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These are the rootinest, tootinest fun facts around! Saddle up and blast off to amazing insider info all about Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 3.
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  • Fun Fact: Lotso was going to be the main villain in Toy Story 1, but they couldn’t because they could not animate the fur right.

  • In Toy Story 4

  • What about toy story 4 & cars 4?

  • Toy story 3 de 2010 o filme e procurando nemo de 2003 o filme

  • De qué trata la 4

  • Lionsgate And Cartoon Networks Movie

  • That was toy story triple feature movie

  • Brave 2

  • there are so many toys! love it!

  • I really can't get that song out of my head, anybody knows the name?

  • great job

  • Another fun fact: Bonnie was also a name of a character from the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command TV show and showed up in the episode the Eye of the Tempest. A meh episode, but still quite the coincidence

  • cool Disney Pixar

  • pretty mean to keep Lotso tied up eating bugs forever

  • made it before the video got busy

  • 1:42 - Finding Nemo is in stores!? WHO KNEW?! (Me)

  • Have your kids draw pictures for Bonnie's wall. What a nice way to get in some free labor.

    • Of course, that was meant as a joke, and not meant to destroy PIXAR's credibility. There daddy was probably getting paid enough to direct this, that they could get some nice toys of their own.

  • I love these

  • Love Toy Story 3:) Can't wait to see Lee Unkrich's work on Coco!

  • When you thought this was toy story 4....

    • Luigi Marinus 2 No, toy story 4 was pushed back again and the incredibles 2 moved ahead. Look it up

    • Matthew awesomeness Toy story 4 comes out in 2019, why would the trailer air out now?

    • McQueenFAN95 i didnt like it xD

    • Matthew awesomeness when you like your own comment

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    • It's fun, and very informative to future film directors to learn dome of the tactics you may be using in your future career.

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