very disturbing when revisiting today.

  • I agree 100% Ben, if the original is a perfect movie, leave well enough alone. Yes, part 1 of the It Remake was fantastic, but can lightning strike twice ? I wouldn’t be so sure. Great Discussion .

    • I am glad I am not alone. I just really don't see the need to remake this. I also feel that because IT was so popular that the remake train might start again in Hollywood and we will see less and less original horror films. There are some great remakes but there are some really bad ones and I really feel that if you have perfect films like Pet Sematary you should just let them be. You cannot do any better. Just my opinion. Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment