Pokémon That Wronged Me

Dipublikasikan tanggal 16 Okt 2021
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Pokemon that have done something so egregious to me that I still think about it years later
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Edited by Katie Rose!


  • 14:34 He sounds like dream

  • Whitney is the worst gym leader and the worst character ever Because she has a miltank

  • Lol more humans in pain

  • "If I reca- YESSSSSSSS"

  • Wobbafett OHKOed my newly evolved gyrados in a nuzlocke

  • Me when a lose a shiny: 18:34

  • I got a female starter in pokemon lets go pikachu

  • I've never had any male starters lmao

  • who would win Whitney and her miltank or Cynthia and her garchomp

  • My first shiny was a shroomish >

  • I think when I played my Pokémon crystal playthrough I think I won the first time egents witny and her miltank

  • You know which Gym Leader's Pokemon wronged me? Norman's Spinda in Pokemon Emerald. At least I can COUNTER Whitney's Miltank with an all girl team. Spinda on the other hand? That thing loves to spam Teeter Dance a lot, so you better make sure you have a Pokemon that has a high Attack stat or one with the ability Own Tempo if you want a snowballs chance against that pain in the neck.

  • I always beat Kingdra with a pokemon that had high SP ATK and Swift.

  • Fantina’s Gengar’s literally wronged me when I was playing Brilliant diamond

  • Mine is crobat this thing even if you have a pokemon that is super effective it's most likely faster and if you that certain move it's gonna take like 2 health off it

  • wait dragonite is a special spaw? ooh neat i got a shiny flying dragonite while trying to get a shiny pidgey lol

  • OBJECTION: Juan's Kingdra also appears in Pokemon Black and White 2 at the Pokemon World Championships and it is even more obnoxious the second time around.

  • "Helioptile" is take from "Helios" or basically the Greek Sun God. So yes, OF COURSE Helioptile evolves with a Sun Stone. They couldn't have made that one much more obvious Michael haha

  • You do some quality commercials.

  • Stomp: 30% of flinch Me: that’s not right, if it’s not 100% accuracy then it’s 50% accuracy

  • Juan should use rapidash. Change my mind

  • Im playing Pokémon white right now and herdier and watchog took legit 5 attempts to beat

  • For Kingdra, I either use set up moves, or stat reducing move,

  • The second I heard the Kim possible beep

  • simple the miltank is easily dead with Blast burn or Hyper beam

  • pokemon that wronged mikey : milktank kabuto kingdra purugly gyrados minecraft mob that wronged mikey : creeper

  • alternative title : 22 minute of mikey complaining about pokemon that mad even though he likes some of them

  • I remember my first Nuzlocke was in the original Gold version. I ended up catching Sandshrew just before my battle with Miltank. I had no idea at the time that Sandshrew was about to obliterate Miltank and save my entire team with a single move, Dig. Yep I was terrified of Miltank only to discover that Sandshrew with Dig was about to throw sand in her face as it dug holes all over her stupid Gym. Sandshrew went on to being an MVP my entire run and I made it a regular on all my teams when I had the chance.

  • I have some pokémon that wronged me too Minccino and sigilyph for always ruinning my Black and white 2 nuzlocke Juan kingdra but not Just for emerald but from Black and white 2 world tournament And misty starmie cuz i was little and i always tried with Charmander in fire red leaf Green and i still hate her for ruining most of my playthroug

  • Regarding the Helioptile, I made a similar mistake in Sun with a Salandit. I spent hours grinding one only to find out that only FEMALE Salandit can evolve.

  • I actually laughed at the sponsorship- that was really impressive

  • one Pokémon that wronged me was togepi friendship evolutions in general are annoying on there own but this time in particular it was not worth it and a waste of time in platinum I had planned on using togekiss on my team I received the egg in Eterna city and hatched it a few moments later after about two gym battles later it was about level 32 and still had not evolved yet so I decide to start switch training it but with it being very slow and not very strong and its attacking moves by level up having very limited pp resulting in several trips to the Pokémon center and even more times it being KOed and losing friendship at one point I had to go back and catch a staravia to be my flyer as I assumed it would have evolved by then but I couldn't do that then later on it finally it evolved at level 62 mind you that I had obtained the shiny stone needed to evolve it again captured the legendary and obtained the eighth badge all while this stupid egg decides it doesn't like me enough to evolve at that point i decided to box the togetic and have the staravia now evolved staraptor be my flyer for the rest of that playthrough i later used the shiny stone to evolve a shiny roselia

  • My first shiny was ruined by my friend claiming that it wasn't shiny and that it was just a seasonal variant of the pokemon I ran into.

  • I was still a young child when I played soulsilver for the first time, so I don’t remember much about it. What I do remember is what seems to be hours of Whitney’s miltank. I hate that thing.

  • Whatchog also has sand attack

  • Mikey sanity yure at a 10 i need you at the 4

  • Miltank the milky murderer

  • There are only 2 Pokemon that I truly, TRULY despise. One of them is Charizard, because not only did he get TWO mega evolutions, but he also got a gigantimax form. The other one is Groudon. That one made me go through EVERY. SINGLE. POKEBALL I HAD TO CATCH IT! I eventually caved and used my Masterball but by then the damage was already done.

  • That kingdra, heavens forbid you're doing a nuzlocke

  • I once played Pokemon shield and leveled up my Growlithe, and Vulpix to level 50 and it still hasn't evolved.

  • Or the leaning tower of I'm leaving now, bye

  • I mean...it's HELIOptile. Seems like that could've been a clue.

  • How his sanity changed as the shiny chanseys teamed up to make him lose said sanity. “Aww man..” *slight disappointment* “Again?!” *slight anger” *anger* *angry disappointment* *disappointment and sadness* *sadness* *pure tears*


  • Mantyke and more so Mantine specifically in shield. I was trying to complete the dex while being ambushed by one every few seconds. Their hit boxes stay around for way too long and are way too big in Mantine's case

  • I remember the shiny Weepinbell. Sort of. I didn't notice it either, I just remember being very confused.

  • 0:01 I feel a lawsuit with Mand and Vsause is coming on XD

  • Juan's Kingdra isn't hard when you can just one shot it with a level 70 Rayquaza.

  • I feel your pain but kabutops is my favorite pokemon in the world

  • Btw when I played Pokémon sword I killed a level 46 corviknight with a level 16 punching bag(wobbuffet)

  • If i had a dime for everytime mikey has complained about miltank, id be the new scrooge mc duck

  • ooh or the leaning tower of get out of my shower

  • Anyone else known this guy since he had 500k-ish

  • Next up is BEEB BEE BEEB security alert at home! GOTTA GO!

  • So does anyone else notice he takes off his hat or just me

  • I’m 2020 I was playing Pokémon pearl for the first time and saw a shiny geodude let’s just say that I failed

  • The only Pokémon I have a bad experience with is with Pidgey. I was playing Leaf Green and was doing the first part of the game where you have to deliver a parsol to the first towns Poke Mart and came across a Shiny Pidgey and was so heartbroken. I still am to this day.

  • The ad is hilariously amazing.

  • I'm predicting that Ultra Necrozma is on here

  • Montreal. Shiny. 300+ pokeballs of varying kinds. Would not get caught. It was my wife's game and she had used her Master Ball. THIS is why you NEVER use your Master Ball except as a last resort. That Shiny Moltres was not caught, nor reencounteted.

  • what video is at 11:48?

  • Shiny Chansey is revenge for the safari days

  • I hate wobbufett thanks to NPCs in max raids. They're so worthless you might as well go in with 3 players rather than 4

  • One for me wss totem marowak i did a ultra sun wonderlocke, and had a rotom and trumbeak (they were my OGS) as well as Level 100 manaphy and level 60 terrakion and lost :(

  • Shiny rayquaza failed me because after 1.9 days it ran away because i lost. (Pokemon Shield Dyamax Battle)

  • I feel emerald was an extremely underrated game =~= I loved it but barely anyone ever talks about it nowadays

  • Hahaha (look up )

  • 9:15 watchog has a defense of 69, a sp. defense of 69 and a base stat total of 420. N I C E

  • The first Pokemon game I played was white 2 or black 1 idk but I had to go against watchdog like 16 times to beat you now have awaken a long forgotten hatred.

  • The fact that a fictional cow”s nipples make you uncomfortable is very concerning

  • infernape supremacy

  • Shiny hunting!!!

  • You can use moves like shock wave that will hit no matter what evasiveness stats were increased…

  • Miltank strat para curse

  • Watchog looks like a rejected tom and jerry character

  • I love kabuto, it's my favorite fossil pokemon, but after hearing about that, I don't think I'll try to get a shiny.

  • Double team doesnt bother me because i have a lv 100 pokemon

  • 14:53 are you going to be ok mike?

  • In Pokémon ultra sun I accidentally found a shiny grandbul and it ran away while I was trying to catch it I now deeply resent shiny grandbuls

    • It was also my first ever shiny I’ve ever found in a Pokémon game so yeah

  • someone else noticed that grunty boy took Michael's tower of Dr. Squatch?

  • I honestly don't get how hard Whitney is, I beat her first try lmao

  • When I played crystal for the first time I lost by Whitney 6 time's in a row :(

  • My name is Whitney so it always jars me when ppl talk ab Whitney from G/S/C cuz i’ll be like “I hate Miltank why would I- oh.”

  • Me who defeated Miltank first try on my first Crystal and HeartGold playthrough without Whitney using any healing items: *This is fine.*

  • Watchog was never a problem for me.... Then again I always have a Fighting type on my team in a Unova playthrough either Emboar as my starter or Riolu/Lucario in the sequel games

  • Yeah I had a comebee that I leveled up to level 40 something trying to evolve it and found out only females could evoke:(

  • no need to tell everyone get terrorize by that devil milktank kill them all

  • I also didn't search up how to evolve Galarian Linoone. I managed to evolve it AFTER the dark type gym! >_> Now I'm doing a nuzlock and I hope I'll manage to find one on time before the ghost type gym. This time I'll just search it up. But the thing is, I don't want to see the evolution of the new Pokémon yet until they're evolving, sooo... ._. Well, except the ones I already know such as Hisuian Zorua.

  • My first shiny is banette, and that thing kill it's self with a curse. Why ?

  • Whitney is a nuzlocke nightmare

  • Pro tip from a gen 3 cheeser. Curse can't miss. Best way to beat any bulky pokemon that may or may not spam double team. I'm a gen 3 cheeser because I cheesed battles using a dusclops with double team, curse, toxic, and shadow punch, holding, I want to say leftovers, but there's a pretty good chance that it was holding a sitris berry. Also, shadow punch can be replaced with protect to cheese even more. Best story I have from using that dusclops though was when Glacia's Walrein hit Sheer Cold while I had 6 double teams up. Yeah, if that isn't proof that the A.I. in gen 3 cheats, then I don't fucking know what is.

  • Ha hahaha... Me trying to get the stupid mewtwo

  • i to this day will never understand how people lose to any gym leader at all.

  • 18:40 dread it, run from it, *shiny Chancey still arrives!*

  • 21:48 This happened with me too but with Minccino. When i was playing pokemon sword i had a Minccino in my team and i leveled up to level 57 and still didn't freaking evolve!! But my brother told me it evolves with a moon stone. Minccino is a pokemon that have wronged me....(T_T)😤

  • #thankmas

  • #pokemonswordsheild

  • Bro that milktank made me contemplate suicide