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Pete Davidson reacts to his break up with Ariana Grande. Ari calls out her EXES in a new track 'Thank U, Next'/ Plus - Pete is under fire for his joke about a vet on SNL. #ArianaGrande #PeteDavidson
Ariana Grande is set to release a song that’s all about Pete Davidson less than an hour before SNL will air, according to TMZ. However, the track titled “Thank U, Next” will not be a diss track, despite the fact that it will delve into her past relationships. Taking to Twitter, Ariana confirmed this, writing, “tis far from a diss track …. it’s the opposite … 🖤✍🏼👼🏼.” The pop singer also posted the following lyrics: “Got so much love ….. got so much patience ….. I’ve learnt from the pain ….. and turnt out amazin ….. say I’ve loved and I’ve lost ….. but that’s not what I see cause look what I got ….. look what you taught me.” She later goes on to sing, “Cause look what I found ….. ain’t no need for searching and for that I say ….. thank u, next.” She also tweeted “i’m so …. fuckin ….. grateful… for my …… ex.”
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Pete Davidson Responds To Ariana Grande Diss VIDEO | Hollywoodlife


  • Thoughts on Ari's new song?

  • He never deserved Ari.

  • Genius it wasn't a diss, it was the best song of the century.

  • If a guy was singing about how many girls they sleep with and say thank you next, everyone would be calling the artist a pig lol

  • I love high ponytails!!💖

  • I disagree with Dan I thought Petes joke was more than a little funny :D

  • Okay it wasn't a "call out" or a "diss" lmao what are you talking about

  • How tf was that a diss track like *bish wereeeee*

  • “Diss” 🤔

  • This video was so fake seriously you called it a diss in the title and then would proceed to say in the video it wasn’t a diss wtf

  • Omfg just leave these people alone and mind your own business

  • Why are you yelling!!!!?

  • The hate you have for Pete is so annoying. Lmfao thank you next

  • It's not a diss track dummy

  • i yust finish looking at news about pete been bullying in social media..this is the reason i hTe social media. i thi k hes a wonderful beutiful person hes great and funny ..all this people are pnly jellous of him ..i wish i can find a way to tell hin myself and remind hin that jehovah god loves hin very much...psalm 83.18. i adore hin he looks so much lik my grandson i want him to be happy only for hinself not for all this haters...this people dont care about him...may the god that i serve always protect. you david....lots of lov

  • Report this video for being spam or misleading to this video is No thank you Next

  • IT WASNT A DISS freaks wtf

  • It's not a diss, she literally says the fucking thankful for her ex's.

  • Pete look like he has sum mental disorder

  • in the music video she says big sean could still hit it

  • It wasn’t exactly a diss video, can you just stay out of peoples lives? Like they are humans too they deserve their privacy

  • I like the song

  • The Way she read the lyrics 💀💀

  • It 👏 was 👏 not 👏 a 👏 diss 👏 video 👏

  • It says “even almost got married, and for Pete I’m so thankful” how is that a diss?????? Lol ok hunty

  • Good thing Arianas not loosing her hairline due to high ponytails.

  • Whats Ariana grande now Taylor Swift?

  • Is Pete albino?

  • Literally in the situation of dating Ariana you can just say how much of an annoying rat brat she is that's all the opportunity to milk her ex-boyfriend's death so she had to break up with her current boyfriend so she wouldn't feel bad about releasing a song about all of her ex-boyfriends

  • Can someone explain why he looks like that.. so weird and awkward looking 🤮

  • He jokes about his dad who died in 9/11. He makes savage unapologetic jokes. Can we live in a world where people just accept that some people share dark humour. We can’t just police everyone’s words because we think it’s not appropriate. We would lose all our humour and freedom. Time to stop getting offended about everything

  • The same people saying the song was a diss, are the same people who think mgk’s was. They’re both complimentary songs 😂

  • not only her face red but her skin look burnt too

  • That joke was hilarious fym

  • I’m so annoyed from ally’s voice

  • I love her new song "Thank u next"♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • He is so ugly!!!!! Why would she date him?

  • Pete looks like he haven't slept in 10 years

  • It wasn't a diss track but ok...

  • Cumelu Cubeyo Dumbass I keep ducking telling you you piece of shit

  • You fuckimg hoe

  • I dont think the line about pete was a diss she was thankful for him

  • DISS TRACK????? she said she was THANKFUL bitch you dum. u even said it wasn’t a dis track

  • Its not a diss track......Why did you tittle it a diss track if you knew it wasn't a diss track😐

  • #arianagrande

  • I can do my high top pony tail... unfortunately you had to get use to the fact that it hurts but once you wear it for a while... it will never hurt trust me.

  • Its not a diss video

  • Pete davidson comes off as arrogant

  • *I wanna be tracer*

  • I swear y’all r deadass pissing the shit out of me like stfu y do y’all keep adding up some fake shit like fr. N btw it wasn’t a fuckin diss🙄🙄🙄

  • It’s not a diss!!

  • She wasn’t calling them out she was thanking them. If you even listened to the song.

  • I starting to hate ali just cuz of this video!!! 😠 😈

  • How was that a diss track?I'm pretty sure she said that she was thankful for him?

  • The song wasn’t a DISS, it was just bringing out her feelings! It was defo not a diss🤷‍♀️😂

  • this is the worst clickbait video ive seen on youtube. can you black a whole channel?

  • Do you need to shout? Just talk normal and not as annoying!

  • It wasn’t even a diss

  • It’s not a diss🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Thank u next wasn't a diss, it was a song about her gratitude towards her ex's. All you have to do is listen to it. It's an anthem to growing as a person and being thankful for everyone who has made an impact on your life.❤️❤️❤️

  • He looks like the joker 😭

  • It's not a diss song. Tsk.

  • high ponytails are kinda my signature thing, they’re just a little loose and frizzy


  • Boi it was not a diss it just a song from her ex

  • Let's be honest the only reason ppl know who Pete is is because of ari and he tryna Diss her when they break up cause he think he big man but we all know he is gonna end up doing crack No hate

  • I love ARIANA GRANDE ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Wtf is isn't even a diss video, she just clearly making a song about her exes that's all!

  • Omg yes i hate hi pony but it looks good so i mean why not i love it but hate it

  • Bitch it ain't even a diss like why would you change it?!?!

  • When this redhead bitch said thank you next I disliked this shii

  • It was funny why can't he take a joke. Honestly people these days make every thing soo serious

  • not good video

  • This lady is such an annoying fan girl

  • He seriously needs to stop with the crack and cocaine

  • Ur a dick for the last line. This man is a nice guy, anyone can have inappropriate jokes and everyone does it. This break up hit him hard, so u can hop off

  • Okay thank you for the news NEXT!

  • It wasn’t a diss she was saying thank u derrrr That’s why it’s called thank u next

  • Pete is TRASH

  • by the way it was not a diss video because she said it kind bc she said thank you so calm down there :)

  • I knew that “marriage” with Pete wasn’t gonna last😭😭

  • That isn’t cat from Sam and cat

  • Wow this anchor is such a bitch like she sounds so stuck up it pisses me off

  • It was never meant to be a diss song and I think Ari would be very offended that u called it that she created it too say thanks to all her ex’s

  • It wasn’t a freaking diss😤😂Guys you guys need to hear the song a hundred times😂😂🤣

  • This girl is that one person in class who always tried to be the teachers pet


  • He said sorry😂

  • "Even almost got married, and for, Pete I'm so thankful." Diss where? **Says in bish where voice**

  • This was clickbait

  • this channel is bullshit like it wasnt a diss song clearly. im unsubscribing and disliking all u want is views

  • You said the fuckin lyrics wrote some songs about Ricky now I listen and laugh even though most got married and for Pete I’m so thankful wish I could say thankyou to Malcom’s cause he was an angel you FUCKIND DUMBASS

  • Are you fucking stupid she rote that song to tell how much her fucking ex’s taught her IDIOT

  • Pete is so rude

  • Stop clickbaiting love

  • That’s all I do a high phoneytaile

  • bro I love high pony tails, I have one on like 5 outta 7 days in a week

  • In my opinion Ariana Grande Is the dumbest celebrity I know. She dates sane guys but something is seriously wrong with that woman.

  • I love how you guys fill me in on the I do of ari

  • Dan is right it wasn't even funny!!