PewDiePie COPIED me?

Dipublikasikan tanggal 8 Nov 2019
PewDiePie said this in two of his recent videos...
Such a MIND-BLOWING episode of SDAIAY
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  • He's even sitting on the same chair as me... OMG.

  • 🅱️

  • 6:12 Whoever made this meme, Maine Mendoza will be happy for this meme

  • Davie. I listened to your words, I know this video is old, but I just watched it and slapped the like button. I will do as you say, I will kiss my crush tomorrow 😔 Thank you Davie, We Love you too

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  • B

  • Guys I found a paradox If ass is short for bass and bass is short for badass, badass becomes badbass,but then it becomes badbadass. THIS NEVER ENDS

  • 6:12

  • This therapy was weird beacuze my problem was i have too big dick its 69 metres

  • b

  • 🅱️

  • Pwedepie copione

  • 1:21 BRUH

  • man i see your a fan of pewdiepie i remember the chair

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  • Me : I've bought a bass Davie504 : 10:51 I'm really sorry to hear that

  • 🅱

  • bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  • 6:17 is just a commercial in the Philippines😂😂

    • 10 hours ago hahahaha are you filipino me too

  • What's up slappers make sure you slap your mom's face

  • 2:27

  • Davie:105 million subs davie will show his pp 😏😏😏😏😏 JUST JOKINGPLS DONT SLAP ME :(

  • Kb ggchcyucgucigcoyfiydyofohfo fiiydyidoyflydostostidotdisitd (whoever likes this is dumb)

  • B

  • I play fortnite

  • 0:15 ouch

  • How dare the pew of pie of de

  • pewdiepie is copying your move in every video bruh

  • B B B

  • B

  • 🅱️

  • I loved this

  • Me talking about the math hw at 1 am Dave: 11:53

  • here you can sign the petition to watch davie slapping the slapping champion

  • O EM GI

  • 🅰️

  • 7:19

  • B

  • at tharipy time me"i want to play bass davie504 that's wrought me what

  • 2:45 glASS

  • 🅱️

  • B

  • B

  • 🅱️

  • Im shock at 12:18

  • 0:37. Oh thanks. I will skip the video until you come to my house an d download fortnite. Thanks Davie.

  • 0:39 i already have it installed and bought battle the pass

  • 🅱️AsS

  • Slap

  • I'm rouge and I'm lonely

  • B

  • 🅱️

  • Fortnite bad bass good

  • Noooooo please install Minecraft

  • B

  • 🅱️ass is the best instrument

  • Me: my cat died davie504: seriously I am very sad to hear that

  • 0:44 I dont even have a computer ._.

  • Too bad davie I buried my laptop and pc

  • Bass? What about... *Brass?*

  • Laughing inside Die outside

  • 3:44 КАЗАХСТАН !!!!

  • "the swedish police".... ROFL

  • OMG x100000000000000000000000 times


  • You can't Cannot Install Fortnite Becues I have Password

  • 🅱️

  • When Davie504 becomes an airline manager and says that he wants to name his airline: Bass Airways

  • 🅱

  • I said "DO YOU HATE BASS" HE SAID "Acuatully that sounds epic Me:😮

  • Slap like now

  • For some reason he looks like rambo lol, Like your vids tho...... SLAPPERS!

  • 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️

  • Him: PEWDIEPIE Copied me! Me:Check the comments to see where is pewdiepie

  • if you are tagalog there is 2 filipino artist its sarah heronimo and yaya dub its at 6:12

  • 🅱️

  • 👁🇵🇭👄🇵🇭👁 6:13

  • 🅱️

  • Oh, Davie really love number 69 😏😏😏

  • db

  • davie just read my mind in therapy time he needs a phsycatrist's degree

  • Bass

  • uhh i dont have fortnite

  • B

  • I said OMG 70 times.

  • Viola Gang

  • Before: Comment were in this format Now: ID-tv:Here nothing changed Comment:But I am Stonks √

  • Good 🅱️ass

  • Davie you should have got a pizza cutter then he quit ID-tv

  • I think he'd look sexy with a Steve Harvey mustache.

  • All the dislikes are likes from australians

  • 🅱

  • 🅱

  • argentina

  • I skipped :)

  • 🅱️

  • b

  • The worst thing happened in this vid I got a simply guitar add

  • Pewdiepie likes you!