Poppy - X (Official Music Video)

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01/31/19 Washington, DC
02/01/19 Philadelphia, PA
02/02/19 New York, New York
02/04/19 Boston, Massachusetts
02/06/19 Toronto, Ontario
02/07/19 Detroit, Michigan
02/08/19 Chicago, Illinois

02/09/19 Pittsburgh, PA
02/11/19 Nashville, Tennessee
02/12/19 Atlanta, Georgia
02/13/19 Tampa, Florida
02/15/19 Dallas, Texas
02/16/19 Austin, Texas
02/18/19 Aspen, Colorado
02/19/19 Englewood, Colorado
02/21/19 Seattle, Washington
02/22/19 Portland, Oregon
02/23/19 Chico, California
02/24/19 San Francisco, California
02/27/19 San Diego, California

Directed by Titanic Sinclair


  • She scary me!

  • Poppy is with the illuminati can you guys not see it

  • 1:22 *Satan Join The Chat*

  • i can kind of relate to this song because my moods can switch very fast

  • I-

  • Lyrics?

  • *Natural Emotion has left the chat* *Bipolar Disorder has joined the chat* Bipolar Disorder: You guys wanna hear my favourite song?

  • This is disturbing *_Therefore it's enjoyable_*

  • Не цепляет!

  • Poetry poetry poetry


  • Im want to die

  • Em oc,no c como reaccionar ante esto? Solo me dio risa al principio "uuh :o,hey :D" nmms JAJAJAJA. ESPERO QUE ESO SEA SANGRE FALSA.

  • This video is really amazing in what its trying to do; and I like it for that. But damn, I really don't like it.

  • Music 🏳️

  • This scared the Christ out of me

  • Can somebody fucking explain me what the fuck is happening please? Thanks very much now I'll walk away slowly like this has never happened. Ok bye I'm scared

  • Lacks originality since day 1

  • Yojtube let me go please

  • Guns will be empty IF you just shoot ya self poppy

  • 撒旦

  • The happy to heavy jumpscares me, but the heavy to happy weirds me tf out 😂😂

  • Does Pewds know about this? The song is awesome btw


  • And are u a teen?ok bye

  • Im out of here bye poppy and the creepy weird clown thingy

  • Hello

  • Poppy is a murder she kills someone

  • is poppy ok?

  • What the fuck.jepg This bitch does metal?!?

  • _i didn’t think that poppy was creepy until i watched this video._

  • This is actually pretty cool

  • I wonder how she get those eyes in 1:07

  • What is going on here

  • woah, man. fucking WOAH

  • What genre is Poppy?

  • 51 sub with 100m view

  • This song is exactly what it’s like when you don’t give your girlfriend friend


  • What in the actual fuck

  • different I liked it.

  • Do you think she’s poppy?

  • I wonder what she’s actually like

  • What a fuck is this

  • I’m scared what the heck

  • When you want to be in TikTok class.

  • Perhaps listening this music without the music video is the best way to hear this song. (This song creeped me out)

  • Stands for the satanic blood baptism. Forget Carrie.

  • What did I just watch?

  • Any filipino here?

  • Creapy

  • Wow, that is escalated quickly

  • 0:04 when me and my friend hang out and get in some weird place

  • Poppy I wish you could love me as I love you 😍

  • Her mom must be so proud

  • What a weird song....I like this

  • Tf

  • Poppy sure is happy sounding :)

  • This song is catchy but this music video ... what 😨😨

  • idk how I feel about this..i'm confused.

  • Babymetal 2

  • I mean. What the fuck

  • Anyone else getting Charles Manson vibes from this?

  • Living for this Sleighbells type beat!

  • 😂 poppy tho

  • This is my favorite video of Poppy

  • Poppy I’m coming to see you in Detroit x I’m following you to Chicago bc that’s where I’m from. 2/7 & 2/8 2019...what a way to begin a year. I hope you ask me to come onstage with you x sing your songs bc I know _every_ *word* !!!

  • Uhm ok

  • WTF......


  • After watching this I don't think I have a soul anymore

  • before biology class 0:10, after biology 0:36

  • People find her scary because of many reasons but she looks really fun.

  • Am I the only one that actually likes poppy? Like she seems actually pretty cool and her music is actually really good. I would so want to be friends with her. Deadass she looks like a fun person to hang out with.

  • has the feeling of Carrie :D

  • Is she okay?

  • Ta é amarrado

  • Is she having a period at 43:00

  • 43:00

  • Wife

  • I watch this at night and when she scream I jumped it's a good song tho

  • WTF

  • 1:10 XDDDDDDD

  • omg this reminds me of satanists on easter

  • İyi hate siyonizm , you could never stop İslam

  • This is satanic

  • AHHH oh sorry

  • *carrie has left the chat*

  • Ah yes, a Poppy song I can listen to.

  • الله ياخدك ياكلبه ياماسونيه ياحيوانه ياشرموطه كسمك اتقي الله يا كلبه تفوو. على وجهك ووجه الماسونيه. واليهود🙄🙄🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  • Oh my god I fucking love poppy 😎😍

  • Meus dois estados de espírito...

  • My peepee is hard

  • Eh wtf😟

  • Period song?

  • Wht

  • why cant i see her subs?

  • I'm so confused

  • Ummm someone explain what's happening i don't understand

  • I swear this is mood during my period