Prince Dre Speaks On King Von, Reveals What Von Was Like Off-Camera, Talks OBlock, Next Project

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Prince Dre "Off The Porch" Interview

Last week we sat down with buzzing Chicago rapper Prince Dre for Ann exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he talked about life in Chicago, growing up in OBlock, dropping out in the 10th grade, his friendship with King Von, being surprised when Von started rapping, recording “Back Again” w/ Von & Durk, reveals what Von was like off-camera, recording tribute song to Von “Wishing Well”, the music scene in Chicago right now, explains why he is still independent, being managed by 100k management, his new music videos “Bite Down Freestyle”, “Dem Hallways”, & “Get Back” blowing up, upcoming project ‘The Prince Of Drill Back Again’, and much more!

Prince Dre

DGB Media

“Dirty Glove Weekly” Playlist

Interview by Haze of DGB

Shot by Brandon Collins

"Off The Porch" is Dirty Glove Bastard's exclusive interview series where artists, producers, DJs & industry insiders are given a platform to tell their unfiltered story. Dirty Glove Bastard was created in 2007 to shine more light on the buzzing, regional music scenes in the South & Midwest.

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  • He ain’t wrong I’m in uk and I even want to visit at some point 💯🔥

  • Finally them teeth was fuckeddd

  • Smile my boy

  • O’clock looked after each other

  • All 🧢 To The Side We All Wish We Had Bros Pearly Whites 😳

  • Way too many commercials

  • Lol these fools are no bodies 🤣 how long you going to fake its like 3 oblock originals And they not them the shit getting old

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  • That's real shit, the 1st artist he said he listened to growing up was PacMan.... Didnt say no main stream artist like the usual answers u hear....

  • Fuk wrong wit yall playing that shit so loud at the end 😲 😂

  • 10:33 🙏🕊

  • Then O block boys be eating! That’s love

  • Look at Muwop🗿

  • Dat Boy Been Holding That Smile In for 20 years Now it' just won't go away

  • Von 7:23

  • You have to realize man the elite playing mf’s like a game. Is there a way folks can see these people watching them y’all kinda in jam when you come up out the hood . G smart

  • The gang Stoopid , moving to ATL where the oops killed von but cant stay in they hood where they leave the gang to fight leaving the prob

  • 2414 long live king David king shorty and king Von

  • Notice how excited Prince Dre is after fixing his teeth 😃!

  • Thought he was bout to shake up

  • Muwop is the definition of a gangster.

  • Prince Dre look like King Von with his new teeth O Block💯🙏🏼

  • He sounds like a idiot 🤷🏾‍♂️ and then it all made sense to me when he said I dropped out school

  • Whew prince Dre cute asf 😍🥴

  • His smile 😍😍😍

  • 10:30 You know they felt that when they put they heads down at the same time. RIP Von 😔🙏


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  • Muwop still hurt about King Von!!

  • Picture getting killed by a nigga with skinny jeans on. Muwop.

  • Why you got Muwop in the background doing nothing. That’s one of the best artists in Chicago rn

    • @Almighty doesn’t mean he can’t chime into what they’re talking about though. Why would they just have him sitting there not saying a single word.

    • It’s not his interview. He’s there supporting his brother.


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  • Buddy got his teeth done up!

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  • He slick look like a darker von lol

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  • You See The Pain In They Ass

  • 10:30 you can see how sad he is about the loss of Von

  • @14:25 First time Muwop's face has had to portray that expression.

  • He got great character! I hope he makes it real far in the entertainment world 🤙🏿

  • He got his shit fixed .

  • Man dude asking questions, props my dudes answers the questions worded perfect. On the 100k track question, Von's mang

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  • 12:22 look at muwop,,lmao,, he laughing cuz he kno he was one of the guys dat was talking that shhhit 2 him 😆😁🤣

  • Muwop pants so tight he look like kid in a grown man's pair of shoes lmao 😄 🤣 😂

  • damn 10:33 hurt me for them especially muwop he start reminiscing for a good minute and had to shake bacc

  • prince dre was prob vons biggest supporter. i fuck wit dre. my dude straight positive vibes man. take that fucking loud ass crazy noise at the end out lmao. dam im chillen and smoking and shit. then jkn gvaijknfviujasbngviab hot damn

  • I never seen prince Dre smile so much he look hella happy

  • I’m glad he corrected him self when he said Brooklyn drill because it’s sure not a New York thing just Chicago, UK, & Brooklyn. The Bronx is still original for its Hip Hop culture and I’m still glad for that but big ups to Chicago drill because that’s were it originated I don’t listen to Brooklyn or UK drill that shit not like the original Chicago drill sound 💯 so if that drill music not from chiraq then it’s a #dub

  • Smile brighter then the sun😂

  • "Pop out like a ghost, they like Prince Dre boy you back again"... 🎶🎶

  • if kane from menace 2 society had dreads…

  • 🗣I'm okay with hearing the stories about Chicago. It's not the place where I would visit in no event. #AbsolutelyNot 🙅‍♀️

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  • “I be in a NOLA with a choppa like I’m Soulja Slim. O’Block them my brothers but 300 that’s my whoadie nem”

  • AND THEY KNOW ME IM PRINCE DRE IM FROM THE WICC It’s crazy when you was listening to this dude back in highschool When him and jb was rapping things seemed decent Then you grew up and realized shit is actually sad

  • Prince Dre is the hottest from the group and that's facts

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  • Da fack he sayin

  • He got great energy

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  • Aye man much love to dude hell he making a nigga like me smile. Shid and I don't smile God bless dude

  • It’s wild how he said people want to go too Oblock like it’s an amusement park when that’s exactly what it used to be before they were projects.

  • Wop do to help von.

  • He look like king von a little bit but just the darkskin virgin

  • Yall be on muwop dick extra hard but a real on gone keep it on him because he know his bro got shit to take care of. Muwop ran just like the rest of them. The only props I can give him is he came back out before the rest. That's all but all the watcher/beast shit yall see I dont see.

  • He remind me of Von so much

  • Nobody: Muwop:😐

  • Prince dre is from west africa

  • He's very humble 😌 respect and Muwoop too and they are very talented very handsome man. Keep God 1st. And always stay focus 💯

  • This nigga smiled the whole time...all you see is teeth 🤦

  • That shit was silly! He said 0 ‘block was like an amusement park lmfao

  • Firstly should be titled "prince Dre interview" secondly we wanted to hear muwop speak 😐

  • Look like Skooly now with the new teeth

  • Much love from Australia to these talented incredible young men. 🤍💙

  • Remind me of t Roy with those dreads and he tiny

  • Only time Dre smile fades is when remembering Von.👑 #HappyBirthdayKingVon 8/9 #DoIt4Von👑

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  • He need a la intro on the album And this was before von died

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  • Shii u can see how happy he is after he made it out the raq he living the lifestyle he alwyss wished #Vroyworld

  • I feel pain through the screen. Keep ya head up soldiers 🤞🏾


  • When foenem get his teeth fix

  • They miss Von you can tell damn RIP Von

  • I wonder how the niggas that killed Durk brother dead But nobody got hit or hurt for Von’s death wanna know why Von’s death was a inside job 💯% FACTS