PRESS CONFERENCE | Pep Guardiola | Wolves v Man City

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Pep Guardiola believes Friday’s trip to Wolves will represent one of City’s ‘toughest’ challenges of the season.
City make the post-Christmas visit to Molinuex on Friday, December 27 before then facing Sheffield United at home less than 48 hours later on Sunday.
And, as he looked ahead to the game at his pre-match press conference, the boss was in no doubts as to the demanding challenge which will await his players.
“Wolves is always one of the toughest opponents,” declared Guardiola.
“What Nuno (manager Nuno Espirito Santo) is doing is incredible.
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  • Wolves run riot.

  • Somehting is seriously wrong within the team and managing staff. Its showing all over the pitch, individual performances have dropped dramatically. Team performances are a shadow of last season and the one before. I get we have major injuries, but we have some of the most talented players in the world. These performances just aren't good enough. I'm a fan from the old days and for years I accepted what we were and was used to loosing week in week out. Now though we are club of such magnitude, this should not be happening. What ever is wrong, what ever is going on to cause this slump in over all performance, it needs rectifying immediately. With what this club has become its not acceptable. Standards are way to high as are expectations. Come on City we know you pull through this. We have the worlds best manager and some of the world's best players who have been playing the best football the premier league has ever seen. Let's get it fixed.

  • Kevin De Bruyne's unwillingness to play with Mehrez caused the offensive weakness and consequently the loss

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  • The most boring and meaningless conference

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  • Sane the best!!!!!!!!

  • Чому не має переводу?)))))

  • Watch out Pepe the journalist barracks for Everton

  • how do you feel? stupid questions

  • erradicating!?!? stupid journalist.

  • second and third questions idiotic

  • First question lie!

  • I'm watching Leicester vs Liverpool. I realized that bunching Mahrez several previous matches was fatal . as simple as that.

  • Riyad mirazad

  • Mahrez

  • He's boring

  • يلي يفهم غوش قال يترجملي

    • و الله ما تسعى حاجة تصلح .ديبروين ما هوش مبليسي و دفيد سيلفا ما تدربش و اقويرو ما يدخلش تيتيلار و ستونز مزال مريض و كيفاش راهم عادي بلا ارتيتا و تاقلمو مع البروميار ليق و ما كان والو مهم. و السلام عليكم.

  • when pep wanted to put bernardo in place of mahrez. he asked players to play sterling odds. Mahrez is isolated and in addition he does not have the right to enter around 18 meters. then mahrez seems incapable or tired. now that he lost 12 points because of bernardo. he now knows the value of mahrez

  • Who else is tired of the Mahrez nut hugging Algerians Like Here -->>

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  • Can’t understand having a player like Mehrez and not playing him every game!

    • @Up SCOMO ! there really can be a debate because youre a portugish im belgium and fan of man city

    • @Up SCOMO ! if you speak like that i tell you mahrez win the best player in premier league and the last season he won the AFRICAN CUP with algeria. I tell you in his carrer bernardo will Never win the best player premier league. Aller ciaoo

    • le requin blanc bernado last season established himself as one of the best players in the world and was Portugal’s best player in the nations league, there rlly can’t be a debate

    • @Up SCOMO ! im not algerian i'm fans of man city from belgium, and i think mahrez and bernardo deserve to start every game but the right wing is the place of mahrez he prove that he is better that bernado in this wing... he proves and stats prove.. i love bernardo and mahrez

    • Amine Amine bernado Silva can get on the ball more, he has better passing ability, less greedy in the final third,and more direct, again I’m not saying mahrez doesn’t deserve to start I’m just saying bernado Silva is more then capable of starting over him, Algerian fan boys need to calm down

  • Wolves ay we and we are wolves 🐺

  • Lordy what is that reporter fishing for ...? Talk about the upcoming or sit down... boring!

  • Come on wolves Three more points

  • Writing on the wall pep if no Madrid victory,,, you can't settle for Caribo cup

  • Pep is used to rolling over teams in Italy and Spain with all the money clubs through at him ,,,, city are the same throwing money at him ,,, put he's starting to find out this is the premier league and thisnpremier league has liverpool in it ,,, he's ready to call a day after Madrid take yous out if Europe,,,, sorry city

    • @Above The Stars did you see Leicester game ,,, hand the trophy over mate it's ours

    • @Stephen Rice lol, madrid got knocked out in round of 16 last time. They are nothing these days since Ronaldo left, Pep will crush them.

    • @adam ronaldo Madrid like liverpool mate they have to much European belief and pedigree ,,, Madrid will do a job on you ,,, your season will be over

    • Stephen Rice they will beat madrid

    • @leebates16 Germany I mean and Spain,,, you understand the rhetoric

  • The champions of the world,,, the champions of Europe,,, are soon to be champions of England,,, even though we are Scouse and not English,,,,, what I need to know is this ,,,, the league is dead for city,,,, so if they don't win champio s league surely pep will either be sacked or if not he will surely move on,,, real Madrid very hard to beat with all that European know how and belief,,, I think this is the end of pep y n w a

  • I don't understand this technical director, not for his expertise, but for his policy of managing this great team, where rascism has no place

    • I dont understand wat ur saying..

  • pep you lost 12 points to show that bernardo is better than mahrez. while Mahrez is better than Bernardo 3 times. mahrez's problem is to trust him no more no less

    • @vader Ramn you know nothing about footbaal shut up please ( im not algerian im a fann of city since 2007)

    • @vader Ramn there rotation only for mahrez and rodri

    • They was rotation befr majrez and there wil b rotation aftr mahrez goes too..wait till sane is fit..mahrez wont feature even in pls wait ..also dumbass if u love ur playr so much ul knw v need rotation of players get fatigued and get injured and then ul say v made mahrez injured...are u more dumb or shud i learn algerian an make u understand in ur language now?!

  • Good Ebening is bald Pep looking for assistant I’m ready to get back to work

  • I think man city need a bay some yong players like houssem aouar he is a good player in leon but we want to see him in big team like man city with mahrez will be great

    • @joja anyang waw you are so smart I smail jalose I love france what I can do

    • Oou lemme guess he's Algerian right

    • @Ozan Kabak I know that guardiola is not racist I love guardiola more then ryad I know that he is a good person and I am sure that there is a reason whay guardiola obsed from mahrez but Istill think that france is better for attal more then england or Italy I prefer frensh peopole I think psg or royal madrid is great for him

    • @امينة ستارز paris is selfish not man city. Don't think pep is racist towards mahrez. he is important big game man city player

    • @Ozan Kabak No youcef want to play in psg and Ithink paris is better for him because he is gentille men man city is tof look what hapend with mahrez he doesnt find a place the players of manchester are solfich aouar look strog then him like ribery bayern is perfect for him because his personality

  • Good luck man city

  • So MCFC and LFC are favoured by the league ...moaning about the quick turnarounds check out Wolves time between games Any way Guys Winter is Coming

  • Pep got fresh shaved and first time in white shirt 😲

  • Watched the game saw stuff thrown but didn't see any racism it seems to be the word of one player unless I missed something

  • Mahrez

  • come on city. lets march on!!

  • In life you can look for things, you cant see it but you get a feeling. Universal spirit. That spirit wants to see the best of creation in all it's glory. You have to look after each other properly and get the best out of each other not just on the pitch. Making sure you enjoy life properly. all things start to fit together. Don't let people lead you down the garden path don't lead yourself down the garden path.Finely engineered internal emotional fireworks going off in your body. It will all come together. We have had a real treat these last few years but there is a lot more to come if they keep going in the right direction.

  • Mahrez your hero

  • The league is done,let's make sure we get Europa League next season.Playing Thursday Sunday might help us too win things next season,and hopefully Barcelona buys most of Liverpool's squad in the summer 😆

    • Dean Jones Lol you’re a stupid utd plastic.

    • Dean Jones Europe league? Have you mixed us with United maybe? 🤣


    • Pep looks very sad ,,, didn't smile so much anymore ,,,, must be because of what the world and European champions and English elect champions are doing ,,,,, it's great being Scouse y n w a

    • You obviously not been watchin the mighty liverpool,,, only player who would get in lpool team is debruyne ,,,, and once pep gets knocked out of Europe by Madrid,,, he will have nothing to strive for,,, he will be sacked or he will move on ,,, that's when debruyne comes to liverpool

  • upload tunnel cam plz


    • Don’t underestimate wolves 😡


  • Pep,. U need to buy CB in January no doubt about that we need it badly

  • It's the time to payback.

  • Bernardo should play as midelfield with gun do, mahrez in the wing with kdb And this is the best way to score many goals with the return of aguero Mancity should have one effectif and not make many changes in

    • ​@vader Ramn What about Sterling who no one or newspaper is talking about him this week? believe it or not, it's up to you, benching Mahrez was Fatal. as simple as that.

    • @vader Ramn i m talking about rotation only mahrez an bernerdo and rodri and guando

    • @vader Ramn nono u are wrong kdb is not rotated he played all city games an hard games and walker aswell an aguero is just injured he is striker number one he plyed all hard important city games stones is injured that why otemendy play

    • @vader Ramn are u watching man city ? or u are just talking ? have watched the last match against leicester ? and u are saying that mahrez is not effective? go and find doctor for u ......

    • Only sterling doesnt have rotation much bcz sane is injured and both mahrez and bernado are ineffective down left wing..recently foden played there....

  • Man city

  • Man City club is improving and for that to continue it must maintain the stability of the squad and preserve the important and effective elements such as Mahrez, Dabrouin and Stirling because they are dangerous players and they have an understanding among them. High to find solutions such as Mehrez and Debroen. Thank you and good luck

  • Mahrez need to play against wolves

    • ​@vader Ramn Whenever there is a comment on Riad, you negatively reply. is he your ex's husband?

    • @vader Ramn hhhh yes he can like kdb and sterling and jesus and walker and mendy and ferna and otemendy they all play regulary exept bernerdo mahrez and rodri and guando and foden

    • He cant play all games..hel get injured.. rotation is key

  • Torna a casa Pep!! Sisplau. Farem fora a la directiva... El Barça et necessita més que mai.

  • I hope Man city won't take the title

    • Dahiru Tahir says the idiot who posts stupid comments

    • @zohaib Khan i know

    • @Ozan Kabak U are annoying

    • Dahiru Tahir I hope u watch a football match for once

    • Don't worry next season

  • Lmao that guy singing

  • Ederson Cancelo Walker Otamendi Mendy Rodri Fernandinho De Bruyne Sterling Bernardo Jesus (Until Serg is back) Please Pep its all I ask

    • Fouk you danky 🖕🇩🇿💪

    • Mahrez play in the wing

    • mahrez

    • Back 4 is good but in midfield i would have bernado over fernandinho and in attack mahrez

    • Bernardo should play as midelfield with gun do, mahrez in the wing with kdb And this is the best way to score many goals with the return of aguero Mancity should have one effectif and not make many changes in

  • The boss looking sharp 👌🏼 #Comoncity

  • Man City. Are the best

  • atation liverpool 11point city championtitre 19 20 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊❤❤❤❤😃

  • The only clubs that I'm confident to make city drop points in the league are wolves and Sheffield. It's up to you Sheffield now. Put the nail in the coffin

  • I LOVE Leroy sane Lets go mancity!