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Time to deal with the consequences. returns 11/21 on @Starz.

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  • All of these clips only from the first 4 episodes

  • 50 cold

  • This shit crazy

  • I needed this update!

  • Anyone notice how after ghost got "shot" no1 was kalled to the morgue? N 2. He's not poppin up like kanan. That's kuz his ass still alive somewhere. Tariq said it ghost neva dies. It's only a matter of time...

  • S/o to all the people that claimed they wouldn’t watch book 2 because of tariq but yet, here you are lol

  • Where can I watch it online for free?

  • Ghost never wanted this life for Tariq 😣

  • Just watched the first episode and i think im finally done with this show

  • Damn,Kanan still haunting teriq

  • "suppose to be on your man shit right, it's too late to be scared" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Tariq ruined this series so bad 🤦🏾‍♂️ ruined power. Just terrible

  • Tariq got three baddies Especially Diana, I think Monet is crazy doe that bih said Zeke the get out ticket lol

  • I’m ADDICTED to watching power. 50 really knew what he was doing😩

  • Rodman

  • Once Monet finds out another girl put her hands on Diana she’s dead.

  • What movie is this and where can you watch it for free.

  • "You suppose to be on your Man shit,it's to late to be scared now" 50 cent real bad bad for dat

  • I feel like the views for this trailer were bought...

  • Yasmine is going to kill Taqir in the end. I can see Yasmine & Lisa Marie hooking up and becoming the new Ghost & Tommy. Cain is going to prison, Lorenzo is going to die along with Monet. Drew will leave the game and Dianna will be queen. See is gone also. Sacks will go to prison also. Only Davis McClain will walk away in the end.

  • Power will never be as good as the first 6 seasons I mean ghost was the hype behind the whole shit why not bring him back the didn't kill him off he's just disappeared

  • you see Reggie Noble let’s go Jers !

  • Let's get this taken care of as far as getting more attention towards the shower. This can be the most sensible thing y'all do. Just so you know, y'all can watch the show. It seems like it may be valuable to pay attention to. The support should be simple to get processed. The idea is that it a very once in a lifetime opportunity to understand the entertainment here. For quality control, it has to be a review to get this done. The support just comes from watching the entertainment. Let's see how to handle watching this show for available purposes. Okay?

    • Ghost is gonna be there for y'all enjoyment.

  • Shit about too be lit

  • I must admit, Raising Kanan blew this story out the box in my opinion! That series was nice

  • Power was wayyyyy better with tommy Tasha and ghost being the main characters . Ghost coming back will be fire Tariq is corney

  • This shit look so hard

  • 1:13 is that gost could we see the return of him

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-P59qK7cK840.html......A-PEx/Action movie

  • Man why Redman gotta be a inmate 🤦🏾‍♂️!? Why can’t this nigga be a funny ass security guard where Method Man works at in the show? Redman might surprise us 💯

  • I thought kanan was dead?

  • 0:06

  • 1:18

  • 0:07

  • 2 more days people 😂

  • Any idea of the music used?

  • 2 days away y’all 🔥

  • Definitely need ghost ghost to pop up. Love the fact the got kanan ghost as well its goin be lite

  • @1:14 Kanan is officially Tariq’s dark passenger, thas what i like about this show… kinda has that Dexter feel to it.

  • If Tommy becomes a boss in Chicago and starts ballin, do yall think he would stay in Chicago for more seasons of his own show? Or would he go back to NYC and link up wit Tariq?

  • Idk since ghost is gone I’m not that interested

  • Brayden bussin a pole??

  • Power has become the next Marvel

  • So where just not gonna talk about how Lorenzo gets out of prison ? That’s tough. This season gonna be wicked

  • 2nd body being dropped on campus come on bruh 😂

  • why would yasmin be going to a home :( where is grandma and tasha ?

  • Nice! I can't wait to watch the second season of Power Book II: Ghost!🍿

  • best series ever

  • I can’t waitttttttttt

  • This shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️

  • Redman? Ayeeee

  • this guy 50 been on a role ever since Get Rich or Die Tryin shiii

  • This show is way better then BMF,, but Monet is starting to get annoying

  • We need more of Effie in season 2, more screen time for Effie please - I think she & Riq have the best chemistry of all the girls.

  • Why this season 2 out before the power book iv with the story of Tommy ?

  • I can never watch Tyrek show after what he did to Ghost


  • What happened to the grandma why Yasmine have to go with CPS?

  • I KNOW y’all saw lightskin Keisha in there!!

  • I’ll never forgive Tariq for what he did to Ghost everything is his fault!

  • I think in power book 2 will go to see the Harry Potter Formula by seeing Tariq growing up as the next ghost.

  • now wait a minute, where's tasha>???


  • Kanan said it right to late to be scared now

  • I feel the movie would be mad nice like if tariq would be at a point of death then he gets saved mysteriously but also gets knocked out by the person who saved him, then when he wakes up tied up Boom Uncle Tommy saying wakey wakey boom again he notices a shadowy figure at the back then Boom Ghost shows up says Hi Tariq, Then Ghost smiles season end😂😂😂

  • This looks better than the first one 👀 looks like power are making a whole franchise and never gunna stop 😎

  • Worst acting in any tv show ever

  • What if Tariq's little sister takes Tariq out n power continues with her being a boss, 4 seasons from now

  • People in 2019: " I'm not watching book 2 it looks stupid i know its gonna suck" Same people in 2021: Omg book 2 was so good I can't wait to session 2. Day one power fans be like: 🙄🤔🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Good to see councilman tate back! He should have had his own corrupt political thriller spinoff tho

  • Method I see you bringing the Wu into the fold. RedMan gon shake this shit up fr

  • yes fucking sir!

  • Chakachaya

  • why tf is sacks still on power kill him off already

  • Who taught it was ghost himself under the umbrella 🤔

  • Man I miss ghost

  • Damn, Redman in this?!

  • Tariq like : “ professor reynald’s is dead ? Omg 😱 what happened, where’s professor Reynald’s , he’s was my favorite teacher . He was the only teacher who believed in me “


  • I really wish they would’ve casted someone else besides Mary j Blige she sucks at acting 😭

    • @EyeOfTheTiger this the last season or they gonna renew after this one? And Tommy’s new show looks wack Idk,

    • @YoungTeeza1990 i hope that Tariq will kill monet like ghost killed breeze back in the day and lobos like in season 3

    • @EyeOfTheTiger she’s horrible 😭

    • Finally someone who agrees with me

  • Ghost really is now a ghost 🤣

  • Can not wait 🔥🔥 also ghost is still alive 😉 they never had open casket for a reason !

  • Hope 2bit & cane cross paths

  • this season about to be lit


    • I wish Quentin Tarantino will make more Christmas movies. Keep wishing

  • Wow, and me not even knowing there was a season 2. 🤦🏿‍♂️Can't wait!

  • I Can’t wait!!

  • Tasha and tommy not in this season ughhh ghost already gone

  • He's a spitting image of the dad he hates. It's ironic.

  • Couple of things, if Jabari stayed in his mf lane mind his business didn’t get in his feelings over Claire he still be alive but he was starting to get on my nerves, stealing tariq paper and wrote a book about him after he knew he was in the game. like are you dumb my dude? Even Claire redirected the heat of zeke and drew. now that’s smart. That’s playing the damn game. As fineeee as he was he was a liability. I feel like tommy gonna come back at some point, he hold grudges he will be back. Redmannnn I see. 👏🏻 yasss. I love method man but I always feel like he gonna get caught up sax too. Cain is a wild card, I feel like he respect Tariq after ending Jabari the way he smiled when he ended his life creeepppyy asf. But idk man he may be bitter about what happened. Claire and zeke I hella ship I hope she don’t end up dead like Angela. And Tariq boy like father like son, nah ghost loved one girl and that was Angela. Tariq got a whole Harem going on 🤣🤣🤣 he bout to get hellllla caught up. Drew and Everett , look they don’t do gay couples usually in black culture shows like this, it’s uncommon but I really want a happy ending for them I really do. And Omari I know he said he was done with power for good. But we have yet to see a body, no open casket nothing. I think the writers are doing that for a reason to keep us guessing in theories but I think tommy is hiding him. I hope he does a pop up. The whole Tariq seeing Kanan still is crazy boy is losing his mind fr. All and all I wasn’t gonna give this season a chance but I’m really glad I did. I can’t wait for season 2 ❤️👏🏻

  • Oh hell yeah this season looks very good

  • Cant wait to see Tariq and Brayden back in action!!

  • Sooo is this supposed to be season 2?

    • @One Love 🤍 off ctrl-alt-delete

    • @Off The Grid lol well it over then

    • @One Love 🤍 the show really over when you stop watching.

    • @Off The Grid they need to stop. Its just dragging now 😒

    • @Artdog me tooooo

  • Starz, why can't you extend your band to Sierra Leone? We have been following your serious for 5 or more years but unable to view or download the app here. We hope you could extend it in the shortest possible time.

  • Power is not the same without Ghost 👻

    • Just finished watching power book 2 ... didnt know it would be this good .... ready for season 2

  • proffesor milgram will have zeke on lock and zeke is going to snitch his family thats my prediction

  • Cant wait to see Tariq and Brayden back in action!!

  • I can't wait watch power book2 2 season 2

  • I want Tariq to achieve all his goals in the game and I want a vision of ghost to show up when he realizes why his father wanted out.

  • I cant wait for this