Prepona & Agrias in 4K Yungas

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incl. Prepona praeneste buckleyana, Prepona deiphile xenagoras, Prepona (Agrias) claudina lugens, Prepona (Agrias) amydon ferdinandi. The P.d. xenagoras part was filmed in 1080p and upscaled to 4K


  • Did I dream of a butterfly ? Did a butterfly have my dream ? You seeing the butterfly which dances wildly may be a butterfly ! 🍎 From effulgent Tokyo in profound Japan Which national are you watching this video ?

  • 行ってみたいけど、寝泊まりが無理だな

  • Robert Carpenter 1 year ago I asked ... what are they after? Salt? Sugar? Minerals? Something is going on here more than just water. Does anyone know? Could it be alcohol? And what is the recycling? In one end out the other ... Looks like they are after some dilute trace item.

    • Thanks for the great answer Pedro. Why do I never see this behavior in Texas? Occasionally I see a swarm of Sulfurs on wet mud. I just thought they were after water. And they are never accompanied by the hymenoptera, coleoptera, and diptera seen in your videos.

    • Butterflies need nutrients and minerals to fly and reproduce, and many of these don't exist in the sweet liquids produced by flowers. Some butterflies also eat fruit. Some of these butterflies pierce the fruit's skin and drain the juices from inside. Others drink the juices from the surface of rotting fruit. Butterflies that prefer to drink from fresh fruit sometimes have a pointed proboscis, making it easier to puncture the fruit's skin. Getting enough minerals and salt requires other food sources, including urine, dung, dead animals and standing water. This is why you'll often see many butterflies drinking from very shallow, still water. This water has absorbed minerals from the soil underneath it, and the butterflies need these minerals to supplement their diet. This behavior is called puddling. If there's no water around, a butterfly may regurgitate or urinate into the soil and then drink in the hope of retrieving minerals. All of these behaviors lead up to the main purpose of a butterfly's life - reproduction.

  • no deforastation in the world

  • Aww...!!! Lovely ❤❤❤ Really beautiful....!!!

  • what are they after? Salt? Sugar? Minerals? Something is going on here more than just water.

  • superbe !!! très beau.

  • Animal crossing teaches me so much about butterflies lol

  • Nice video uploading! Great share! Thumbs up👍

  • How many different species of insects wow,it's paradise for researchers :P

  • When did you recorded the video?

  • Peter, thank you for your videos! It's so beautiful every time, especially at 4K resolution. Can you tell me what camera do you use?

  • Peter this is a wonderful video - so many rare and beautiful species, and shot in exquisite detail and technical brilliance! Thnak you for sharing your butterfly moments with us!

  • I thought most butterflies feast on nectar and rotting fruit. Why would they lick dry rocks? Do they need salt? I haven't seen a single video yet of one tasting something other than rocks, water, or mud.

  • we love butterflies, very nice Video

  • Very nice to see! I love butterflies Thank you for your work Peter!