Pixar Did You Know? | Facts About Coco

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Seize your moment to discover Coco's fun facts and Easter eggs! Coco is now playing in theaters in 3D.
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  • This channel is oficial?

  • Coco + Zootopia best tales!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pixar has a ID-tv channel?

  • Me: (Happy watching the video) wait what?! MARIGOLDS? Actually here on México are named CEMPAZUCHIL (///▽///)

  • My culture is not your movie idea

  • No. I didn’t. :3

  • Once i heard xolotl i was like... SINCE WHEN DOES COCO RELATE TO GRAVITY FALLS?!

  • I watched coco and I cried!

  • I need a spin off of this movie because my dad’s name is Miguel! It will be Called Diego The Mermaid! Cast: Me (Diego)-Myself Goldbomb-Kevin heart Mr. Gobbles-John ratzenburger Release Date: June 3 2030 Rated: Not rated But Did you know what copied my Pixar movie? Hint: made by Disney Junior in 2018 Elena of avalor: Song of the sirenas A reason why Elena of avalor: Song of the sirenas copies my Pixar movie idea because it’s all about Mermaids!

  • 0:28 You're welcome.

  • Ba a ver coco 2 por favor responder

  • I love México yo amo México gracias Pixar

  • At this point the Easter eggs are getting too distracting.

  • hello frends love movie coco Pixar

  • Congrulations Pixar for the oscars best animated movie :) Muchas felicidades in spanish

  • 十面 4⃣️4⃣️。你。你建宏李……一起走到

  • It’s way better in Spanish

  • I’m in the movie :D my name is Miguel

  • La amé!

  • Cars is still my favorite movie. This one came pretty close, but cars still rules all.

  • I seen the movie at home today, it was... ok

  • There's no denying that Pixar knows how to make a good movie

  • I loved the movie

  • This is such an amazing movie

  • I Almost cry The ending do

  • Coco just took Ratatouille's place as my favourite Pixar film.

  • The pixar crew was able to animate 7,000,000 lights in one shot and I can't even draw a decent looking dog!

  • ¡Viva México!

  • Um you guys made Ernesto look like Pedro infante if you don’t know who he is look him up he’s in the movie but looks different

  • coco love coolll

  • Please. Do you make a sequel of Wall e?

  • Hey disney -pixar we wants a sequel of wall e that was one of the amazing films i have ever seen

    • What would it be about?

    • Vishal Sharma Yeah, maybe a Prequel to that film someday would be nice.

    • Eh I don't see a point... It would just taint the greatness of the original.

  • Can't wait for the Incredibles 2, Jack Jack has powers!!!!!!!!,🤗🙂

  • I saw that in 3D at the premiere and I cried so much😢😢😢😢

  • I saw Coco today in theaters and it was magnificent and beautiful. I cried a little but I held my tears in. This movie is worth seeing again and again.

  • 7000 lights?

    • Tiro Guys 7,000,000 lights not 7,000

  • Disney's still got it!

  • Disney Pixar, hope you read this: Can you make a "FINDING CORAL" Movie. I was wondering, if Nemo never wonders where his mom is and what happend to her. Maybe she is still alive? I think, it would be a great and heartwarming Story to write Finding Coral. Maybe Nemo is an adult now, or have an love interest.

  • Impressive movie!


  • The movie makes me cry 😢

  • B.

  • Man, the ending was so beautiful. I almost cried in the theater

  • Thanks for an amazing movie guys, It´s really incredible :D

  • when i watch this movie...almost every girl and woman cried... i just can hold it hehe... as a 90's kid who enjoy toy story.. i recommended this movie.

  • Donald trump hate this

  • A dor e é legal e ingrasado 😃😄😃😄

  • One of the finest movies to come... Pixar did a great job.. Can't get enough of it everything about this move us awesome... It just amazing and vivid to watch... Vivi coco...

  • I watched this mobie yesterday night it was totally amazing movie the last part of movie was very very emotional I was having tears in my eyes. I think this movie would get an Oscars award for best animated movie 2017

  • very enjoyable movie

  • Did you know: the movie was preceded by the worst Disney short of all time? It should’ve been a Pixar short

    • Arif huh?

  • Great. If only they had made a GOOD movie.

    • Hey I like me some bean and cheese burritos I wouldn't be surprised if a two hour long burrito movie became the highest grossing film of the year.....I just really like burritos..

    • GD FulcoN he’s an ethnocentric and would like it if it was based on an African country

    • Allujakhakoluuhi Jihibihigooklimunkuu Why tho? Coco is miles better than most Pixar movies.

    • Stick to chess

    • Allujakhakoluuhi Jihibihigooklimunkuu it’s also big in China. Smh what a nationalist

  • Please make A Bug's Life 2 I've been waiting so long

    • AG: Anthony Goody they can't because most of the cast are either deceased or retired.

    • CuriousUserX90 so you're saying the not going to make any more sequel and prequels after 2019?

    • AG: Anthony Goody The only film before Disney acquired Pixar that hasn’t had any follow ups, wonder how it could turn out.

    • I Know. I Miss Flik And (The Lovely) Princess Atta And Dot

    • AG: Anthony Goody - but Pixar said the next 3 Movies after toy story 4 will not be prequels or sequels they will be originals. So a Bugs Life 2 isn’t happening anytime soon

  • Disney pixar faz o filme procurando o Geraldo a foca do procurando dory con ele mais engraçado ainda!!?!!!

  • I'm cried when i watch this on cinema alone and behind me is a lot of little kids laughing at me

  • bacot ini film (i hate this movie)

  • Haven't seen it, but it looks great! ;)

  • I cried when watching this movie it was so good! A blast of all feelings like tears of sadness and tears of joy and everything!

  • Like si amas la Película de COCO❤

  • No A113?